Thursday, 30 April 2015

olddar vs newdar part 3

treasures of vaul 

and the answer will be  not a lot lol so wat was the questions ?

banshee mask has changed u now cant fire over watch against a unit with 1 model with this rule and they now cause fear

eldar jetbike hasn't changed

forceshield hasn't changed

ghosthelm hasn't changed

grenade pack hasn't changed

heavy weapons platform has changed slightly it now no longer counts for any combat res or morale check

mandiblasters have changed  its now  an auto wound on 4+ gargants on a 6+ armour saves allowed and attackers choice where wounds go its much better if in challenge it has 2 go on the challenger

reaper rangefinder  still the same

scattershield has changed slightly  the blind test is no longer taken by friendly units

shimmershield still the same

swooping hawks  now move 18" in the movement phase when using their wings and they can also go back into ongoing reserves as normal

warp jump generator has had a big change  instead of any double its now only a double 1 that causes a model 2 remove

vehicle upgrades

crystal targeting matrix  is still the same

ghost walk matrix still the same

holofields  is now a 5++ inv

mind shock is now a -2 when taking test within 12" of the model

powerfield still the same

serpent shield  is the big change  its now a 1 shot 2d6 weapon when used u can then no longer turn pens 2 glances

star engines are the same

spirit stones are the same

vectored engines are also the same

final  part will go thru all the units so that will be a long 1

olddar V newdar part 2

next well look at the weapons of vaul  and see wats changed

firstly  distortion weapons went from pseudo  D weapons to full blown destroyer rules !

missile launchers
flakk is now called starhawk
plasma and starshot now lost pinning

fusion weapons are still the same

laser weapons are still the same except scatter laser no longer have laser lock

monofilament is still the same except

doom weaver dispersed shot lost pinning
spinneret rifle lost pinning

monofilament rule has had a big overhaul  it used to be +1 str for targets with majority I 3 or less and 6's were ap1

it now wounds against I value  but still uses T for ID purposes and the ap is 2 rather than 1 on 6's unless it was ap1 to begin with

this means low I value models will still be wounded on 2's  but their is some instances where models like T6 MC will be wounded differently  for example

a deamon prince needed 4's  but now needs 6's
a carnefex needed 3's but now needs 2's

I still think its worth taking especially for warp spiders but they wont do as much dmg 2 vehicles as they no longer have a +1 against vehicles

ranger long rifle hasn't changed

reaper launcher  starshot missiles lost pinning

prism canons  still the same not changed

shuriken weapons haven't changed  still use the same rules

star canons haven't changed either

tempest launcher hasn't changed either

vibro  still has pinning yay and vibro rule has been cleared  up  u get +1 str -1 ap after the first so if u have 3 canons that hit its str9 ap2

melee weapons

biting blade hasn't changed

chainsabres haven't changed either

dire sword hasn't changed

executioner  still the same

ghost weapons haven't changed either

laser lances have changed  they are now allways ap3 finally something has changed lol

mirror swords are the same

power blades haven't changed

scorpion chainsword hasn't changed

scorpions claw the same lol

singingspear  hasn't changed

another change to the star lance  and this now follows the other lance's  +5/user ap2 +5 on the charge

triskele hasn't changed in shooting or CC

witchstaff hasn't changed

armour these hasvent changed either

part 3 will be treasures of vaul and vehicle equipement

olddar VS newdar

so  for better or worse  richer or poorer  theirs a new codex  n heres wats changed from rules 2 units and everything inbetween!!!!

I like that its funny lol

onto the rules summary

ancient doom!!!!  is  the same that's boring lol 

battle focus!!  has changed slightly now it deff says if u cant run u cant use battle focus!!

warlord traits!!! 
1 ambush of blades  still the same
2 eye on distant events was stealth within 12"  its now d3 units gets scout meh lol
3 falcon's swiftness goes from 1"  to 3"
4 re-rolls saving throws of 1's still the same
5 warlord has splitfire still the same
6 the range for not scattering was increased 2 12"

remnant of glory
the only thing that changed was  mantle  got removed sad times and a new ranged weapon kurnous bow was added

psychic powers
runes of battle same as before!
runes of fate a new power added  will of asuryan 12" fearless bubble death mission has gone and eldritch storm is now a 3/4 spell making this the first level 4 spell !!

