Saturday, 30 April 2016

hypothesis on wb/wj points!!

well  cryx  was  teased in the latest insider and if ur reading this before that why!!!!

here it is!!  give it a whirl then come back!! ready good!

so  spoiler! denegrha is now wj28 rather than 5 to counter the increased costs off warjacks which is quite interesting bcoz this technically is x5 +3  so if they did this for every caster this is what you end up with

so casters that are WJ/WB
+3 are now +18
+4  are now +23
+5 are now +28
+6 are now +33
+7 are now +38

this is interesting especially with points bein roughly doubled  for beasts n jacks  the casters go from a difference of 4 to 20  which in itself is a free heavy/light jack or beast so with 75pts being the new staple

well have to hope that the  lower end casters get lots of spells n things to make them worth it as  18pts gets u a heavy n a light  and 38pts gets you 3 heavies and 1 light maybe more! depending on cost

but this will all be revealed when the rules drop in 6 weeks give or take!

Sunday, 24 April 2016

cryx painted! nearly

so I had a lil go at the battle group half way roughly through the jacks and here is how they turned out!

the next bit to work on is the grey for the black areas then the eyes n other detail n they are done!  nice quick n easy. not sure if ill do the casters as dead looking or humans that control the dead have to do some research n find out

Sunday, 17 April 2016

painting Update

so with mk3  ready to batter down the doors iv near enough finished my models for the journeyman league!!!

to day I finished 10 hex hunters
painted letters on the raptors bases
did arcs on the shepherds
and painted thaggys base
and re did arcs on all heavies

so I only have bayal the hound of everblight left 2 do

Saturday, 16 April 2016

warmahordes mk3

Image result for lolcats shocked

well damn !!  mk3 the secret is out and OMG I had so many plays to reboot my legion and start a cryx force but that's out the window! 

so whats happened well  EVERYTHING is changing from premeasuring to points costs gargantuans new casters!!  and battle boxes  and this all kicks off in june!!

here are the battle boxes for cryx and legion

Image result for warmachine mk3 battle boxes

Image result for warmachine mk 3 cryx

this also shows you all the juicy extras  like tokens n things that were previously an extra you had 2 buy separate  also  new casters are shown   ill also need 2 buy both faction decks so iv got the updated cards as well.

its all exciting and well see wat happens when it drops!


Sunday, 10 April 2016

beyond the legion

iv have mused about staying with hordes for my 2nd faction but while I was cleaning out more stuff from my parents I found these!

now in knew I had them as  sold the faction deck n book to a friend but iv got nearly 40pts give or take so rather than buy another faction ill expand these as id forgotten just how much I had

so with my legion nearly finished(what I own)  I am looking foreward to painting the undead!

and decided that I like the look of this scheme its simple and different so rather than follow the full range like I did with legion and tie it all in  ill go more loose n have the battle group like this then change it up for the other units and models except the battle engine which will follow the same scheme

ill be painting up the battle group first so then I have another faction for the intro games and doing demo's

iv already looked at my 2nd caster which will be pskarre and 3rd will be undecided  at present both skarre and denny are awesome casters so it may end up being a random caster based on how awesome they look  goreshade lord of ruin or denny3 on dragon spring to mind but well see!

(as a side note I also need 2 paint up the rest of my necron characters finish that army off as well )

Saturday, 2 April 2016

more thoughts beyond the journeyman!

im quite liking this symbol it looks awesome!!

so as I gather equipment for organised play I need 2 look at getting more lists that I can use so this is more a musing about lists and what they should do for warmahordes events so I think we need 2 talk about the basics of legion and their advantages over other hordes factions.

first we have eyeless sight all casters and beasts have eyeless sight  this means that regardless of where u stand I CAN SEE YOU!  this also ignores stealth and cloud effects

speed  the average speed is 6 but quite a few nyss units are speed 7 with cav being 9  with unit bonus like extra advances and animi that let u move and place models legion are probably the fastest faction out their  this means we can get to the objectives faster than other factions as well as pick and choose when we strike
beastly beasts every beast except the nephillim are blood creations and soulless so they dont drop tokens or attack the caster which is really important compared to other hordes factions that really need 2 manage fury better.

