Sunday, 20 December 2015

war gathers in the east (pt5)

so the skitarii are pretty much built and in need of arms n things but this may happen when  they are based I haven't decided how difficult it will be to paint them up with arms attached or whether to leave them off n do them separately

here are the rust stalkers

the infiltrators

the ballistiri

dune crawler



its taken a while!!  but here is the battle maniple in all its armless glory!! 

Monday, 14 December 2015

something different

so i'm having a change of pace from the usual articles to discuss something slightly different

so iv done lots of articles (300+)  and talked about painting  gaming list building tactics  but this is something I do n read as an actual strategy
Image result for psychological warfare meme

psychological warfare in the form of killing a favourite unit to put ur opponent off his game  now in a game of toy soldiers how do you pull off such a feat and would it work ??

well BOLS  is trying to find out some armchair general is writing up articles based purely on this from finding out and killing favourite models and telling them "fake" favourites of ur own to trying to make them do something with mis information


any moron who has no idea wat a unit can do will just ask and if u break down and cry when ur fave models dies you need to start re-evaluating ur outlook on life!!

ill be following these with some mock interest to see how he spans it out lol

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

game 2 with war concotion!!

so I was much more prepared this game id got a crib sheet for core special rules that I cant remember lol the rest was pretty much goin thru the masses of codex's need to run this mighty beast

(insert quirky meme here)  as I cant find anything funny relating to getting seized on as that happened again!

and turn 1 I lost the dune crawler, ballistiri and 3 out of 5 infiltrators

id pretty much used the same list as last game against a foot eldar list

the main problem was in a modified ICT style game I struggled to wrack up points fast although it did end up with him being tabled on turn 4 making it 18-5 I think.

I did get to try out more units/combos this game though which is a BONUS!!!

first thing is infiltrators the 5 shot pistols are super gd  at str2  u need 5's to wound even puny eldar but with shred its awesome mixed with high BS its great if u can take advantage !!

the main problem so far is balancing both  canticles/doctrines so that they tally up with what I wana do turn 1 the only thing iv fully decided on is +1 bs doctrines and re-rolls on canticles for the first turn alpha strike

after this I need to play much more to decide which way to go 

other combos  the phosphopheonix  is lumigen so -1  and omnispex is -1 so as long as the pistol wounds its -2 cover for the plasma culverins which makes a huge difference even a -1 means most players wont really go 2 ground as it usually not worth it

I cud have played more aggressive with the knight titan as he was hiding from a wraith knight and fire dragons

another thing that I like is the str4 hits at i10  they make the destroyers far better as I was doing 8 auto hits on each unit in combat with my destroyers with my warlord this also happens in my assault phase and his !!!  so 16 str4 hits on T3 butchered his units but with cognis flamers they and grav they are scarey to charge as again  re-rolls to shooting attacks means I can do this in overwatch (its something I need to check)

so  1-1  so far for the might of the mechanicum!!!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

war gathers in the east (pt 2.5)

well iv got no orks bitz  so iv decided on a demonworld base instead so iv done lots of research ish lol and decided on something like this

Image result for constantine hell

this is the hell scene from Constantine and from the picture everything looks drab n dreary which I can do with dry brushing my bone colours  probably wont go as high as ubshanti though.

base will be steal legion drab
with a dry brush of karak stone

then maybe wash it with agrax to deepen it also thinkin of using the mars earth to create a barren waste style feel.

that will also need painting so that it blends in with my base

iv also got nurglings so I can put them on the larger bases mainly for a lil humour

the fluff doesn't say what type of demons are on this world so I can mix n match them as a like as well as chaos marines 2 boost up the variety

the bases will be on show when I post up my next post showing off the skitarii

Saturday, 28 November 2015

testing the war concotion


Image result for sad panda meme

and that pretty much sums up the first run with the war concoction!!!

so wat was I up against

it was a pretty basic  marine list with raptors chapter tactics  they get a redeploy n scout n stealth n rending bolt guns no lias issodon tho!

it was crammed full of 5 man units and transports such as drop pods and rhino/razorbacks  and they went first!!

and it was an amazing first turn  my knight titan died lol  and I lost both the infiltrators/rust stalkers lol great start lol

this was gd tho as I got to see how the list would work when its not at optimum levels

my vanguard n destroyers came in and then went to work on his units the canticles and blessings workin really well to keep me in the game at each turn

the destroyers survived at lot longer with FNP and T5   the  massed cover reduction also helped to make it easier to remove models as well I can see ths being really gd against armies that can spam lots of cover

I did forget some rules like rangers -1 to WS and things like that but more games n ill get better the next tournament I go 2 ill do a crib sheet n take them!!  jus need 2 practice with the timings

and I need 2 remember that even with all the special rules n things they are still a fragile army overall n ill not b able to stand n jus repeatedly shoot things

Sunday, 22 November 2015


so overall the day went really well  playing  ITC modified missions were really fun and mean choices were made on a turn by turn basis rather than going a few in front.

the armies that were around were quite varied  nids deamonkin necrons tau lots of elder n even harlequins.

