Sunday, 31 January 2016

starting the backlog

well  winter isn't exactly over but with a heater I can combat some of the chill to paint and their is still plenty to paint before I can say its all done

still got loads to do really

20 more warriors
17 immortals
3 bikes
5 characters
10 lychguard
7 destroyers
destroyer lord

so this is job number 1!!  then get them a case and back on the table

Image result for legion of everblight symbol

next job  legion of ever blight I have started by doing the beasts and thagrosh to day they are all a lovely dark purple colour

this is 18 beasts and 1 caster i need a new hose for my airbrush then these will be done very fast before moving on to the infantry side of things

well this still hasn't been based black yet so still got a long way to go!!  i have got the guns on the vanguard and rangers so the entire mechanicum side of the formation is now fully built

jus marines but ill keep them separate so i can do the chest pieces  still a long way 2 go with this really

Image result for chaos demon

chaos demons only have a single model left to paint a lonely lord of change

Image result for eldar

last but not least  i need 2 paint up 15 warp spiders and finish the wraithknight gems and base

and that is everything  lots more than the last post but this will bring me up 2 everything in my collection finally fully painted

Friday, 29 January 2016


my order  arrived ill be testing out the new GW air range

for those who haven't seen them they are the latest paint range so that those who air brush will more likely buy colours from them rather than Vallejo  better late than never i suppose lol

iv had a lil look and they don't look mega thin which is slightly worrying  but hopefully it wont be to bad

iv ordered genestealer purple i also have a can of xenos purple from army painter which is slightly darker  which will be my base as well as druchii violet to blend them 2 gether.

and im going to split the painting into groups

beasts which includes
8 shredders
4 stingers
1 naga
2 ravagores
1 carnivean
1 scythean

and then the units which will take more time as their is more colour etc

2 shephards
warmongers + chief
cav + annavysa
3 death stalker solos
hex hunters + upgrade

18 beasts  but the scheme is pretty simple n ill do the purple first and then re do the black then a small dry brush of light grey to highlight

im hoping to get all the beasts done this weekend spray can + airbrush shud have them done easy

then the infantry ill hand paint them i think so that will take a lil longer but ill break it up with necrons to make it more interesting

iv also  got my grey/white  air colours  and reds so i can start the mechanicum as well

my aim for this year is to have all these painted up so well see how it goes!!!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

unit analysis - infiltrators

these are my 2nd  CC unit and they are quite similar to my rust stalkers:

they get the bonus 3" to movement and charge range!!

the 2nd bonus is  a -1 to I and WS ld  means most times they hit on 3's against average units

but that's kinda where they end lol  they also  get to infiltrate which makes the particular set up that I
use really effective against weak units

so I have use the tesla goad which makes them str5 and any 6s to hit is an additional 2 wounds which is awesome

the next and probably the best thing ever is the burst pistol  in a unit of 5 its 25 str2 shred shots so guard, eldar, gaunts, tau warriors basically anything that is T3

so what makes the combo so great  well like most in this list it starts with +1 BS and re-rolls  that's  25  shots  hittin on 2's with re-rolls

this should soften up most targets  ready for a charge  or if they try and charge its another 25 shots with re-rolls lol 

Saturday, 16 January 2016

unit analysis - rust stalkers

so iv had a few games with the war convocation now and i'm starting to learn how to best use the close combat elements a lot better ill break them both down and go over  them individually with the set up for those that haven't read the 6 part mammoth series that is the building of the army!!  this will get longer as I paint them all not heresy long but close lol

Image result for adeptus mechanicus meme

rust stalkers


chord claw
data spike
omniscient mask

so this is the break down of the unit 5 guys with  a transonic sword and chordclaw plus grenades 

the  chord claw an be swopped for double swords but u only get 2 str7 on the charge its still 5s to wound a wraithknight

so with a chordclaw you get a single fleshbane attack which helps take on higher toughness enemies more easily

data spike is more for the extra haywire !!

the omniscient mask is to make them fearless so they cant be pinned or fall bak

the grenades are small blast  and wound anything on a 4+ regardless of toughness so again another way to hurt higher toughness foes before charging they are also haywire so extra  flexibility for the unit itself

first turn  6's to wound are ap2  after that all attacks are ap2

so that's an overview of how I equip them on to stats n stuff!!

fairly standard stat line ws4  str4  t3 i4 w2 4+ and 6+fnp  so their not thunderwolf cavalry make no mistake they will die pretty fast to any heavy fire or a proper CC unit that hits before them and hard

so whats the upside as playing warconvo u gotta take em!

they are fast with a onus +3" move for moving charging they get around the board pretty quickly and they mitigate charging thru difficult terrain as u get a +1" when charging thru it rather than -2" this will catch people off guard as they zoom towards key targets   they can clear 12" pretty quickly so close packed objectives are a secondary task for this unit 

the main objective  CC with regular  assault type units or shooty units  this is where they will thrive  the unit has  21 attacks on the charge and then the combos from the cards are what makes the really shine these for me benefit mainly from

WS boosts from skittarrii which is obvious

then a mix of admech cards which are quite situational so shud be played with care to benefit the rest of the army or if ur desperate

electromancer  -  basically  as 8+  units u do  3 str4 hits per model in the unit so that's  15 str4 hits at initiative 10 before the unit has attacked !!

remorseless fist -  up to  +3 str very gd for taking down high T units

cant remember the card name but re-rolls in combat  

most of these will help for a certain situation but will help tip the combat in favour of the skittarrii

warmahordes update

now over the past few months I have been playing warmahordes again along side 40k and have been saying for a long time ill repaint them  and with  blight blades being a dual kit and PLASTIC!!  means that my list is going more and more the way I want it to

iv also had to put up with using a semi painted list for a log time now and with last years vow to fully paint armies before I use them and getting a new air brush i'm more determined to get them finished to a nice standard hopefully

Image result for determined meme

so  I went from  white  base coat partly painted

to this

all black that's right the colour I probably should have started with!!

I will still follow the same theme purple skin and black scales and try and make them darker as they go up in size if I can but well see

Sunday, 10 January 2016

another overhaul for DE

I was going to type I cant remember how I got this idea but I do!

Image result for frontlinegaming

i was watching a battle report on frontline and  both armies had void shield generators  and then i read an article where void shield generators where an annoyance  and finally i read a some1 saying that as a dark eldar player they hated  everything

so  i put all these together  and

 Image result for boom meme

why not put a generator  in my DE list  its pretty cramped at the moment so something has to give so iv come up with a few variant lists that all incorporate the generator

so first list



warriors x5

scourges x5
haywire blasters x4
x3 units

void shield generator
+2 shields


firedragons x10

scatter lasers


culexus assassin

so  i love the look of this list already lots of combos and covers most bases  except flyers

2nd list


warriors x5

scourges x5
haywire blasters x4
x3 units

void shield generator
+2 shields


scatter lasers

formation corpsethief claw
haywire blasters
ichor injector

this list lacks any psychic defense as well as no anti flyer

my ap2  comes from the corpse theif who will mangle thru the gargants with fleshane and ID on 6's so not worried

the bonus is that the corpse theif if on a roll will bag me extra points

ill try this at the first tournament of the year n see how it does!!