Thursday, 29 January 2015

necron stuff and painting

so iv got my codex  pre ordered jus needs collecting  cant wait soon my pretty soon!!

so cool  stuff that's back gaus now does  auto wounds on 6's as well as glances  which is awesome

the old CTANS are back  night bringer and deceiver  which is awesome

inv saves with chariots has finally been clarified and nerfed!!!

whip coils are now +3 inv which makes them worse than they were but wraiths now get T5 and beasts and still ignore all terrain with re-rolls from fleet its awesome  so ill still be getting lots more of them

tesla was also fixed  on more  snap shots getting u more hits  it only works now if ur not snap shooting so flyers are now safe!

iv also bin hard at it painting my deamons the micro art bases are half way completed

 the nurgle deamons  them selves need the wood for the banners finishing and the teeth painting then the metal will be silver will be dry brushed a bronze colour and washed brown to make it look rusty

ill b looking to have these done in the next week or so then ill start some other units

Sunday, 25 January 2015

necrontyr stuff

I recently bought another annihilation barge that means iv got 3 barges and 3 destroyer lords when I finally build up the last one.

having read the rumours that are floating round i'm mainly excited to see all these inbuilt formations for the units  as it maybe something that will take effect with future books. (excited for deamons I want flamers to be awesome again)

the other thing I'm looking foreward to is that night bringer and deceiver are back  as upgrades I think from wat iv read and so are transcendant's as well which are rumoured to be 10pts more than normal ctans which are roughly costed at a landraider not sure which variant but either way  transcendants will be mega cheap if the top 2 upgrades are 100 and 120 which makes them cheaper by 200 pts from escalation which is huge!!!!

I also need some more warriors to make more death marks and immortals then more wraiths lots more wraiths and their done!!

Thursday, 22 January 2015


well  im still here and surprisingly  people are still reading wether u follow or it game in a google search than for reading my rantings etc etc

wat ive done 2day

wat are these!!!! its 30 plague bearers 9 plague riders and 3 heralds 

the top pic is a plague bearer  and herald - the idea for the paint scheme is to be darker the higher up it goes so the their all based with caliban green or army painter dark angel green

nurglings - moot green and biel tan wash
plague bearers - warpstone glow moot green biel tan
herald -warpstone glow beil tan

ill be following this for all other units  deamon  princes and above will be base coat and wash I think but I haven't decided yet I may make DP  like heralds

next ill do the detail guts then swords/banners etc so they'll be up in the next few days

n that's it  keep calm and praise chaos!!!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

more dark edar musings

iv now got an 1850/2k list that im semi happy with and that is looking like it cud do well

wat ive changed - less flyers im now running  2 void ravens their easier to manage and the turn they come on they can easily kill a unit of power armoured jerks each!!  my new personal best is 36 wounds caused with shatter feild missiles oh yea!!!

im no longer running the real space raiders detachment for 2 reasons -  the first is I need the re-roll on warlord trait  I want strategic as that's the only table worth while lol - the next reason is I want to control the board more and go for objectives so having  obsec troops means I can do this a bit better

so this is my 2k list that ill slim down to 1850 if needs be

webway portal




void raven



fire dragons x10
fast shot


this is my new list  and with time itll do really well still need more practice tho after the weekend of dark eldar and last nite I am enjoying the army a lot more now then when I started with the new dex

Monday, 19 January 2015

dark eldar musings

well I ran a real space raiders list at 1850 here is the list

archon clonefield

warriors x5

dark lance
necro missile

scourges x5

void raven



the main problem was I mainly put the venoms on the board n bikes n hten everything in reserve which didn't work as I struggled to get first blood especially against a mech list.

the other problem was that I had lots of flyers to control and that proved a problem.

another problem was controlling the board and grabbing objectives was also hard.

wat went well:

missiles  20 missiles were awesome so were the void mines

and wen I got re-roll reserves with the autarch on 2+ it was great

also scourges did their job really well and would even get more of them lol

wat ill change

less flyers

add in a wraithknight and more anti tank

ill be testing a new list 2moz  so well see wat happens!!!!!


