Friday, 27 July 2012

fear fearless MC flying and vehicles !!!

iv played  my 2nd game  of  6th ed and heres wat i have 2 report

fear  is  fun and  great  it means  even rubbish  units  like plague bearers can annoy ur opponent 
if they fluff up their  dice rolls

fearless is  now  something  to fear  as well as a valuable  resource  from  the  lowly 
termagaunt right up to the  mighty blood crushers of khorne   for example  kharn  rolled  2 1's and killed 2 of his own guys but no matter  when the dust settles  and the combat is lossed no extra dice to rolled :D

flying  MC their  great  their  immune  to blast weapons  and  can only be targetted by snap shots if they do manage 2 get wounded  its less then  60% chance theyll drop 2 the floor  and if they do theyll take a str9 hit but the bonus is after  that  24" move  u should be close enough to use ur wings  for a hammer of wrath attack followed  by  his attacks  at  ap2 also  fear is great  it makes  even the worst MC (looking at you tervigons)  great  :D

vehicles  that  dont have the assualt  vehicle rule or open topped are abit funny as  can only  charge the turn after  you get  out which means  more planning   especially  if  ur gunna  assault  etc

all  in  all  im really  enjoing  6th ed

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

dark eldar 6th ed tactics choosing allies

personally  i think  the  only allies  you should be looking at for  dark eldar  are the battle brothers allies, which narrows this  down to eldar for those who didnt see my list that  i posted  here it is again


trueborn x2

 fire dragons x8
wave serpent
vectored engines
wyches x5
haywire grenades

pathfinders x 5
wyches x9


War walkersx3
Scatter lasers

what  do i get  with  allies  that  i wouldnt  with  a singular  dark eldar  list:

1 most  important  pyschic defence  even  LD10  can be regularly failed on  3d6  average  roughly  1 in 5  will be  passed  thats awesome!!!

2 my  old list  had  79  ap5 poison shots  and 22  ap2  shots  this  new list  has 67 ap5 poison shots  and 14 ap2 a slight drop BUT i get  32 str6 shots and 8 ap1 shots the  str6 shots  will mean  i can put more wounds  on successfully and tackle  light  tanks  av10-12 and leave the  ravagers trueborn and fire dragons to attack av13+

3 more scoring units  the  pathfinders will sit on my  home objective then i have3 scoring units that can turbo boost  foreward on turn  4/5  to capture  objectives

4 synergy!!  synergy  goes thru the roof   tactics   for objectives  place  them  around the  centre make sure their  within  the  24"  no mans land  as this will be important  during the game

turn 1 eldrad can guide both ravagers  2 improve their  chances of takign out tanks  and fortune his unit or the war walkers to keep them safe
turn 2 as the enemy comes closer its  jus a case of deciding  wat needs killing first  (REMEMBER ELDRAD CAN CAST THE SAME POWER TWICE + 1 DIFFERENT POWER)
turn 3 counter assualt with vect and his wyches  use doom  if needed  doom can  also be used to improve  the amount of wounds casued by the splinter canons or help  the anti tank units drop av13vehicles!!

as you can see  its  allabout eldrad  keeping vehicles alive with  fortune  boosting  shots   with  gude  or increasing wounds with doom!!!   

ill be testing a version of this list with out the fire dragons on friday!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

painting edition

im getting  thru my  targets for  this month  iv done quite  abit of painting 2 day  firstly  i picked up my wet  pallette and  kings of war cavelry and as a bonus i also picked up 2 war walkers for my  eldar  contingent

so wat have i painted  well iv  based the  wriaths and  mounts  in  a  2:1 mix of liche purple an chaos black

i did 2/3  watered down layers  using a wet pallette which  looks loads smoother  than  using a brush striaght from the paint pot lid lol (which ill never do again)

as it was gettin  quite hot  brittish summer  finally  here!!  i  jus did  the  next layer  on the  horses  and im trying to  copy the  ones  on the box  so  i did a layer of  liche purple  againthin layers built  up from the wet pallette 

so this  is where  their  at  right  now  2moz  ill  do  the  above  on  the riders then do the bone  on the mounts 

more after the drop

more chaos rumours

more rumours  :D  and wow  

All Chaos Space Marines get Hatred:(Space Marines)  this is  one   for  the  fluff gamers  and  1 for the power gamers   
Zerkers: Rage, Cheaper  cheaper  could  mean  WS lowered  2  4
1k Sons: Soul Fire, Same cost  same  cost  but  ap3 an soul fire full tzeentchian thousan sons army!!! :P
Emperor Children: Weapons Ignore cover and now have Salvo USR, Cheaper hmmmm thats  amazing  i will  deff re look at getting some :D
Plague Marines: Poison Weapons, More Expensive  mmmmm not sure  they should get an increase

