Friday, 29 August 2014

dark eldar rumour mill

vect is a lord of war choice which makes me believe all main characters  will go the same way calgar storm lord, swarmlord etc etc  chaos deamons will be an interesting one maybe all named characters will be LOW choices hmmm

im still painting and ill be starting my ravagers to day to get them up to speed which means all vehicles will be done soon 

then its on to the eldar allies

leaving  bikes and beasts to finish

but with a new book round the corner and the baron gone  the beasts may also get dropped

Id have 2 have 2 far seers to try and get invisibility successfully which means spending close to 500points on allies which is a lot at 1500 points even 1750 its a big chunk to put 2 1 side but well see
September is a few days away  :D

Monday, 25 August 2014

pyschic phase on a budget

so ive signed up for a tournament at my local gaming store and its my first for 7th BUT theirs a problem the pychic phase dice are capped at 12 which means ill get 18 dice max! 

so with 24 powers and only 18 dice their is a chance I wont get to cast every power even tho I cant do that neway  ill be restricted in what I can cast tho.

so what ive done is go thru n find out the minimum amount of dice u need to successfully cast ensuring that my dice go further.

ive also decided on when ill cast spells so turn 1-3 no summon spells as their LV3  ill be casting things like forewarning, cursed earth and flickering fire 

turn 3 on wards will be summoning spells to go for objectives

so heres what ive come up with

lv1 spells use 3 dice ull roll on average roll 1 4+ per spell cast
lv2 spells use 5 dice the average is 3 4+ per spell cast
lv3 spells use 7 dice the average is still 3 per spell

these do fluctuate  per 5 dice u can get 4  and per 7 up to 5/6

to safely cast  use  4/6/8  as these will add an extra  pass onto each roll

Saturday, 23 August 2014

testing nurgle princes

I did a lil unbound 600pt event using 2 nurgle princes lv3 with wings and armour

and wat iv found is their awesome  with biomancy u get a 2+ cover 3+ armour 5+ inv if u get endurance off then u can throw in a 4+ FNP on top of all that

and if u manage to get iron arm and warp speed  u end up with a an awesome S9 T8 I10 A8 prince that munches everything im deff running 2 maybe instead of a screamer star  its very tempting.

ill crunch sum numbers as ill need a great unclean one 2 make them HS in staed of troops

FIXED MY PIC PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so this week iv mainly been painting these 5 dark elder venoms they jus need another gold coat and a wash over that and their done!!! 

the deamons are also all sprayed near enough

so this is me up to date ill take a pic of my necrons and post them as their all based as well

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

bellow of endless rage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

thoroughly annoyed that I cant post any pics its doing my head in so I can only type.

but heres what iv done over the last few week

near enough painted 5 venoms jus need 2 do gold and wash it

6 more bikes need gold and washing

iv also near enough painted 4 beast handlers and baron jus need 2 do boards weapons n their done

still gotta do wracks heamonculus as well as the ravagers

the deamons are all pretty much based now as well

im finding painting different things for a few hours a time is getting through it faster than block painting 1 thing at a time but well see.  I could do with these bin done for end of august while iv still got some warm days left  and in total iv got nearly 3 months ish before throne of skulls so im not 2 worried jus yet