Monday, 23 September 2013

the prophet of ever blight leads the legion

so iv entered a warmachine tourney and need a 2nd caster so I went for epic thagrosh prophet of everblight hes awesome  P+S 18 rapture quite beefy  def 13 arm17 mat 7 20HP  range weapon has crit cold which is gd

the main reason for choosing this caster is his CC support for his army particularly shredders  manifest destiny adds 1 extra dice to hitting and wounding so a rabid shredder would roll 4 dice to hit and wound dropping the lowest dice that's awesome now add that to bigger things like the archangel POW 19 4 dice will tear even the heaviest of khador jacks a new pooping hole

the next best thing about thagrosh is his feat each warbeast in thagrosh's battlegroup not control area!  can make a full advance and attack so the combo is  manifest destiny for extra dice followed by an extra attack mwahahahahaahha

on to the paint job yea hes done with a near enough step by step guide. reading the fluff on ethag the dragon is slowly taking over his body and as all my warbeasts are purple I wanted a bit of this on the model to show the dragon taking over iv washed most of it and this is my 2nd caster that iv painted and im happy with the out come
as with all my legion I started with a white primer
the skin was washed 2/3 times with guilliman blue(gw blue wash) 

   then the next part is adding the purple on the skin I used druchii violet (gw purple wash)

next I decided to the brown as this is the 2nd largest area for colour I used devlan mud (gw brown wash) and the skulls are ushabti bone washed with ogrn flesh (both GW colours)

next is the red using a carroerg crimson (gw red wash)
next I did the black with nuln oil (gw black wash)

I then did the metal with a runefang steel (gw silver) then washed this with druchii violet I then painted the contact points scorched brown (gw brown)

ethag done total time 3hours ish

Saturday, 14 September 2013

incoming! massive amount of pictures

so its been 5 weeks and 4 days since I bought my tau and here is how much iv done on them so far !!

first up fire warriors u can see in the background that 2 still need doing

 pathfinder unit with 1 more left to do
 unit of warriors with 1 more left to do and stealth suits with 2 more left 2 do

riptide base coated
broadsides with commander and drones all need finishing 2nd unit of broadsides below need finishing as wel as the drones

final shot of the entire force

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

new tau news n pics

the tau are coming along great  I need to do a group shot soon!  so wat have I done recently

all fire warriors have custom bases
all path finders have custom bases
6 broadsides have custom bases

16 fire warriors have been airbrushed and need corrections highlights and lenses left to do
9 path finders have been airbrushed and need corrections highlights and lenses doing
3 broad sides are ready to be air brushed
3 broadsides need weapons painting then their ready to be airbrushed

next steps airbrush the broadsides, do corrections on everything  then highlights then lenses then finally all I have left to do is

spray broadside bases and paint them and paint the rest of the bases

additional  get a 2by2 board for my diorama    

here are some pics