Codex author is Phil Kelly  we all know  how  gd phil kelly is at writing codex's  i do well with dark eldar  and iv got  some eldar to add 2 them

from  this day forth  ill only play phil kelly codex's  so  im hoping  he  re-writes  the eldar  codex!!!!  

Sunday, 22 July 2012

writing 6th ed lists and the meta and my final game of 5th

im quite  happy  my final 5 games of  40k 5th ed  were  these

game 1  vs  pedro kantor marines  this  was a back and forewards  game  and  turn  7 i needed 2 marines left on the objective to stay and they fled and i cudnt charge them so it finished in a draw!!

game 2 marines with shrike nice easy foot list i turbo boosted up it was DOW and i refused flank out the wayof the nasty las canon then vect and his unit jumped out and went thru 2  units  before dieing to a 10 man termy +shrike and chaplian then  i turned  5 venoms and3 ravagers on the rest of his army   win for DE!!!!

game  3 was shooty  orks  and i got  annilated the list was  evil  but  i managed 2 get  990 points  by killing his warboss nob bikers and half a unit of boys 

game 4 vs nids  it was a gd list and he mitigated my shooting with  FNP  and  hiding andgd deployment (ifidhavewon this i was in for a shot at 3rd)

the final  game number  5  vs the dreaded  gay  nights  hisbest unit  rolled up and thru cover and immobiliesed  itself  turn1  so it waspretty much  out till turn  3  i focussed fire on his  10 mantermies on his objective and he got sum lucky shots and took out 2 ravagers(over  turn  1+2)  at this point he deep struk in a unit of 10termies i wipedthem out in 1 go aswellsthe dreadknight and vect went forward  turn 4  i finished off the dreadnought in cover ( it was immobiliesed with no weapons) then  vect  went into combat with  9 wyches against  7 terminators  and vect killed 4 (squad did jack shitt)  my wyches survived  and  turn 5 he did a little shooting i blew up the dread  vect finished  off wat was left of the  termies and we stormed onto the objetive!!  game was pretty much done here  he tried shootting my wyhes on hisobjective  i went to ground +3/4+ FNP  they werent goin newhere!!  i tried to blowup the last  chimera  got a weapondestroyed n half VP for it

final result 55 points  out of 100 and  6645 VP's  ( i tied with sum1 else who had the exact same)   

5th has finally finished im happy with winning  my last game of 5th ed  now im looking foreward to painting up dating my dark eldar ill stick with them n get them  some eldar home boyz!!

well  since  no1  knows  exatly  will be on top  its  still all speculation  BUT  im  currently  scouring  the internet looking for  trends  for  lists  to see  what  i can do  now 1750  is my standard  games limit  and  its  a bit of asqueeze getting in everything  i want aswell as allies

my eldar  contingent looks like this


fire  dragons x10
wave serpent
vector engines
scatter laser

pathfinders x7

war walkers x3

this is a very defensive contingent  eldrad sits  with the  pathfinders casting  either  guide on the ravagers which will help me  take down those harder  vehicles  (it also  counters  my crap dice rolling)

war walkers  then  kick  out 24 shots  at any vehicle that  wants to go for my objective  and either way u look at it  its gunna die lol the other good thing is they can take down  flyers with guided shots  i can  also  doom 2 units  which will  be awesome  for  venomsand my counter assualt unit  not sure wat  that  will be yet 

the final part is  the waveserpent moves up supported by  trueborn with  a hard  unit  anda troop unit 2 capture 

as  objectives are nowonly 6" apart  if i can place as many as i can then  ill make a triangle in the  open around the centre  ofthe board which means my opponent will be  inmy 36" range as he tries 2 capture objectives and wat  not lol      

i now have  942 points  left  for the main bulk of my army and im not sure  what  ill need

roughly  i have  this  in my head


trueborn x2

wyches x5

wyches x9


their are still things  id like 2 try  im  happy with  both  sides of the army andifcomesin at 1750 on the  dot

dark eldar  side  ravagers  sit at the back and help WW  shoot stuff hopefully  with  either  these  2 guided or  WW and 1 guided i should  take down  2 vehicles a turn

then ihave wyches 2 take  objectives and a big nasty wych unit with  vect to  harras  other  units the  grenades open up the options to get  extra VP from  tanks and things 

at the moment  i now need 2 work on getting the eldar  bought and giving the list a trial run

