Wednesday, 23 January 2013

back with the tacticals

so the next big tournament  is  febuary 17th and im taking deamons of chaos  its a 1k list  with modified resrictions max 2 flyers and only 2 of the same vehicle  with a max of 2 elites  heavy support and fa.

this is quite gd as it stops to much spamming

so iv bought the shooting portion of the list which are!!!
wasnt very hard to work out! but here is a run down of why these are so awesome!
ws2  bs4 s4 t4 w2 i4 a2 ld10 5++

firstly their not gd in combat  ws2 is terrible but they cuase fear so that pulls it back alittle  BUT they are  eternal warriors with 2 wounds and plenty of shooting their a great gun platform!!  an that will cause  fear their shooting  capability is very powerfull they have 2 choices of shooting

flame template  causes a wound on 4+  glance on 4+
18" str4 ap4  3shot
so if they scatter a little to far  u can use the ranged  shots  to  try and kill a few  marines  or wat ever ur fighting if its  DE  glance them tanks 2 death haha :P

but if your in range of the template then u can cause a world of pain  4+  to wound any toughness value ignoring cover and armour saves  is amazing  no units is safe  those with deathstars  an a special character at the front will die !!

their also very gd at taking down vehicles  4+ to glance any armour  means a large unit  will instant wreck any vehicle  preffered size is 6 so ull atleas do 3 hull points worth of damage

most players  wont  freely  charge a flamer unit theyll be shot with damn near everythign they can  this is bcoz  over watch is devastating d3 per flamer wounding on 4+  can easily kill most  things  before they even get their !!

so  use these gun platforms to open tanks  or harass troops 

Monday, 21 January 2013

aegis defence line

this will be a quick post as their are no step by step  pics. 

the colours i used for this were

1 knarloc green
2 thraka green wash
3 chain mail
4 nuln oil
5 evil sunz scarlet
6 chaos black

hell drake part 1

so if your  reading these blogs in order  ull kno  wat colours iv used so far  but for those who are jumping str8 to the flying  pidgeon of feiry death  ill recap  the colours.

colours used
1 white primer
2 evil sunz scarlett
3chaos black
4 2/1ish shining gold /tin bitz
5 chain mail
6 nuln oil

firstly their arent as many pics of the hell drake apologies but i can stil go thru it the same  way.  the model is based white then  chaos black is done in the recessess which u can see.  then the red was done

 in this pic the red is done  and the silver areas have been painted as well as washed with nuln oil

in the next set of pics ill go thru the gold and the wings as they still need doing

forge feind

the over all model is great and i really enjoyed painting  it  i started  with a base of white then  painted black in the recessess to create a shaded effect for the armour

colours used
1 white primer
2 evil sunz scarlett
3chaos black
4 2/1ish shining gold /tin bitz
5 chain mail
6  nuln oil
this is the start  u can also see the red i used as well as the black recess

this picture shows all the red areas  and the silver is also  done

now the silver has been washed with nuln oil looks awesome!!  (u can also see hte magnets  that iv put in to attach the guns n make transporting easier)

this is the start of the  brass colour  i used  start  with shining gold then add roughly 1/3 of tin bitz

this is where im at now  the red will get more work done to it  then the shoulder guards will be finished glued on and uploaded

ill also upload the finished hell drake at the same time

pics tournaments and more

well i got my army nearly  done  i have 2 done the wings of the helldrakes and go over the red with a wash then go over it with red

i also  figured out how 2 upload pics so  this morning ill do a series of blogs  with my progress on each thing iv painted

tournaments - i finished the tournament with  1 win and 4 losses  the chaos army  needs lots of work to perform better at these bigger events  with a higher average of armies its a lot harder as its not fully kitted out properly

ill talk about other lists in a different topic options etc 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

new years resolution! + apologies + chaos updates

ok so it been a while i guess since i posted  but their is a reason for this i cant upload pictures for some reason. no idea why  butits quite annoying as all i have 2 post is reems of writing which is boring!

with my chaos  i have now magnetized  the forgefeind and hell drakes for ease of transport. i have also started spraying  my army and basing the cultists i havehalf done 3 so far lol  but ran out o paint  so im waiting for some more which should arrive tommorrow. then its a mad dash to get them based and suitably painted for a tournament in 17 days lol.

now each year i make some gaming resolutions and this year  is no exception!

1 finish my chaos marines  to a 3 colour standard as they will be my main tournament army for this year
2 finish the deamons and update them for 6th ed 
3 buy build and finish my dark elves to play fantasy!

so this year ill have  1 more new army an 2 updated armies   on a side note ill try and figure out why i cant post pics as i wana show wat im doing!!

so thats it the first post of the new year