so all these bonuses mingled together gives u a frighteningly fast faction that sees all!


onto the game!!

so its pretty much 50/50   warmachine or hordes   and it will allways be a scenario take X objective/box or flag

and I need at most 3 lists  so I think ill split my lists into  1 VS hordes 1 VS warmachine and 1 for taking objective boxes  I think that covers all the bases really

so first up VS warmachine

as a hordes player I have some trouble taking down certain types (cygnar mainly) of lists  stormwalls etc will give me a head ache and strykers feat turn for +5 arm is also pissing annoying so is anything that add arm or def lol  (but I got that covered)

so iv devised a list that is small elite and hard hitting!  the feat turn for this is mega important and getting the charge 2 make the most of the damage output

angelius x2
shredder x2
shepherd x2

so 12 models isn't a lot but its a whole load of punching power  the idea is  on feat turn the angelius will both charge a colossal or the heaviest jack around followed by the scythean and carnivean doing the same so hopefully I should cripple the heavy hitter or take them out ready for an assassination run

the naga is their 2 stop buffs for def/arm  and the reak to ignore free strikes for abby 2 do a feat turn assassination if needs be shredders  mainly 2 give out tenacity and block charge lanes for big things n be annoying

forsaken n shepherds are my fury management at fury 6 abby int bad but shell need help n I like this combo for taking away fury n healing

VS hordes
well this is a kinda easier for me to handle  with all the bonuses legion have I can I should be ok high armoured targets on average have less boxes than the warmachine equivalent.  and I can cycle either bad blood(-3 arm) or pin cushion (soft boost). the only real spanner in the works is troll bloods with tough rolls galore.

strider deathstalker x2
rangers x2
ua x2

with this list like the next its all about cycling pin cushion  letting lylyth go first  boost pin cushion then have a shot on target  and then have the heavy beasts shoot it followed by the naga 

if the troops are close 2 hand they an fire  either 1 super shot or 2 shots at pow14 x2 

striders main jobs will be taking down tough single wound units

the raptors are the CC element either dishing out 4d6 on the charge or 4d6 with shooting they are  pow10/12 but these huge bonuses means that even arm16 units n models will tremble then I can do ride by attacks n all that extra jazz lol

death stalker x2
rangers x2

very similar to the above list with a few changes cycling bad blood  instead and at the moment im not sure which is better  -3 arm or extra dice

objective taker!
so this list is a possible for my random 3rd list n its mainly built for attrition  the archangel gets tenacity and dragons blood and camps the boxes while the ogruns hold a flank with the scythean on the other flank  the naga shredder and reak are all their mainly for animus and block lanes if needs be or stop charges its not designed 2 take on either hordes or warmachine so ill need 2 find its sweet spot im thinking weaker warmachine n hordes armies like circle n scryah/cryx
shepherds x2

the final list is like a wild card
and iv chosen it bcoz A its really gd in a competitive environment and its an actual caster that takes a support spell slinger role as I don't really have that kind of caster yet iv also gone for her tier list as I get some juicy bonuses  +1 to the starting roll means on a 6 im allways chosing! and my beasts get +2 speed on turn 1 so average 18" run and advance deploy for my solos so they will be in formation after the run move!  so here it is machinations of shadow t4

shepherds x2
spell martyrs x2
hex hunters
spawning vessel

so lots of tricks with this list and its where I learnt to spell cycle from battle college for those that don't know what a spell cycle is here is an example

turn 1
vayl casts refuge on model A
turn 2
vayl upkeeps refuge on model A
model A charges then the spell takes effect
vayl activates casts refuge on model B
model B activates and the spell takes effect

so this is how to use a spell twice in 1 turn it needs setting up so depending on the spell could be done from turn 1 to help you practice

I can stealth the spawning vessel to get the most out of it as it needs 2 be fairly close to grab corpse tokens and I think I may be able 2 cycle here as well with something like this

vayl activates cast obliteration kills 3 models as long as they are within 10" ill get 3 corpse tokens
activate vessal and spawn
then activate other units/beasts to get more

next turn vessel goes first n spawns
then start again

so these are my 4 lists  I still need near enough all of the models for vayls list and the reak and strider uas  all on my list of things to buy eventually !!