quite a few titans were knocking around including a bio titan lol

another note on ITC style missions meant that even if u cant really take on the army u can still wrack up some points which is awesome

another bonus was that a tabling only gave u 5+ points so it stops ppl from playin uber aggressive and forces you to focus on grabbing objectives instead

and onto the main and important stuff the armies!!

game 1
 Image result for space wolves meme

so it was marines and thankfully not that stupid gladius strike force!!  woooo!!  he took a dreadnought wolfstar termies razorback rhino and grey hunters/blood claws as troops

best bit of this game was termies took 5 turns to do nothing!!  that's right they did pretty much naff all 

I did end up losing my wraithknight turn 2 in combat to the wolfstar :( sad times

the absurd shooting/movment caused my opponent no end of problems I pretty much mowed him down

win 2 eldar !!!

game 2
Image result for eldar meme

was pretty much wat happens  also the army was amazingly painted and slightly freaky as it was the same style of blue as mine even down to his wraithblades ( I kno lol)  being the same style of purple n blue lol

I have a slightly new found appreciation for wraithblades that are fortuned they were really hard 2 kill ended up with 3 left in the unit at the end of the game!!

lost the wraithknight early again in combat

he had an aspect host with fire dragons/reapers/ scorpions but went +1 bs

avatar  falcon and 1 serpent with lances

scatter bikes with only 1 scatter laser

farseer on foot and bike n that's it

he stole the initiative and wasn't expecting it so he pretty much jus ran everything forward playing aggressive I spent pretty much 2 turns trying 2 repel a buffed up wraithblade unit but they eventually got into me n charged n killed my warlord and wraithguard

I got first blood with my wraithknight killing his wraithlord with a roll of 6 lol

it was 1 objective each and made the mistake of not taking out the reapers quicker that let him grab points quicker as I was rolling terribly so he managed to get a few points a lot quicker than me

a big mistake was turn 3 ish he needed 2 get 2 my objective 2 get 2 points  but shot with his bike unit that gave me more time to whittle down his units and then when they did turbo in I was n luck n rolled well for kill a unit n get 3 units in my deployment zone and no enemy so I clawed some back

the big turn for me was taking out the reapers and getting a serpent into his deployment and on the objective getting me 4 points for the end of the game and as it ended with me on turn 5 I cud re take my objective with a scoring unit from his avatar 


game 3
Image result for tau meme

so this normally doesn't happen but here I am table 1 against tau and the ghost cadre formation is just 1 reason y I dropped tau  

ghost keel  and 2 units of stealth teams   they auto hit rear armour crap!!!! lol 
next thing was a huge unit of crisis suits with buffmander and every and any gun u can think of and 5 drones shield/gun

2 units of normal guys
2 ramoras
2 tetras
riptide n this flyer thing

I went first n went 2 town on him lol  he only had the stealth suits riptide and ghostkeel + fire warriors on the board

I used my serpent shields 2 kill off the tetras and the spiders 2 pepper his stealth suits. he didn't do much but made mistakes of constantly trying 2 shoot my spiders so they kept flicker jumping out of the way of his units making his shooting far less effective than it should have been lol

this kinda happened until my turn 3 where his big unit of suits n things had killed a fire prism lol that was it dunno how many points it was but it was huge lol  and he managed 2 kill a 135pt tank lol

so after I crapped my self I turned the remaining fire prism 2 warp spiders 2 serpents and a unit of dire avengers at him and with some shenanigans I got rid of the drones n things first n then jus whittled down till only the commander and a suit remain!  I breathed a huge sigh of relief and after that controlled the board and game.

win for eldar!!!

so I won all 3 games and came in 2nd as scoring was done on pts n sum1 got 30points n leapt over me lol

overall most valuable unit was warp spiders the  huge movement plus awesome shooting meant they cud do most jobs I needed and when shot at were out of harms way or moved closer to contest objectives

will not leave home without them!!!

Friday, 20 November 2015

the chosen one!!

Image result for chosen one meme

nuthin funnier than fat Chinese kids lol

and were off!!  so ive finally chosen a list and its pretty obvious

spirit seer

scatter laser
shuriken canon
ghost walk matrix

avengers x5
scatter lasers
ghost walk matrix
x3 units

as a dire avenger shrine

warp spiders x5
x 3 units

aspect host

fire prisms
ghost walk matrix

 wraith knight

yes  chose elder  with a slight alteration I dropped the war walkers and replaced them with fire prisms

2 reasons really:

1.  the entire army when in range has  58 str6 n don't really need more  without avengers lol
2. I need some decent AP and fire prisms bring  AP1 for anti tank and AP3 for anti infantry  are solid choices

the list itself comes in at 1845

and a brucey bonus for taking the fire prims is they're durable and fast so they can take objectives which means I have better board control

ill write a review 2moz of the games n armies if I can remember them all lol

Monday, 9 November 2015


a localish place is running a small 20 man event  1850 1 LOW and apart from that their are no other restrictions lol