Sunday, 11 January 2015

to do list for 2015

iv got deamons necrons elder all at various states of completion but heres a break down of wat needs doing


needs micro art chaos bases for all models
everything needs painting
i need a great unclean one and belakor to finish the army off

need painting/basing
i need 9 more wraiths 1 more annilation barge more death marks
new codex  but the above may change depending on the codex

most of the eldar are fully painted
jus need bases doing

ill be mixing wat i do from day to day with my new patented base/dry brush/highlight/wash then detail method for painting ill get thru them asap

as a side note

dark eldar
id like to add some wracks
and 5 more fire dragons

id like a full new farsight enclave list lol :D

Thursday, 8 January 2015


finally ordered  nekima and a nephillim brood as well as the new wave cards  I now have

3 terror tots
4 young nephillim
1 mature nephilim

id like to add another 3 terror tots and get some more mature nephilim

iv still only played a few games but I now need a case for these and the rest lol im busy paining 40k at min for next week then its a break till the weather turns nicer and I can start spraying again and get more done faster.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

rising leviathan 3 the end

the grand finale  is a definitely mixture of 1+2 not bad but still falls into the trilogy trap a little but onwards and upwards!!

bioblast node - 1 warrior brood with bio canon 3 carnifex broods with bio canon 1 tyrannofex gain split fire and re-rolls 1's to wound within 12" of warriors 680-1625 - well I sed skyblight was expensive but they haven't got a thing compared 2 these bad boys I think to really keep this work id have 2 units of 3 fex's with double devs (re-roll hits and 1's 2 wound) and then keep the flamer on the tyrannofex for re-rolls and hide the warriors behind the fexs and then 1 fex by him self with devs to keep it cheap ish lol u get on average then 8 MC that can shoot and do plenty of damage in combat and fex's will chew thru vehicles with ease and with knights and LOW all over the place it may have its place the down side is the price tag 3/4

wrecker node 1 warrior brood 3 fex broods gain re-roll 1's 2 wound in combat hammer of wrath becomes d3+1  450-1170  hmm I think this 1 really cranks up the tin opening power of the fex but they have 2 get their which against fast armies may be never and it will be atleast turn 3 before ur looking to charge and they don't do nething until they can charge its a nice alternative 2 the bioblast node for those that want CC but id take the above instead fill it with devs knowing that at turn 2 their in range 2 pump out 84 shots into units and light vehicles its deff more tasty and their still str9 with hammer of wrath after they get into combat so this formation jus doesn't cut the mustard for me 2

tyrant node 1 hive tyrant 3 tyrant guard 1 venomthrope brood tyrant gains 6" synapse and cant take wings 360-450 this is the one that really stands out for me with norn crown u get a 24" synapse creature that can be ur warlord and is quite safe with the tyrant guard the main down side is hell not raelly survive against tau/elder/dark elder but other than that its a solid choice and very cheap which means u can still put in lots of other things 4

subterranean swarm 1 trygon prime 1 trygon 1 mawloc 3 ravenor broods - all arrive at same time and ravenors come thru with the trygon prime 830-1370 I think the best part of this formation is ravenors actually works they all come in as 1 and its lots of units either high T or lots of models. I do like the ravenors their great models but 5+ save shud be mitigated by the 3 wounds even mixing large units with 2 small should work well it presents lots of targets which is the key to making nids work its an all round formation that should work well 3

living tide 1 tyrant node 1 synaptic swarm 3 endless swarm 1 wrecker node 1 skyblight swarm models gain 4+ re-roll for all termagaunt hormogaunt and gargoyles when destroyed and synapse creatures get 6" synapse 2970-5700  this is the big one that is deffinatly for apoc only and if its a truly big game where u can really max out that 4+ re-roll is awesome but as its only ever going to be used in apoc 2

at this point for those that have read these the points are based on min and max number of models that u can take for broods and units as a guideline

and overall I think I would take either deathleapers assassins skyblight living artillery or incubator node for a competitive list

Saturday, 3 January 2015

rising leviathan 2 the middle

like the filling of a decent sandwich filled with goodness so to is this dataslate with quite a few very viable options for all lists I think this dataslate offers more competitive choices than the previous data slate that offers more fluffy choices. the first bite of the filling is

incubator node - 1 tervigon and 3 termagaunt broods must re-roll 1's when spawning gaunts  315-555 - I would give the tervigon regen for this formation to keep it alive longer the re-roll 1's  will eliminate 1 set of doubles at least which is gd  the problem with this is that as u scale up its quite expensive which means that the more u put in to this the less u have for the main beat stick choices I can see a use for this but maybe not as much as the other choices in this dataslate 3

