Wednesday, 31 October 2012

deamons rumours n stuff

firstly guys its been  a few days since iv posted  but heres  what iv been doing.  iv bought  2 predators for my chaos marine army and dropped the hell brutes in favour of them both have TL las canons.  this increases  my back field at 36" range i have


from  4 different units  these purely slow down vehicles the deamon prince hasnt done much and i really want some raptors lol over the next 5 games  ill keep the prince then for the next set try some raptors.

the airbrush so i can start my chaos marines will be here  next fri then its a mad dash to get them all sprayed white  after that im goin to test  painting the shaded areas black for better controll rather than sprayin them.

 dragon pattern predators!!!!

so now the borring stuff is out the way lets talk about deamons.  now before the august update and or allies  they were an army for mad and mental people but the few mad or mental people did really well with them.  skip  foreward to the WD update the tzeentchy units that maybe didnt see as much table time as others such as feinds are now every where  boosted stats and an over watch that puts off even terminators from charging them means their now doing amazingly well and the addition of allies means more stable troops can be purchased to leave points for more offensive units.

now the codex is getting a complete overhaul around december january time.  the greater  deamons will all be having new sculpts.  from  what iv heard the great unclean one will now be around the same size and shape as a dreadnought and the bloodthirster will rival the dreadknight the ord of change and keeper of secrets will be somewhere inbetween.

ill be writing up more as i get more

Saturday, 20 October 2012

writing a list + chaos faq +general stuff

firstly the chaos  faq is out adn its the shortest 1 iv read  4 bullet points and thats it. which shows how gd its written.

iv not played any more games as of yet but iv seen a new way of writing a lists  so i giving that a go.  basically the list is split into 3 sections

back field

mid field


so iv split my army into the above sections   too see where my strengths are for shooting

forge feind
quad gun

multi melta
multi melta

hell drakes
hell drakes

the hell drakes have a long range weapo so they can fire from the turn they arrive thats why their are up front also  d3+1 vector strike hits is great!!  i need to work at opponening up transports faster

im definately dropping the hell brutes they dont do as much as i expected

the forgefeind  is still 50/50  i love the model  its jus not doing as much as i expected it has 6 more games 2 impress me lol :D

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

chaos marines finding

so iv now played  4 games  with my chaos 3 wins 1 loss yay :)   and iv actually learnt something 

cultists  thier  great a unit of 30 with a khorne lord is amazing!!  their fearless take ages to kill and when charged they counter charge for an impressive 90 attacks (if u have 30 and they all get in lol) but even so  its an impressive number the khorne lord gets plenty of re-rolls in challenges and the unit has a 4+ cover save behind the aegis

khorne lord he mans the autocanon and guns down flying MCs or flyers and hitting on 2s he does a great job or hes in combat chopping down sgts that try and take my objectives

hell drakes really are bread and butter in this army  they take out troops on objectives and tanks  with ease!! i would easily run 3 if i cud find the points for a 3rd

hell brutes these still arent doing that much. im not sure wether i should drop these for something else but im not sure what ill replace it with double melta bikes or double melta raptors not sure which yet or some termies

zerkers  same as usual  they havent changed their still effective at chopping down regualr infantry and now with ap4 chain axes even better vs weaker troops.  im also getting used to having 2 disembark the turn b4 i want 2 charge so rhinos are now used 2 block and funnel troops for example in my game 2 day i used the rhino to force some DA termies 2 charge the forgefeind n saved my cultists lol

forgefeind  generally good although after 10 games i may try dual mauler fiend i think these would be better at tieing up enemy units and stopping tanks and units

well see how it goes over the next 6 games  i have some ideas to change the list

Saturday, 13 October 2012

chaos marine first thoughts

i used  my fluffy khorne list VS a shooty deamon tzeentch list  the results  was a loss but thats not important.

firstly the chaos book is great  my main problem is too much choice  i think this is phill kellys best codex yet!!!

as for the units hell drakes are great  although  against a full infantry list they didnt do as much as id hoped

the forgefiend was pretty gd again i reccon against more vehicles it would do better

same for the hell brutes 

the deamon prince i could easily write an article on these by them selves  he was great  he lost 2 wounds turn 2 to a herald but after that right up 2 turn 6 ish he chopped his way thru allsorts of little deamons  

the berzerkers im still struggling to get to grips with disembarking theturn before i want 2 charge. the rhino wall kinda helps  bit more foresight shud help  well see over the next few games

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

new chaos list new technique+ other stuff

firstly heres my list

chaos lord
mark of khorne

deamon prince
axe of blind fury

zerkers x8
chain axe

cultists x30

hell brute
hell brute

hell drake
hell Drake


aegis defence line

tactic deploy aegis around terrain to create a fort place objectives around the aegis and make my opponent come to me while my hell drakes and deamon prince fly foreward

the khorne lord sits with the cultist to defend them and increase the rate of success with the quad gun the hell brutes flank the cultists the forge feind sits behind the cultists firing away

if this list doesnt work as the deamon prince hasnt got eternal warrior and im not sure about the hell brutes ill have 465 points to play with so ill add in 2 preds lassed up and go bak to a dark apostle and khorne lord in a transport

for this new army i say technique but its more of an aesthetic thing  but i will be creating a diorama a 2ft by 3ft section that i will turn into a ruined imperial city scape and my army will be either roaming thru it or theyll be hunkered down reppling the forces of the imperium

im sure iv said my airbush broke and i havent had a replacement so the eldar/dark eldar will be left untill i can get a new one and ill take chaos and deamons to the tournament this weekend then week after ill be gettin some more cans of spray and starting my chaos army  my first games of chaos will allso be played this week and ill have reports on how the list did and wat needs to change

