Monday, 18 November 2013

new case and the new force assembled!!!

so its after pay day and look what I got!!!  the vortex grenade case!! and the force as it amassing so far!!

1 heamonculus
10 wracks
10 warriors
10 wyches
4 venoms
1 raider
3 ravagers
2 flyers
12 bikes

Friday, 15 November 2013

more dark eldar

so 2day its payday and im gunna splurge and near enough finish my HS section  with 2 out of 3 flyers and another ravager making the total 3 ravagers and 3 flyers also ill be buying the vortex grenade box coz its awesome :D

to finish this army I now need

13 reaver jetbikes
1 ravager
beast pack

and its done :)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

new dark eldar colour scheme

so iv finished my test models and here they are

I really like this colour scheme the gold is a nice contrast without being to bright I also like the purple with is naggaroth night which is my new favourite for purple these models will be re painted as I used a battered brush but I am definitely am pleased with the results

Sunday, 10 November 2013

throne of skulls done!!

so finally back from throne of skulls  and it was amazing jus very tired and have already made a pledge to take my dark eldar with eldar allies full year 2 paint and practice

on to wat happened

game 1 dark eldar with eldar -won
this was dawn of war and 4 objectives he went first and it went 2 turn 7 and I won this thru smart missiling him off an objective a highlight wraithknight died in 1 turn to my shooting death star :)

game 2 orks (speed freaks) - won
emperors will hammer and anvil  this was over after turn 1 he went first turbo boosted and was on my door with big unit of nobs with warboss and lots of bikes with wazdakka and 3 deffkoptas  I shot n killed all of them and charged the deffkoptas with my riptide and that died turn 3 lol and space pope died turn 2 n it was over turn 4 coz he cudnt win

game 3 - eldar -loss
objectives vanguard strike played a guy from my team n he eat me n ruined my winning streak!! lol

game 4 - dark eldar - won

kill points hammer n anvil he kept out of 24" range thanx 2 shadow fields I cudnt kill thinigs with my warriors  he also killed riptide and the big stuff but before this I got first blood and warlord :)

game 5 - dark eldar  - won
vanguard strike relic I got first blood and warlord he went first and had 2 cum into my kill box 2 get the relic n shot he unit at a time

so that was throne of skulls 2013  im aiming for 3 wins next year with dark eldar stay tuned for new colour scheme pics of tester pieces and army lists

Sunday, 3 November 2013

back on with dark eldar 4k+ veiws

first im over 4k view yay an I wan my dark elder back so like I did for the legion ill do a few posts as the army develops

iv really missed having another army and the only army I really enjoy is dark eldar so ill be saving tau for tournaments and dark eldar will be back as my main army with a new colour scheme no aegis I have roughly 1100 pts at the moment

10 wracks
1 raider
20 warriors
10 wyches
6 bikes
4 venoms
2 ravagers

I now need
1 more ravager
2/3 flyers

the colour scheme will be bone armour with purple trim and some dull gold for ranged weapons