Sunday, 31 July 2011


hey guys
im pretty sure were still doin this and havent in true gimp fashion stopped coz no can be arsed to carry on, for august i will be painting:
astorath the grim
lukas the trickster in a slightly different colour to my original space wolves as a test peice if it goes well ill paint them all this colour :)
a ravager for my DE the void raven looks great but is 2 expensive
a heamonulus
another unit of wyches or maybe some incubi

the DE will take presedence over the rest as i need them done for yet another tournament that starts first week of september

thats it for now pics up as im done :D

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

FAO -Biscuit

ok guys
so iv painted nothing of my space wolves as yet but in spirit of keeping up with the chaps ill post up pics of my dark eldar as iv been painting these for the past few months (and he who is named in the title said i should so these are for u lol)  ill also be posting a W.I.P deamon prince that i started yesterday so comments etc etc

this is my heamonculus and the fine cast one at that!! it was quiet a quick n easy one to do and didnt turn out that bad

this is possibly my faveourite model the finecast archon took abit longer than the heamonculus and i went a stage higher with the highlights on him to make him stand out more as well as using the blue wash (thats to appease the fluff players)

a family photo minus 12 warriors and a venom once these are done ill post a final pic of doom! lol

this is my 1 off peice that will eventually be added to my deamons im waiting for 2nd wave fine cast for more chaos stuff to come out n then ill carry on this first pic is legs finished and the skin based as well as the eyes have been painted

in this picture the skin on his upper body is now finished and so are the blades which look awesome if i do say so myself :) the wings were also completed theyll be stuck on at a later date

in this picture the loin cloth clip and armour has all bin done the only thing left to do is teeth horns hilts and base then hes done and will sit on my side with my blood crushers waiting for more deamon units to appear

as a side note i also have these models that need painting and i thought id let people vote to see what they want doin next:
space wolves ven dread (FW model)
lucius the eternal
astorath the grim
skull taker