Thursday, 29 September 2011

change of pace GO BA!!

i painted astorath a few weeks ago and now its time to put him up. and here he is now iv thought about the single unit selection and doing tactics but i think a ful list will work better so here we go

librarian w/ fear of the darkness blood lance and jump pack

preists x3 w/ jump packs
sternguard x10
combi melta x10
drop pod

assault marines x10
melta gun x2
x3 units

death company x10
jump packs
power weaponsx2
powerfist 2
thunder hammerx2
infernus pistols

iv not done points on this list but i reckon its easily around the 2k mark  ok lets get down to business!!

the main purpose of this list is for astorath to make all units fearless and give them furious charge as red thirst is now on a 1-3 rather than jus 1 the problem is any opponents playing BA will also get red thrist on 1-3. hes also a chaplian so sticking him with the death comoany will give u re-rolling hits and wounds making this the hammer unit of the army

support/ synegy
support comes in the form of sternguard who drop in advance combat squad and with luck destroy 2 vehicles or cripple 1 flank of the enemies army (very gd Vs guard)  secondly support coms from the priest who give a 6" FNP bubble and spreading 3 across the army makes that 18" so all units shud get FNP as they move foreward

Sunday, 18 September 2011


this weekend i have painted 1 obliterator  (these are a different set that i have previously painted as i cant find the camera) again points for guesin hte paint scheme :P

the obliterator is a must have for any chaos army  their a heavy support choice and come in units of 3 :) their 75 pts each but for this u get 2 wounds 2+ armour and a 5+ inv save but the biggest benefit by far of the obliterator is the multitude of weaponry it can fire per turn
plasma canon
multi melta
twin-linked flamer
twin-liked plasma gun
twin-linked melta gun

so you must pick 1 and the entire unit shoots that weapon so for the table that is infested with landraiders  9 blitz is a must!!!!

deployment  essentially u want to create  optimum firing lanes  by having 1 unit in each corner and 1 unit in line with the middle of the centre of the board prefferably in terrain this creates a huge bubble in which no1 is safe :P  putting obliterators in cover is a must as they are only t4 and will be focussed by any str8 weapons

because oblitz are multi purpose they work great as anti tank and anti infantry units   they also work well with lash princes  as u can lash a unit together then plasma canon them to great effect :P

Thursday, 15 September 2011

new blog starting now!

Hi guys

this is the very first blog under the new banner of pimp my list  and it will include list analysis  units structure general tactics synergy etc etc  and of course plenty of filthy filthy things for winning coz winning is everything!!! 

since 40k is my main game ill start here with a unit close 2 my heart if u didnt guess from the picture their khorne berzerkers!! (although this is a pre-heresy world eater)

these guys have Ws5 with furious charge and 3 attacks all for 21 points each and a unit of 10 will easily clear out light troops such as guard tau dark and regular eldar  the main staying power of the bererkers is the powerfist so theyll need some kind of additional support

shooting you can use obliterators or havocs or any other long ranged shooting unit

CC *filth alert* adding a deamon prince with wings and lash drastically improves the power of the berzerker  and the Ws7 and 5 attacks from the prince help keep the berzerkers alive for longer as what ever is left will need 2 hold objectives OR terminators can do the job as well

they work well with a mobile army that will be driving foreward as they do need support so jump packs wings and trasnports

they arent really a  solo unit so only throw them in if they have some support or can win

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

a sad day for wargaming

today i decided to sell my space wolves their not gettin used and after gaming with them i jus dont wana play marines anymore so their on gum tree and iv amended my goals for my hobby:

finish my chaos marines by

painting 3 more obliterators
10 berzerkers and a rhino

then ill start my hordes by panting the warbeasts and my caster

with the money i get from the space wolves i will hopefully be able to buy a large carry case and my vampire counts ready for october  although with the amount i have to piant it may be november when i start the fantasy stuff i also need to get a carry case for the hordes stuff