Image result for 40k that guy meme

so I need to decide on a list that A  will get me past that annoying  first game loss and B  take me onwards to glory

the first and most obvious choice is eldar

spirit seer

scatter laser
shuriken canon
ghost walk matrix

avengers x5
scatter lasers
ghost walk matrix
x3 units

as a dire avenger shrine

warp spiders x5
x 3 units

aspect host

war walkers x3
scatter lasers

wraith knight

loads of decent shooting  bs5 or twin linked  ghost walk has helped me loads of times 2 take objectives n keep my vehicles safe

down sides is no skyfire which means taking out flyers of either kind will be a pain

the next list chaos demons

lord of change
exalted gift


horrors x12
horrors x12

screamers x9


upside  its a fast hard hitting list with plenty of durability and those all important re-rolls for cover  screamers shield the MC's and belakor cast's shrouded and LOC makes him invisible  hes also a really gd detterent for wraithknights and knights with armourbane/fleshbane

lots of psychic dice can bring on more troops and units if needed

down side is that  lots of weight of fire will bring them down eventually and a bad turn means it will be hard 2 recover 

dark eldar




scourges x5
x3 units

void raven
x2 units

corpsethief claw
ichor injectors


windriders x3
scatter lasers

plus side lots of haywire can take down vehicles quickly and the corpsetheif is my answer to any death star that gets thrown at me with ID I can stop wraithknights and other stuff

downsides no psychic def  + lots of eldar/tau and the list crumbles really fast so not my best choice

finally war convocation
 tech priest
scryer skull
stasis field
infoslave skull

destroyers x3
x2 units

vanguard x10
plasma x3
data tether

conversion field
arc maul

rangers x5
data tether

arc maul
conversion field

princeps mask digi weapons conversion field

princeps radium digi weapons conversion field

las canon

dune crawler
heavy phosphor
mind scanner

knight crusader
storm spear


marines x5

drop pods x5

plus sides  loads of free stuff!! lots of kool rules  and combos

down side lots of rules!  with 4 codex's to read thru it realy is a mammoth task remembering wat everything does  and their is also a distinct lack of experience with the army as well

so  think the first choice is eldar followed by demons folled by ad mech with dark eldar in the rear lol

Friday, 30 October 2015

war gathers in the east (pt4)

the next part of the army is a flesh tearer strike force made up of a sanguinary priest and 5 marines with bolt guns and 5 drop pods(which I haven't built yet)  

this is a better shot of the sanguinary priest 

im breaking this up into parts each part will be for each part of the formation plus fluff so roughly 5 parts and here are the drop pods some are sprayed as ive had a decent run of weather so taking advantage!!

so this is the 3rd piece of the war convocation puzzle  finished and subsequently the last of the models that I bought finished

ill be picking up the skitarii at somepoint today and they'll be done by later on this eve hopefully 

Monday, 26 October 2015

new tau stuff

well well well

Image result for tau meme

no that isn't something u can do but  wat you can do is lay down a whole world of hurt with the new tau hunter cadre

the tau have been given super juice in the form of a new campaign book with lots of shiny shiny new things for tau players to use.

the main alteration to the codex is that its softback rather than hardback so should be cheaper lol units and rules haven't changed at all they have jus tacked on other stuff in different books.

+1 BS for the hunter cadre in a firewall is wat I think well see then either a unit of storm surges or the superemecy armour sounds like an amazing combo

im still not worried that my all drop pod list will get killed turn 1 from interceptor

the tau Decurion has no real "tax units"  its all standard units that most tau lists would take.  I have the answer tho!  ill be adding an auspex in to my list for -1 cover so I can wipe out those pesky fish heads faster!!

so ill kno more when I get my hands on a campaign book n give it a read

Monday, 19 October 2015

war gathers in the east (pt3)

so the 2nd section of the army is completed and its actually the primary bit for the force

adeptus mechanicus

Image result for adeptus mechanicus meme

its only a small portion pts wise but offers lots of fire power and other technical gubbins!!  which ill talk about in more detail once the army has all come 2gether!!  so without further a do here they are starting with my warlord

and my destroyers!!

n that's it!!  im slowly but surely getting thru all the stuff I bought

Thursday, 15 October 2015

war gathers in the east (pt2)

so this post will or should explain the title

Image result for forging a narrative meme

cant beat xibit memes lol

I was looking for a meme on forging a narrative but couldn't find one which is annoying.  so the knight titan isn glued down and for good reason I haven't decided wat the theme will be.  to help me decide iv looked into some background type stuff

the skittarri of metallica (should be 1 l but I can use this 2 add some funny things like song lyrics) are from ultima segmentum in the eastern quadrant near the ultrasmurfs and Armageddon!!

so that explains the title lol

and also leads nicely into my first musing and ideas for bases

the 3rd war for Armageddon as they are in the east they would have helped (or I can jus say they did lol)  also the blood angels were part of that battle n that explains my allies choice.  bases will be mainy rubble n dead orks and imperial stuff.

for comedy value I an hide gretchin behind my vehicles

the second is demons teeth the mechanicum as a whole are trying to invade a world where an original STC is held that is immensely powerful. so I have no idea wat a demon world would look like but I do know I can swop the gretchin for nurglings lol

so these are my 2 ideas and wil make up another part of the base once iv got an idea