Saturday, 27 August 2016

gaboids vayl and abby2

so I'm on a roll and completed buying basing and priming all the models I need to complete my abby2 and vayl1 pairing and here they are!

so in order

typhon! who appears in my vayl1 list
banshees and assassin who appear in my vayl1 list (or an alternative list)
hellmouth which appears in both abby2 and vayl1

so I now need to airbrush and wash these (the graboids which is the slang name for hellmouth needs spraying purple abit more to make the coat more even)

then  its on to detail work starting with the scales as that will get all the beasts done!  and then iv gotta base them and then do another family photo

those of you may have seen my baby blog and that's the main reason these aren't getting painted as quick as id like but oh well once these are done I can post another pic with my carry tray updating it for my main units n things that ill be using for mk3!

and that's it!
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auto includes

so we all do it, we have that 1 unit/beast/solo that we just cant leave out of our lists so I thought id go over a few of the reasons I think we have them and my auto includes

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the first and easiest is they are the only thing that does that job in the entire army!  quite easy to guess what this might be since legion have 2 choices really in this category

Image result for there can only be one meme

the first is spell martyrs our 1pt exploding arc nodes we don't have any other alternatives so that's it lol  and the same for the humble shepherd it does 1 job and does it well lol also strider death stalkers for clearing infantry as a 4pt solo that ignores tough its hard not to take them in every list !

the second reason I think is 1 that 1 that defies normal comprehension

and the koolest model I own is the archangel and not many would disagree that it is the best legion model and one of the best that PP produce a giant dragon what's not 2 like! and for taking an awesome model the hefty price tag is that its a huge PILE of dogcrap!  whilst PP said they would turn gargants up to 11 they mainly jus doubled the points and added a few extra boxes and messed around with the animus.  OK it's the only huge based model that can move out of activation giving it a 10" move the down side is its 11/18 like a standard heavy and fury4 like a standard heavy for what is now double the cost of 2 regular heavies its simple not worth the hassle although it has its places where u can buff it up with stat increases it makes it more tempting abby2 lylyth2/3 kyrssa are some warlocks that can make it work

and finally!

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this is probably the main reason we have auto includes its those models that are plain awesome and better than anything else you can choose  for me  (mainly coz I now own these models lol)  proteus and typhon are expensive but better than their respective alternatives as they bring more to the table this can also occur with warlocks as well

their is a downside to auto includes in that they can make your lists restrictive if u use up points on these models!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

final list!

so the best has been saved till last!

Image result for thagrosh the messiah art

yep the original bad ass thagrosh the messiah who strangely was the 2nd caster I ever bought and hes awesome at punching face! weighing in at pns18 with rapture that also makes things explode if you box them he can take down light jacks and beasts with ease he can also do plenty of damage with manifest destiny!

so thags in a nutshell is pretty much a beast heavy kinda guy with a unit or 2 for support and some fury management (like every caster lol)

so onto the list


with fury 7 thaggy can run lots of beasts quite easily the 2 main things here is the carnivean uses spiny growth and dragons blood to go 2 arm22 and then typhon using his healing animus along with a cloud from the succubus to become def15 with these to up front be hind the hellmouths you have either some hard targets to choose OR some big nasties to come and beat u up.

proteus is here to pull things from the hellmouth if they miss or to drag away and unjam other heavies if needed   and the naga gives me blessed !!

hellmouths are my control piece pulling in tasty jacks/casters or beasts that come to close giving me better board control

but I can still make some changes!

I can throw in some reaks at least 2 to threaten the far flanks as they get a 28" control range
a protector for free damage transfers

so that's all 5 lists and some changes for flavour!

on the legion forum some1 asked about auto includes so I think next till ill cover that and what you end up with pts wise after !

Friday, 19 August 2016

legion list number 4!!

so over half way through my casters and here is another new purchase!

Image result for vayl disciple of everblight

so this is the current list that iv written.  I'm also really excited to get her on the table as its the only warlock I have that is really reliant on her battlegroup to do the heavy hitting while she throws out ots of utility and offensive spells.

so onto the list

spell martyr x3
hellmouth x2
blackfrost shard

so this is an untested list so I'm not sure what will happen but here is a general gist

like in most lists that they appear in the hellmouth and proteus will be on pulling duty taking out big hitters before they can take me out !

the black frost shard is their to help stack buffs ! vayl has a great spell list  -2 deff from chiller +2 damage from incite and they add +2 to a target from kiss so i can get +4 dmg and -2 deff so plenty of armour cracking potential!

spell martyr  they run up and help vayl assassinate warlocks with incite u get +1 for each fury so against a fury8 that's pow18 lol :D  it will go down each time its cast as they'll transfer etc but at a cost of 2 u can chuck out 4 unboosted

as this is all about magic  some alternatives are

raiders and assassin 
weve seen this combo before def15 stealthed unit that ignores blast and with a magic attack fits well into this list with kiss it becomes a pow14 spray!!

is another beast that i think fits well with this list  he has a 10" area that does +1 to casting
 values and upkeeps and id like 2 try 2 for a 20" area lol  also they can cast the animus of other beasts so that means the army will be a lot faster as i can cast slipstream multiple times

i have this list paired with abby2 and I'm super excited to try them both !

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

bday geek gifts!!

so eventually I'll be off doing warmahordes steamrollers and getting flattened lol
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but I can do it in style  iv got a shiny new notepad to write up my lists for my legion as well as a super awesome carry tray!
so it holds everything I own as well as 7 more spaces for heavies and 4 more for light beasts which means with duplicates this is more than enough to carry all my models for my lists!!

I also wasn't very happy with the original heavies so today I have re primed and based them so hopefully in the next few days ill get them looking like the new models iv just finished rather than the shiny pooled messes that I got now!  ill post up pics once they are done!

I'm also waiting on the hellmouth which should be here in the next few days and that will get painted up as well

short n sweet done!