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

october and onwards

hi guys

i thought id do a random general update   DE pretty much done jus the odd bits now to get ready for october  space wolves slowly goin thru those at the min need 2 buy more tanks for them tho :(. 

new stuff i have nearly finished buying my skorne faction and end of september and october ill get them painted up so i can start playing hordes

after that its on to fantasy and ill be starting with the bulk of the core of the army as its the cheapest mantic ghouls are great :)

that i reckon will take me up 2 christmas and january time if the vampire counts are done in time and iv had enough games then theyll go 2 the first tourny of the new year with me if not space wolves at a push but deff DE if all else fails

jimbo out


hi guys

i have painted:
a ravager
a heamonculus

and started repainting my space wolves

for the rest of september i will be painting  DE stuff first as i have another tournament to go 2 in october
a raider
more wyches
carrying on with my space wolves

Friday, 12 August 2011


hi guys

so this is what i have done so far for august

finished a ravager
finished astorath
undercoated a heamonculus

iv also re-undercoated my thunder wolves and they look great jus need sum riders :)

and thats it pics up when i can be bothered

Sunday, 31 July 2011


hey guys
im pretty sure were still doin this and havent in true gimp fashion stopped coz no can be arsed to carry on, for august i will be painting:
astorath the grim
lukas the trickster in a slightly different colour to my original space wolves as a test peice if it goes well ill paint them all this colour :)
a ravager for my DE the void raven looks great but is 2 expensive
a heamonulus
another unit of wyches or maybe some incubi

the DE will take presedence over the rest as i need them done for yet another tournament that starts first week of september

thats it for now pics up as im done :D

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

FAO -Biscuit

ok guys
so iv painted nothing of my space wolves as yet but in spirit of keeping up with the chaps ill post up pics of my dark eldar as iv been painting these for the past few months (and he who is named in the title said i should so these are for u lol)  ill also be posting a W.I.P deamon prince that i started yesterday so comments etc etc

this is my heamonculus and the fine cast one at that!! it was quiet a quick n easy one to do and didnt turn out that bad

this is possibly my faveourite model the finecast archon took abit longer than the heamonculus and i went a stage higher with the highlights on him to make him stand out more as well as using the blue wash (thats to appease the fluff players)

a family photo minus 12 warriors and a venom once these are done ill post a final pic of doom! lol

this is my 1 off peice that will eventually be added to my deamons im waiting for 2nd wave fine cast for more chaos stuff to come out n then ill carry on this first pic is legs finished and the skin based as well as the eyes have been painted

in this picture the skin on his upper body is now finished and so are the blades which look awesome if i do say so myself :) the wings were also completed theyll be stuck on at a later date

in this picture the loin cloth clip and armour has all bin done the only thing left to do is teeth horns hilts and base then hes done and will sit on my side with my blood crushers waiting for more deamon units to appear

as a side note i also have these models that need painting and i thought id let people vote to see what they want doin next:
space wolves ven dread (FW model)
lucius the eternal
astorath the grim
skull taker

Monday, 6 June 2011

First blog Project out come etc etc

Hey Guys/girls(even tho no girls actually play)

ahhh blogging for professional procrastinators and people with too much time on their hands.
firstly  this blog is being run as part of my local club to help motivate us to paint rather than drink :) and the army if you havent guessed is space wolves iv had these since they came out and iv got a list im half arsed working towards completing.

completed units  so far the army has 3 units of grey hunters 2 rune preists and 5 terminators.

units to be completed 5 thunderwolves 1 thunderwolf lord 1 venerable dreadnought 5 long fangs

units in progress 5 long fangs these will be finished  first :)

what happens next?? well iv outlined the army thus far, what needs doing and what has allready been done iv made my page lol  and ill start actually painting in july/august time

what happens after that?? if i can be bothered and keep this up i shall put up other projects and 1 off peices that i have painted

thats me done and signing out