synaptic swarm - 1 tyranid prime 3x warrior broods all models have 18" synapse range 395-935 - well I don't like warriors mainly bcoz the 4+ save means the average weapons of the enemy will rip through them and they have no instant death protection on the plus side keep it cheap and give the prime a norn crown and u get a 24" synapse range which is amazing. the downside is that their are no add ons with the points ive done so they would need fine tunig to find their sweet spot to work well I wouldn't spend more than 500points on this formation as they cant be ap2 and 4+ save isn't gd 2

skyblight swarm - 1 tyrant 1 crone 2 harpies 3 units of gargoyles tyrant must have wings gargoyles gety ob/sec and can come back on a 4+ 805-1165 I think this is the 2nd most expensive formation i think except living tide in no3.  apart from that its an amazing formation at the top end 60 gargoyles that have a 50% chance to come back that are ob/sec as well is amazing it means that as u whittle down the enemy u can still jump on objectives it is my all time fave (apart from 5 flyrants but il go over that when I get my hands on shield of baal) the main downside is at smaller 1500/1850 their isn't much wiggle room left to add in other stuff 4

living artillery node 1 exocrine 1 warrior brood 3 biovores - gain pinning warrior brood must take a bio canon and within 12" others gain re-roll scatter on barrage and blast weapons 380 + choice of canon - well this is another decent formation a firm fave for taking out those pesky units behind an aegis defence line. the good thing is that the can be in cover and out of LOS and on objectives as the radius is 12" so u cud take 3 objectives depending on deployment and whether u can place them or not. as its nice and cheap ill give it a 4

endless swarm 3 hormagaunt broods 2 termaguant broods 1 warrior brood - each termaguant/hormaguant same as gargoyles from skyblight 320-660  - I think  for this formation I would run is atround 400-450 mark  u get plenty of troops to throw at objectives and a 50% chance to come back is pretty gd  I wouldn't bother with  upgrading the units to keep it cheap.  compared to other  formations in this one tho its not great so ill give it a 2/3 3 being if u have the volume oif models for this 1 is it worth it otherwise skyblight or living artillery is where its at

Friday, 2 January 2015

rising leviathan 1 the start

so after santa came he brought me a tablet n I pretty much but these 3 on first so as I haven't blogged in a while heres my 2 pence on these 3 beauties !!

so the format ill use is formation then rules then points min/max depending on which formation it is then rate it out of 5

first up!!

lictor forest brood - 5 lictors are a single brood which get shrouded for being in forests and if infiltrating within a forest can go within 6" of an enemy model - for 250 pts u get 10 str6 shots which is really gd shrouded means they'll be at a 3+ cover save and after a turn will deff be in charge range but against a bad match up like tau/elder with plenty of ignore cover they wont last long so D/S them maybe a better option as they don't scatter 3

manufactorum stealers - 5 units of stealers min sized gain hit and run -350pts  its not bad creates lots of small targets and infiltrating them means more targets and as their troops their object secured but with t-shirt saves and 5 man units ull need lots of fast MC to make the sacrifice worth it. 2/3

deathleapers assassin brood - 5 lictors and deathleaper gain preffered enemy and any unit with 12" of these gets -1LD penalty - 380pts u get 6 units with preffered enemy  that can D/S and not scatter then 2 shots at rear armour of enemy vechicles this is my fave in this 1 as u get the re-rolls also its lots of small units that the enemy has 2 deal with it makes the decisions harder for the enemy as im starting to like lictors more and more its a 5

broodlord hunting pack - 3 units of genestealers +1 broodlord gain preferred enemy and from reserve can go into a building as long as their 6" away from an enemy - 270-900 so running this as 3 small units keeps it cheap and fairly easy to manage  ofr go for the whole hog and run 60 stealers as large broods that will survive that big longer with preferred enemy they'll do well they will need some support like malanthrope/venomthrope to make them more surviveable so coz of that and that they have poor saves its a 2

gargoyle bio bombs 3 units of spore mines and 3 units of gargoyles -sporemines within 6" don't move at half range for run/charges and move 6" in the movement phase - 225-630 I think for this formation I would run min sized units of gargoyles and max sized units of spore mines its more of a fun formation than anything else I think it would need lots of lictors to make it work for D/S etc  2

so  their are a few semi situational ones and sum id run jus for fun but  only 1 that stands out as something I can run in a competitive list 

stay tuned for rising leviathan 2!!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

1st post of 2015

so my list for caledonian  went in without any mistakes netting me max points for that :D  jus gotta finish the painting which will resume starting on Monday.

for the next few blogs iv got a tablet for crimbo with all 3 rising leviathans so ill be readin those and tau enclave :D

then  back to malifaux