Thursday, 19 July 2012

1 day left and retiring old lists

now  my  dark eldar  are ready to rock and roll !!!!!!!!!  2nite ill pack  my bag ready for  2moz  then were off 2 toy soldier  for  a piss  up friday night then  gaming  satdi n sunday!!!

also  iv fixed  up  my dark  eldar  aswell as  my chaos marine army so their  both ready  to  be put on the field

i willbe bringing out the  old lash list for a few games before the new codex.  at the start  of 5th  dual  lash was one of the strongest lists around but as  increased  anti  pysker was slowly filtered into the game and the rules for  pyschic powers  changed it started slowly  getting weaker and weaker.  5 years later its  hardly played and  although  chaos is still used this list is sat by the wayside.

we dont know what rules will be in the new codex or if well even have lash at all so  after  toy soldier  dark eldar  will be shelved and the chaos marines will be back out for the last few weeks before the new codex comes out to shake  off the  dust  and flexthe biceps  a final huzzah before  dual lash is sent  to the  note  book for out of date lists

so when a new codex comes out how do u give ur old list a proper send off

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

from the cadian gate!! more 6th ed rumours

ok  a huge  flurry  of new rumours  coming  thru  so like the original  ill post and  put my thoughts  on each

-Release date: September 1st

hmmmm now  weve  heard several different dates about the actual release sooner  rather  than  later  for  me :D

-Hard back

hmmm  hard back jus helps to line the pockets  of those running  GW 

-There is an Eye of the Gods-like table ~like the WFB Warriors of Chaos table.
You get to roll on whenever a character kills another character in a challenge, or a Walker or Monstrous Creature. There is a multitude of gifts (and curses) that your Characters can acquire which range from +1 Save, +1 Toughness, or becoming either a Spawn or a Daemon Prince!!!
mmmm this  soundreally interesting  more fluffy than  game  breaking  as you dont  have 2 accept a challange

-Chaos Cultists are in -'Cult' units are all Elites and are unlocked to Troops by appropriate HQ choices

weve seen this all ready

-The Dragon flyer is in - think Necron Night Scythe with the main chassis replaced by a massive mechanical dragon head with segmented wings sweeping forward and around from it.

i think this description is quite poor  from looking at the night scythe  you  cant really seea dragon lol 

-Dark Apostles - ~Word Bearers rejoice!!!

well  this is interesting  with the addition  of  chaos cultist  hopefully the dark apostles will make them fearless  :D

-Warp Smiths - Chaos Techmarines that can curse vehicles and degrade terrain. ~maybe they'll have anti-psychotic grenades :)

this is quite nasty and  very kool  for a ironwarrior army

-New Daemon Engine - half way between a Dreadnought and a Defiler.

im  not sure how this will end up sounds interesting

-Defilers are Daemons and have a 5+ Inv save.

this is even better than  having 4 hull points a proper statline  :D

-No Cult Terminators ~boo hiss!!!

i can live with this

-Obliterators are exclusively for shooting - so no powerfists.

if thats the case  T5  and cheaper  :D

HOWEVER there is a new unit which is basically a close combat Obliterator.

this seems interesting   multi wounded  termies that can use different CC weapons :D

-There are 2 types of Raptors now: regular CSMs with Jump Packs, and Possessed Daemonic Raptors with Lightning Claws.

another   interesting  unit  sumthin  that  has been covered as a unit for  the night haunter fans

-Possessed take multiple benefits from the Eye of the Gods table.

this will make possessed awesome  :D  maybe lol

-NO Daemons in the Codex.

makes sense with the allies  rule  they  dont need2 be in the codex

so more  very interesting  rumours  im looking foreward 2 playing chaos  again  even more