so now weve discussed the core rules for the book and a few things have changed part 2 will look at weapons armour


Wednesday, 29 April 2015

dark eldar 1750-2k lists

so  iv written  up my dark eldar list!!!  and here it is  since the new eldar came out iv made a few few changes but

Image result for wraithknight meme

that's right iv got a wraithknight still!!  I was slightly devastated that it was goin 2 be a lord of war but with wraithhost I can still take one yay :D 

so I set to work reading the new eldar dex n created a new anchor for the DE which is this

wraith host
wraithguard x3
star canon x2


bikes x3

this will be on the table  and they'll destroy tanks n stuff 2 get out those lovely squishy troops  and they can also try n hold objectives and the middle of the board

then  turn 2 onwards  this will be coming in



warriors x5
x2 units

void raven

the eldar are the core for this list  and then depending on points ill add in more DE so



aso to finish  this list I need 3 units of wraithguard and wriathlord and wraithknight as I want a wraithknight in my eldar army now if I can fit it in!!

speaking of eldar the next few blogs will be a comparison of the old and new eldar codex's

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

another win for necrons VS rolling bob

Image result for baneblade meme

this is  big  hint as to what rolling bob is and what army I was playing against AM with a baneblade at 2k  their was a sprinkling of other stuff in their but this did dominate the board

I took my gd old reclamation legion with royal court and it looked at little something like this

warriors x20
immortals x5
lychguard x10
bikes x3 with vanes n scopes

canoptek harvest
wraiths x6
scrabs x6

royal court
overlord scythe res orb
lord scythe res orb
cryptek x2

so the main things to highlight is a standard bane blade sucks haha  I think the D weapon variant is a must especially now necrons wil be all over the shop and that's mainy 2 ignore as many saves as possible

how my units were set up

szeras bs5

overlord scythe  orb


main thing of note was the big block of doom  hitting on 2's and at turn 2 re-rolling 1's  this unit took 3 hull pts off the bane blade on turns 1,2,4 and first turn of firing I popped my res orb and took minimal casualties  this happened pretty much every turn jus losing a few models  the 5++ really is awesome and well worth the points 

and on a plus side taking out the lychguard unit this is a perfect 1750point list

again the list is working really well with placement of objectives on the 24" line so that the enemy come foreward and iv bin sitting around the 24" mark with shed loads of shots forcing my opponent to come to me to stop the shooting by getting in combat

on a side note first game with elder will b next week!!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

new super awesome codex easy win! FTW!!!

Image result for eldar meme

yep its eldar the hottest topic this side anywhere!!

firstly  the new  bikes are awesome  farseer/warlock means u can have a nice looking seer council for the dirt cheap price of 220 quid!!! for the americans or EU ppl that's 328 dollars and 304 euros that's a bargain lol

also the windriders are very nice and now that they can take scatter lasers for 10pts  they are ridiculously good  270ptys gets u 10 bikes 40str6 shots which I think ill buy into  !

also  distort is now D which is awesome
u cant summon deamons which is gd

falcons are now actually gd in a unit of 3 they can deep strike which is awesome for wraith units lol

wraithguard cant be troops anymore tho which sucks
I like fire prisms goin back 2 units that get the old +1 str -1 ap  that's funky 
night spinners can be a unit as well

serpent shield  is now str6 2d6 shots  1 use only that's still gd

more will come once I have the codex as ill need 2 make changes 2 my eldar as allies and possibly my eldar primary army as well

Friday, 17 April 2015

power levels

Image result for it's over 9000 meme

through out 40k's long history  the argument of power balance has been one that has pretty much stayed with us from codex to codex and edition to edition.

now 4th ed had a strategy rating that effected who went first in certain scenarios.  the idea I want to  propose is to address balance in a different way. 

and this boils down to a strategy rating not like the old 4th ed style but a reversal of that how good is this codex and wat is the likelihood of my opponent beating it

after that a modifier to show how powerfull the list is based on some general modifiers such as

avg armour value 10 - 0 11- 1 12- 2 13-3 14- 4

avg Toughness 3-0 4-1 5-2 6-3

avg armour save 6+ -0 5+ - 0 4+ -2 3+ -3 2+ -4

avg number of MC's 1 -1 2 /3- 3 5+ -4

no of special characters 2- 1 3-2 4-3 5+-4

lord of war I was thinking if its a vehicle or gargantuan creature making it a +4 and if its a normal character then a +1 but it'll go with special characters for a total of +2

 no of high str shooting units str6+ 1 str7+ 2 str8 +3 str9 +4

deathstars will be a +4

no of psychic dice  0-10 -1 11-20 -2  21-30 -3 31+ -4

so firstly a general rating of 1 through to 5 20 codex's all in all now not including supplements without influence from list at this point

