Sunday, 21 September 2014


so im really excited that iv nearly finished my DE; left to paint I have the following

raider x2
5 beast master handlers for my beast pack

squad markings this will be based on battlefield roles from the rulebook but eldary-fied lol

so here are some pics !!
over view of what ive got painted so far




Wednesday, 17 September 2014

ready to raid

so my dark eldar are achingly close to being finished im currently working on these at the moment:

the second set of bikes need blood adding to them

the sails need another coat of purple then their done

then I have 5 sponsons that need basing dry brushing highlighting gold and washing

then after that if I chose to take my beast pack ill need 2 finish the handlers but that's it

I then need 2 practice some freehand work for my squad markings as well as battle field role from the rulebook ob I wont follow the rule book pics ill make m own up or look around for inspiration

this is all in time for the new release in starting in 3 days time I cant wait as iv already painted up m warriors and wyches n I think they will have 2 be my troops ill need 2 paint up some raiders to go with them im not sure yet ill be waiting for the codex to come thru.

once this is done and the raiders are finished ill post a completed pic

Sunday, 14 September 2014

7th ed tournaments

so I did my first 7th ed tournament it was only a lil one at my local 24 players 3 rounds and finished 6th so well im pressed heres what I took it was `1750

lord of change
exalted gift - allways grimoire


horrors x10
horrors x10


greater gift  - allways etherblades

horrors x10
horrors x10


game 1

necrons with ctan - in a nutshell got battered its fast n brutal  my only chance to tie it up with the screamer star failed and that was it was all down hill from here

game 2 a normal white scar list with a knight -  he played really aggressive so I could charge on my turn 1 n he got smashed lol

game 3 was grey knights with a warhound - this was a very close game I lost both princes turn 1 but after that screamer council did its thing n pretty much killed everything except the warhound my troops jus went to ground and coz it only ignored cover on a 6 he either missed or rolled 1s

the other thing was warp charges were capped at 12 which ment I could only really cast key powers every turn

these were normally spells like invisibilty forewarning and prescience iron arm and warp speed

 the next tournament im doing is Caledonian ion January and they have a lord of war restriction of 489 points and no better re-roll than 4+  as well as restrictions on army selection

so that will be interesting

the next tournament is another lil event at my local shop  with no lords of war this time so I shud do better

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

more progress

so to day iv managed to bloody up the ravagers venoms and bikes!!


I also managed to make a dent in the nurgle section of my deamons

iv started re painting the sails as the wash didn't go down properly so they got sprayed n iv jus re done the base.

the final 7 bikes have been dry brushed and highlighted next step gold then wash

army progress

so  at various points through the start of this year I bought n traded my way to a small horde of armies

staring with dark eldar - which are finally at the final furlong 2day ill finish off the 8 bikes from yesterday with blood and the ravage hulls will get the same treatment making them finished. :D

eldar - are sprayed blue at the moment and ready for painting during the winter months when its colder

deamons are sprayed black and ill hand paint the larger models like princes and batch spray things like the troops

necrons - there still in the needing phase and I need more models to make the army work im also going to purchase  2 annihilation barges 2day  pushing that total up 2 3 :D  then I need 1 more ghost ark more wraiths n im done :D

bit of a short post but im off out 2 collect sed models and paint

Saturday, 6 September 2014

this weeks painting project

is basically going badly lol  iv still got the sponson gunners to paint and then the sails needs purple as well as washing and highlighting but the gold is finished on the hulls.

iv spent some time basing my eldar allies as im not worried that its getting later into the year and the sunny spells will start to thin out more so id like what ever im going to paint based and ready before the end of September.

so with this post here is the eldar based and ready for action


the base is crystal ice blue from army painter  then ill dry brush them highlight and finish them off with a wash to tie it all in

this is the same process as the dark eldar n I think they've turned out really well so i'm trying it agen

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

this weeks project

ravagers -  this week im painting ravagers and ive already got the main hulls up to being completed all I need 2 do is highlight them then wash them

but before I do that ill paint the gold and wash it all 2gether

the sails are also done and they cloth needs painting purple 

the sponsons will be painted separate as they all have guys on them so they need eyes doing

hopefully 2day ill finish the hulls, sails and front weapons off here is a pic so far

to day I hope to finish off the hulls, sails and front weapon they jus need highlighting and then washing but before that ill put the gold down.

iv also based n sprayed the wraith knight which is pictured