Sunday, 7 October 2012

exploding from the warp!!! chaos edition

WARNING  this post will contain loads of photos what i like and dislike about the new kits etc etc

from the top people  chaos is officially out (or been out a day allreay this is slightly late i was busying glueing and building things)  this is my double goody bag of chaos goodies  im such a child lol


not much to look at  but whats  inside will complete my chaos army from  models to basing everything ready to paint so lets   get in them bags 
here i think ill jus say the chaos codex is amazing the presentation of the book with embossed writing and full coloured art work  its so much better than  anything else theyve produced so far this is the future of codex's (unless u buy it on ipad lol) along with the price hike.

the first thing i cracked open  was the forgefeind

 as a model  its great  well thought out their are no real odd corner or ends where it will be hard to paint it will stay uprite on a base without glue so you can use it while ur painting it as well which is all gd  the only thing u may need 2 pant seperate is the weapons and shoulder plates  overall a great kit  :D

next is the hell drake this model is slightly more fiddly as the wings overlapp each other means their are bits that would be hard to reach so iv left the wings seperate and te middle wings arent glued in place yet so i can paint up everything

here is a picture of both helldrakes with out the main wings and one from the side


once iv started painting them ill re do a pic of them  undercoated and based

Friday, 5 October 2012

unique fortifications

in the spirit of forging a narrative  why havent we got unique fortifications.  this is a simple fixture  weve seen  orks huts, nid stuff etc.  If you look in the battlefield debris  their are  unique items that could be turned or used as fortifications for example

imperial statue - this could be bought for space marines

shrine of chaos -  this could be the temple of skulls  its big and for what it does  4+ cover behind it and deamons an re-roll failed  inv saves  wud easily match the fortress of redemption although it shouldnt be 200pts  a 100-150  would be better

sheild generators -  this  could easily be something for tau  equal to the price of a imperial tower  75-100 pts as u get a 3+ inv save

spiker plants - this is deffinately one the nids should get for some nid love theyve been battered and bruised a little by 6th ed but the spiker plant has great rules that could emerge while the nids are terraforming a planet  they need to be cheap  or X amout for 100 pts i think 4  that are placed  any where within  your deployment  the base should be

i think orks  could have a shack  with the ram shackled  rules  armour  12  and when it blows  up orks fly everywhere maybe lol 

but well see what the future  holds  the tau rumours are they may get some unique  fortifications 

Thursday, 4 October 2012

new chaos rumours

iv been working the rumour mill pretty hard  to bring  juicy nuggets  of awesomeness.  their is a leaked codex floating around the internet.  it came out  yesterday so those that want it allready have it.

and im  goin to disprove  some rumours  from what  iv heard

firstly  about the codex  it has a feel  of a 4th ed marine codex  their is a page of wargear artifacts and relics  that each entry refers  to  its a little  fiddly  im sure but  once we get used to it it will be fine

cultists arent cheap!!  its 10 for 50pts then 4pts per model for an extra 25 they can take marks  marks work  slightly differently now  u pay per model rather than a fixed price this isnt a expensive as the old codex thos as most marks are under 5pts per model

this is the same for every other unit u buy so many then u buy so many more like the space marine codex

most special characters are cheap around 160  with abbadon ahriman and typhus  all 200+

DIY characters are expensive a khorne termy lord with a few bells and whistles is around 190
deamon princes are mega expensive base cost 145

flakk missiles are in and expensive  10 for missile  + 15 to upgrade to flakk

the vector strike for the hell drake is str7  not 10

the chosen  terminators  do not get an extra wound and  u cant make a full unit of chosen terminators

the deamon engines all have an interesting rule called deamon forge  once per game u can activate the forge to re-roll dice in the assault or shooting phase at the end of that turn u roll a dice and on a 1 u lose a hull point

demonic possession does restore hullpoints by absorbing a unit embarked on it BUT this happens at the start of the turn ie turn1 or when a unit embarks on the transport  they also ignore crew stunned shaken on a roll of 2+

 as the codex is out  satdi ill leave it their

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


its bin a while since i uploaded any pictures  of things im  doing so  here your truly has a plethora  of awesomeness iv jus finished a war walker to the point where i can show it off  as well as the wyches and gaurdians.

in other news iv been told  roughly  a new airbrush will be in here in a week and a half that puts me really close to open war. iv changed the list a little and dropped 1 ravager  for a void raven  jus need a flying base for it

iv also  sprayed up 2 ravagers  and ran out of spray  so ill be gettin some more soon

im curently  working on the second  warwalker base iv also made the base for the brightlance  also looking at the trueborn  they look ok so ill start them asap!!