Sunday, 20 December 2015

war gathers in the east (pt5)

so the skitarii are pretty much built and in need of arms n things but this may happen when  they are based I haven't decided how difficult it will be to paint them up with arms attached or whether to leave them off n do them separately

here are the rust stalkers

the infiltrators

the ballistiri

dune crawler



its taken a while!!  but here is the battle maniple in all its armless glory!! 

Monday, 14 December 2015

something different

so i'm having a change of pace from the usual articles to discuss something slightly different

so iv done lots of articles (300+)  and talked about painting  gaming list building tactics  but this is something I do n read as an actual strategy
Image result for psychological warfare meme

psychological warfare in the form of killing a favourite unit to put ur opponent off his game  now in a game of toy soldiers how do you pull off such a feat and would it work ??

well BOLS  is trying to find out some armchair general is writing up articles based purely on this from finding out and killing favourite models and telling them "fake" favourites of ur own to trying to make them do something with mis information


any moron who has no idea wat a unit can do will just ask and if u break down and cry when ur fave models dies you need to start re-evaluating ur outlook on life!!

ill be following these with some mock interest to see how he spans it out lol

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

game 2 with war concotion!!

so I was much more prepared this game id got a crib sheet for core special rules that I cant remember lol the rest was pretty much goin thru the masses of codex's need to run this mighty beast

(insert quirky meme here)  as I cant find anything funny relating to getting seized on as that happened again!

and turn 1 I lost the dune crawler, ballistiri and 3 out of 5 infiltrators

id pretty much used the same list as last game against a foot eldar list

the main problem was in a modified ICT style game I struggled to wrack up points fast although it did end up with him being tabled on turn 4 making it 18-5 I think.

I did get to try out more units/combos this game though which is a BONUS!!!

first thing is infiltrators the 5 shot pistols are super gd  at str2  u need 5's to wound even puny eldar but with shred its awesome mixed with high BS its great if u can take advantage !!

the main problem so far is balancing both  canticles/doctrines so that they tally up with what I wana do turn 1 the only thing iv fully decided on is +1 bs doctrines and re-rolls on canticles for the first turn alpha strike

after this I need to play much more to decide which way to go 

other combos  the phosphopheonix  is lumigen so -1  and omnispex is -1 so as long as the pistol wounds its -2 cover for the plasma culverins which makes a huge difference even a -1 means most players wont really go 2 ground as it usually not worth it

I cud have played more aggressive with the knight titan as he was hiding from a wraith knight and fire dragons

another thing that I like is the str4 hits at i10  they make the destroyers far better as I was doing 8 auto hits on each unit in combat with my destroyers with my warlord this also happens in my assault phase and his !!!  so 16 str4 hits on T3 butchered his units but with cognis flamers they and grav they are scarey to charge as again  re-rolls to shooting attacks means I can do this in overwatch (its something I need to check)

so  1-1  so far for the might of the mechanicum!!!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

war gathers in the east (pt 2.5)

well iv got no orks bitz  so iv decided on a demonworld base instead so iv done lots of research ish lol and decided on something like this

Image result for constantine hell

this is the hell scene from Constantine and from the picture everything looks drab n dreary which I can do with dry brushing my bone colours  probably wont go as high as ubshanti though.

base will be steal legion drab
with a dry brush of karak stone

then maybe wash it with agrax to deepen it also thinkin of using the mars earth to create a barren waste style feel.

that will also need painting so that it blends in with my base

iv also got nurglings so I can put them on the larger bases mainly for a lil humour

the fluff doesn't say what type of demons are on this world so I can mix n match them as a like as well as chaos marines 2 boost up the variety

the bases will be on show when I post up my next post showing off the skitarii