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

3 days and counting!!!!

toy soldier  is now 3 days away  and like all  tournaments  its time  to run the check list 

3 days before  check army is fully painted and  fix all broken models   this includes

beast masters

any ammendments will need painting if i need 2 use new parts so this is why its good 2 leave 2 days or so for this  

1 day before  pack  bag print off rules pack  make sure u have  atleast 2 copies of ur list dont forget  dice and tape lol

thats  it  so  starting  2moz ill implement  the  first step  :D  and upload some pics of my army as a whole :D

Sunday, 15 July 2012

winning is for winners

now the  internet  or interwebz if u wana try n be kool  all agrees that  nids are terrible they suck so bad and no1 with  a slight amount of common sense  would  bother playing them and after  playing  my first game of 6th and tabling  my freinds nids with my dark eldar which wasnt very nice of me lol

i came across an article about a GT event an in the top 10  their  was a nid  army so  the interwebz is wrong!!! so  i spent my  afternoon  rolling dice and writing down results and came  up with this list

The Swarmlord
 2x Tyrant Guard (Lash Whips)

Prime Warrior
Lash whip bone sword

3x Hive Guard
Doom in pod 130
venomthropes x2 110

28x Termagaunts
28 x gaunts
Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Catalyst

Fex x2 320
Worms x2  60

this is the rolling  wall of death  for setup regardless of mission this is it  (doom is upfront  causing havoc)

            both termagaunts at the  front
                         hive guard
FEXs venomthrope-warrior prime-venomthrope Tervigon
                             tyrant guard

this will give everything a 5+ cover save and all units in synapse range are fearless and fearless is now awesome!!
secondly the tervigon  casts  catalyst on the closest unit giving them a 5+/5+ save. this forces the oponent to shootthe slightly weaker 5+ unit
the tervigon should  pump out  2-3 to claim objectives that you leave  in the bak of your deployment

the slight downside is short range guns but  when the get into range you have

fexs that can take down a transport a turn
hive guard that cantake down a  transport a turn
doom that on average shud yeild a  5/6  on an average pen roll of  3/4

then once all those yummy  little troops are out  you  have 56  shots from the  gaunts  then  for combat  you have 2 units of super guants to tarpit those big units with

then its jus a case of swarming in with the swarm lord to do sum damage

with  multiple large targets and a swarm of superguants its a hard choice to make either  whittle down the guants and leave the big beasties

you cud even be super  meanandsit infront of the enemy spawning more super guants and manouvering the swarm lordforeward and force the enemy to charge you then pour on the overwatch shots what better  than  shooting  once  SHOOTING TWICE IN ONE TURN!!!!

so here you have it its not  full of units the interwebz say are amust have but it will punch a hole in any line you throw it at

working at the rumour mill

ok its bin about  2months their  abouts  since i posted  about the chaos codex and the new rumours flooding  throughthe codex  will be out  around august  time.

we also know

1 chaos and  dark  angels  will now  be  in the starter box
2 deamons are getti  lots of updates to their models
3 their is a new  rumour of a master class for painting  chaos termies

its a slightly  shorter article than normal but  theirs not much happening  at the moment

Saturday, 14 July 2012

deploying the troops in 6th ed

ok guys i played  my first  game of  6th ed  and  it feels like  not much has changed and the cahnges i  do like  over  watch and  unit  deployment and positioning are  massively important

heres  how  i broke  6th  ed 

when you  roll to wound you create  a "wound  pool" now  lets  say for  example(as this  juss happened)  vect is the  closest  model  to the firing  unit  and the  wound pool  is 6 dice.  the rulebook states

 if after the save is taken it reduces  the  wounds of the model  to zero  u move to the next model

(heres where it breaks)  a unit of  wyches are  in range  to be  shot up  and  the firing unitg ets 5 wounds for the wound pool

the closest  model to this unit is vect  so poor  vect  has3 wounds which means before  the wounds will pass to the next model behind  him he has to fail his 2+ inv save :(

now  grey knights  can do  this even  better!!  have a  paladin  at the front with awarding stave and  an apothecary he then  has to fail his 2+/2++  and FNP  before  any wounds will go to the next model

if you  can have  battle brothers with  your allies this can get really crazy!!!

