Saturday, 28 February 2015

the only constant is change

demons update!!!!!!

so iv finally  got a lord of change to lead my demons into battle goin full circle!!  the only difference  is belakor is out of retirement to give the deamons a hand its a great combo!!

the lord of change carries the book and is my warlord his job is 2 boost the screamers up and cast psychic scream on sumthin lol

belakor is their 2 cast invisibility on a unit and shrouding to give my DP/LOC a 2+ re-roll cover save

so the deamons are now technically all bought I need a new belakor model and maybe 2 on foot heralds of tzeentch for more dice and summoning power and fateweaver but well see on that 1 !

sit rep with painting these bad boys most of the drones are done now  and all the bases are done so ill be starting horrors soon

1 squad will be purple
1 squad will be blue

the demon princes will be purple blue and a mix of blue and purple

lord of change will be a full mixture of blue and purple

Sunday, 15 February 2015

path of the laughing god

so harlequins are nearly upon us and at the moment I'm thinking they'll not be that gd simply bcoz from the book they have no solid anti tank at the min al we have seen so far is a av10 gun boat with str7 lance now I know that from playing DE  str8 lance is terrible so str7 is laughably terrible beyond belief.

but some thing has maybe pulled it back for the clowns 

firstly a 6 formations  mostly poo  except the first  that is 3 troops  3 death jesters 3 shadow seers  solitaire and some other stuff  this is the best as after turn 2 they get the old school fleet  run then charge  which makes them far faster than anything out their  as most units that are running aren't charging

this is also well worth adding to an eldar or dark eldar army for some CC punch if u wanted it also as u don't need a HQ  in the army this formation pretty much covers all the bases for the detachment as well

well have to wait and see wen it drops

Sunday, 1 February 2015

necrons drop!!!!!!

iv got my necron codex and heres the low down !!!

set up of the dex back story etc is really nice lots of pictures and breaks down organisation its quite nice

but enough of that wats changed!!!

first thing the 2+ save is now a 1 per army
mind shackle scarabs now cause fear on a 3d6 ld
snap shots no longer effect tesla
wraiths are T5 beasts
annihilation barge is 30pts increased
imotek is a LOW
deathmarks only get 2+ to wound on the turn they DS and if they DS on opponents turn they have 2 shoot something that arrived from reserve
inv save cant carry over to a chariot which is gd!!

wat does this mean for my list ??? well here is a 1850 list

destroyer lord
nightmare shroud
phase shifter

190 pts previous lord was 140pts with a 2+ warscythe and no inv save

destroyer lord

warriors x10 130pts still the same
warriors x10 130pts

ghost ark x2 210 (105 each  down by 10pts)

wraiths x6 240pts  up by 5ppm
coils x6 18pts down by 7ppm
x2 units

annihilation barge 120 up by 30pts

this will get changed as I want 2 squeeze in 2 night scythes