I think marines in all variants are an average book with solid rules good at everything but masters of nothing so id go for a rating of 3

imperial knights are a definite 5

dark eldar would be 2 low av low T poor saves with some good rules

harlequins would also be a 2 as they suffer from the same weaknesses as dark eldar and have a few sneaky combo's

eldar -4


guard - 3

deamons - 4

nids - 4

chaos marines -3

ad mech - 2

khorne deamonkin -3 (I think all deamonkin books will be marked as 3 bcoz of the choices of marines that will bump it up to more of a chaos marine standing)

orks -2  mainly as they lost fearless and now have a table that hurts them more than helps them

necrons - 4  reanimation is really powerful

sisters - 3

militarum tempestus - 2

now  some match ups are a lot better  than other bcoz some things ignore the core rules so the next set of modifiers are  minuses taken off the overall rating

if u ignore toughness or wound on a fixed value for shooting  -2  CC - 1
if u ingnore armour values (haywire) or glance/pen on a set number shooting -2 CC -1
if u ignore cover -2

I think these are the main core rules that will affect game play

so that was abit long winded  but give it a try  u may want 2 alter some of the ratings for the books first ill try it next week n see wat its like

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

good for the good god!!!

erm I mean

Image result for khorne meme

so  iv done shed loads of painting  slowly very slowly chipping away at the mountain of models that need painting

but for to day  iv finished these beauties  3 blood rushers of khorne  now for CC  screamers are miles better  but  I love these models  so iv got my self a set n may get more lol

I went for something different as u can see from the pictures I jus didn't want loads of red that merges into 1 big blob so I hope that this has worked

when the entire army is finished ill do some large group shots on my gaming table see I can pick out the detail better  these guys need bases doin next  n I need more paint

next on the list of jobs is finish the last plague drone n get them all boxed up

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

necrons the undying legion!!!!

and this is so true!!!  iv finally tested the reclamation legion and its awesome I had a 1500pt game with this list

warriors x20
warriors x10
immortals x5
bikes x5
vanes and scope

wraiths x6
scarabs x6

so far I had an idea of the unit of 20 warriors being the anchor and it worked well they did well in shooting and combat thanx 2 zandrek being able to swop warlord traits  means that the turn before I can pre-empt wat may happen and u get re-rolls on everything in the first turn  makes this unit very strong  the only thing it lacks is ap2  which is where the roya court will come in once I get 1

other additions will be szeras to keep the reanimation protocols at 4+ regardless  this combined with a 4+ save is very powerfull  I rolled really well and was hardly losing any models it was hard  my opponent 2 make a dent in them

I am also tempted 2 throw in another cryptek with a chronometron  so that I get a 5++ for shooting 4+ armour and 4+ reanimation protocols

so the volume of fire from 20 warriors is more than enogh 2 strip 4  hull points off any vehicle

as it did so well im tempted 2 boost the 2nd warrior squad up to 20  as well then the volume will slightly negate better saves and il be throwing in a lychguard unit for ap3 defence

now the canoptek harvest!!

my opponent let me go first so they went str8 for reanimation protocols I didn't use fleet as I don't see the point in it when both scarabs and wraiths are beasts as long as u keep the spyder hidden and within 12" of both units ur laughing

wraiths  with a 3++/4+  are a very solid unit and I only lost stuff due 2 bad dice rolling  and when my wriaths moved out of the bubble 

scarabs become a unit that can put on loads of hurt with a 4+ save as long as its not ID then they'll stay around for ever their still weak 2 templates as doubles wounds  some will die but its no where near as bad

I also found scarabs are a great buffer unit or gd for helping the legion  especially when the get close 2 zandrek 

I charged 6 scarabs into a unit and got 30 attacks hitting on 4's with a re-roll of 1's wounding on 4's with a re-roll  it was very gd

so the list isn't quite finished yet but at the min its a definite contender for competitive play