combat  isnt as bad as i first thought its really quick to move 3" so its ok

deplyoment was the  1 where   u deploy on the back of the short table edge n this is amazing for  every shooting army  sit half way  back so when they  get  2 the midway point u can start shooting and still be well out of harms way 

warlord  traits  are  fun but i didnt bother using my  outflank skill

peopleusing venomsdont worry !!  their still just as resilient  with flicker fields  :D

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

clawfeind!!! go

my list is now fully  done all painted and ready to go.  the  next important  thing is to  do some fixins n mend some damaged models ravagers are quite bashed.  but on 2 the  gd stuff 

so  clawfiend you can only  have  1 per  handler and their 40pts each   which means a unit of these badboys is 260 points lol

so what do you get for  40pts 

ws4 s5 t5 w4 i5 a4

the main thing is  the  T5  when  the unit of beasts is shot at  normally u have 2  choices kill a bird  kill a handler  or take a 4+inv save on the khymera.  what  the  clawfiend allows you  to do is  take the first  str7+ wound  on him he wont die hell jus lose a wound   this  has 2 benefits:

1 the unit doesnt lose any casualties
2 the khymera survive longer

if ur incover even better.  now if  after  reading this your allready trying to squeeze  one  into ur list  dont be scaredof him  dying  that his job 

but if he does survive to get into combat   hes str5 and has  an extra attak per wound missing so thats  a max of 8 attacks on the charge  so hopefully  ull get a couple of glances maybe even a pen :D

fires in the sky

this is another blurb  on 6th ed  and  how  skyfire and flyers will work  most  weapons with skyfire  are  str7  and most flyers  are either  av11 or 12

so  space wolves  missile  spam  may still be on top

5 puppies fire flakk  with  sky fire at  an av12 flyer  will get  u  2  glances on average  thats  a total of 6 across 3 units  and  2 dead flyers a turn so spacewolves dont need to wet them selves jus yet

for av11 its even easier jus the  2 glances  become pens and  u get 1 extra glance so necrons may be worried  same with dark eldar

now the next big bad boys are  hydra flakk batteries  the most annoying  HS unit in 40k  after rolling some dice  a unit of  3  hydras have 12 shots  the average  is around  3-4 glances so str8 away and 1 in 3 units wil get a pen

so whose  gunna ally with  guard :P   

target pratice !!

ok  i should haveset out targets for this month  at the end of last month  so heres wat im gunna do

finish painting my claw  fiend for  TS

after  toy soldier ill acquire more  fantasy stuff and a wet pallette then:

ill paint the allready started  hexwraiths
build and paint the next set of hexwraiths
then start the  mighty bus of death lol

so a busy month  and as  usual  pics  and something interesting 2 read will follow

Friday, 6 July 2012

breaking 6th ed -whos on top

necrons  no other  way or easy to say  but  theyll be back in a bigway y  gauss weapons  thats  gunna be the  game breaker 

a unit of  10 warriors  rapid firing on average  will roll 3 6's  most  vehicles have 3 hull points  thats  3 vehicles dead a turn!!!!

then  throw  in scarabs in its whole lot of nasty!!

nids  i think  with  monsterous flying rules  the once  useless harpies  and flyrants will  be back  out 2 play

footdar  have done well bak end of  5th  but with the new  vehicle pen rules  theyll  be boosted even further  the seer council is still on top  :)

gk wont  change  much  they  may switch out  razorbacks for  chimearas and  get more  cheap troops  to fit  in the  elite  dreads

BA and all the other armies spamming FNP have taken a hit with it being  5+  it may still be around  but it might dissapear 

predictions   necrons  top xeno army
predictions  gk still top  marine army

Thursday, 5 July 2012

6th ed + de

iv read the rulebook and  i need  2 play  a few games 2 see what its like  foot armies may become very powerfull but we need 2 see.

vehicles are more fragile from the outlook only playtesting will determine how badly

i tried my DE list for  toy soldier  and it works well  the  clawfiend is great  although 4 birdies is a bit crap 6 wud be better but i havent got the points for it

still need 2 actually  play 6th ed tho after i sort out my fantasy stuff lol  i plan  on starting  6th ed after  toy soldier  or at least have a few practice games this is a little short n sweet ill hopefuly be picking up my wet pallete 2moz n ill be painting the claw fiend