Sunday, 23 June 2013

the legion descend upon the iron kingdoms

bit of a lengthy title to say iv painted up  5 out of 7 models from my legion of everblight.  I went with a very simple yet effective colour scheme and I did a bit of searching online n found a blue/brown scheme but I had no blue so I went with purple n black which was my original idea.

so here they are

these were all painted with washes purple/black/brown the red on the carnivean is red gore from GW n that's it the next to be finished is lylyth then the scythean which will be done after work in the next few days ready.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

painting slowed down

well im gunna start a new 40hour a week job so it means  painting will be drastically reduced  but on the pluss side ill be able 2 invest in more models quicker

im looking to  do these come pay day

get a box for my ogres
get a box for my legion
get 2 dark elf bolt throwers

then id like 2 sell at least 1 army so  i can get a new 40k army

Sunday, 2 June 2013

more dark eldar

iv bin spraying up more dark eldar so here they are 

so their not yet finished as u can still see the shading  underneath but its not bad for an afternoon of painting

i now have

all wyches done in new paint scheme
warriors are half done
then i have vehicles half done

then ive gotta highlight warriors and vehicles

i also want 2 buy + paint 12 bikes and 10 more warriors