Monday, 6 June 2011

First blog Project out come etc etc

Hey Guys/girls(even tho no girls actually play)

ahhh blogging for professional procrastinators and people with too much time on their hands.
firstly  this blog is being run as part of my local club to help motivate us to paint rather than drink :) and the army if you havent guessed is space wolves iv had these since they came out and iv got a list im half arsed working towards completing.

completed units  so far the army has 3 units of grey hunters 2 rune preists and 5 terminators.

units to be completed 5 thunderwolves 1 thunderwolf lord 1 venerable dreadnought 5 long fangs

units in progress 5 long fangs these will be finished  first :)

what happens next?? well iv outlined the army thus far, what needs doing and what has allready been done iv made my page lol  and ill start actually painting in july/august time

what happens after that?? if i can be bothered and keep this up i shall put up other projects and 1 off peices that i have painted

thats me done and signing out