Saturday, 31 May 2014

the only constant is change

so this year iv been busy mainly buying armies building them and having fun playing them namely new armies like tau and eldar and goin back to some old favourites like dark eldar. 

with tau I enjoyed painting them as I airbrushed them which came out really well but overall playing wasn't that great.

the eldar haven't finished yet ill need a new 7th ed list which will be vehicle heavy and have 2/3 medium sized units of spiders :D  which I still have to build

dark eldar is an army I really do love everything about the background the models building painting EVERYTHING and my bone scheme is coming out really well

id still like a guard tank army(mainly for playing) and an ork army as I love everything about orks  

my latest purchase is a 1500pt deamons of tzeentch army

3 heralds on chariots
1 herald on disc

20 horrors

6 screamers


the next purchase is more troops and a lord of change to make it up to 2k

it wont be a summoning list it will be the fires of change a pure fluffy list and everything will slightly different to embody the theme of change that is the core of tzeentch's background at somepoint I may also want the big birdy from FW

Monday, 26 May 2014

7th ed who cares what u think!!!

so 7th ed has no plopped out of the big machine that is GW and as allways we have to deal with it so I bought everything that came out as im a plastic crack addict n I thought id go thru everything so you heard/read it here maybe 3rd or 4th depending on how many other blogs n pages u read lol

firstly the presentation is epic the boxed set for the 3 books is great the art work is amazing the rule book has plenty of really crisp colour pictures its a great value.

the mission cards are really gd as well they come in a sturdy durable card box their embossed n are really gd quality ill be playing them more than the standard missions that's for sure !!

its the same with the psychic cards very durable card box and amazing artwork on all the cards well worth it  it did set me back 65 quid for everything tho which isn't cheap and what annoyed me is the psychic cards are simple switches where 1 power goes from another to a different number

unfortunately with the rules as all things with GW with one hand they giveth and with the other they takeeth away

so ill highlight changes as iv seen them from reading

overall all its not very well done the whole thin feels like ur reading about it but its not telling you what u want to know its like getting blood from a stone.

movement remains pretty much untouched and still works the same

shooting has changed loads  firstly it was really poorly written so it will cause lots of confusion its not clear on what to do with wound pools etc  even tho its  choose a unit fire weapons in groups ie boltguns then roll to hit and wound make saves etc then move on to the next the tactic will be choosing what to fire etc

assault has also taken a beating from the powers that be  now wounds are allocated from those at that I step which is really complex if their are multiple steps although u can ignore this and go for those that are closest if none are in b2b

challenges are now from engaged models only so those within 2" at the start of combat or B2B and wounds from challenges can go onto the unit and the unit can attack those in challenges IF the other unit is killed so hard characters wont care  but the send in lonely bob to stop the bloodthirster wont work nemore but oh well

also charging through difficult terrain is now -2 instead of 3 dice take away the highest which is better as it wont make charging impossible anymore
beasts no longer ignore difficult terrain  for charging in regards to I so beast packs will need the baron lol  :D

pychic phase is very complicated again it will take time to figure out how it works etc at the moment their is no range for dispelling  so u can allways try and dispel any power ur opponent is casting should have been written better

some changes to vehicles - open topped vehicles  the units now take damage if u flame them its D6 hits as well as damage to the vehicle  - vehicles are now ws1 all the time unless immobilised

some changes to special rules - have a read

night fighting is now 4+ all units get stealth   I preffered the old rule  with the amount of ignore cover its pointless

choosing an army  forgedadn unbound is overly complex and needs a better explanation

overall I think a tweak and re-reprint of the 6th ed book would have been better than what they have put out but like every 1 else where stuck with it hopefully 8th will be better

Saturday, 17 May 2014

sun for the sun god

well I had 

3 venoms that needed spraying
2 raiders needed spraying
3 ravagers needed spraying
6 wracks needed spraying
5 incubi needed spraying
10 khymeara needed spraying
8 razor wings needed spraying
7 bikes needed spraying
1 wraithknight needed spraying
1 crimson hunter  needed spraying

and its been a blisteringly hot day so iv done shed loads of spraying

ive now only got 2 wracks wraithknight  hunter 1 bike and 8 razorwings left :) very impressed!!! :D

on a side note iv got my airbrush working as well so ill do the vehicles soon

Saturday, 10 May 2014

dark eldar wishlist n stuff

so the new stuff for dark elder has been limited to when the last codex was released n that's quite a while ago now.  BUT now we have new apoc formations which is better than nothing but might as well be nothing as most people just play standard games lol

the other rumours are that well get a new codex late this year  rumours are wracks will be very important and be a big focus like wraiths were in the eldar book

wracks will be a dual kit for a unit that deals in chemical warfare 

bane unit which is inbetween a talos and grotesque  will have 2 see the stats if its not got a 3+ save it wont be much good

my wish list for dark eldar

points to stay roughly the same
flyers to get vector dancer and maybe shift to fast attack

that's about it well see what happens in the next few months the rulebook is the next big thing not long now !!