Sunday, 20 July 2014

nurgle counter attack

so iv been looking at nurgle units for my deamons their are loads of gd choices firstly

nurgle comes with shrouded as standard and defensive grenades which makes them great for digging in.

nurgle powers are also really gd on deamon princes  ap2/3 and poison is good for killing high toughness creatures OR biomancy to make them more durable and tank busters

an alternate deathstar is plague drones with full command  and plague banner 2+ poison for 1 round.  supported by the grimoire and a pair of biomancy princes power number 5 makes them eternal warriors and FNP4+  which makes them 3++ FNP4+ and with T5 and 3 wounds each they'll be very hard 2 shift  ws3 and 3 attacks makes them great choices

another great support unit for troops are beasts of nurgle and now that u can summon them as part of malefic powers. what makes these great is they have all the nurgle powers AND if u charge them it becomes a disordered charge AND if another unit charges a freindly unit within 12" of them they MUST charge that unit and these are T5 W4 Ad6+1 so on the charge 3 can have min 9-24 attacks and at 52pts a model with a max unit of 9 they is some deffinate worth to having a proper unit and summoning them

I will also be using standard plague bearers and heralds summoned as a buffer for my precious tzeentch units

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

problems with deamons

so iv been playing a deamon army for a few weeks now and their are a few problems

firstly its pure tzeentch so magic is fine iv got a screamer star 2 lv3 heralds with 9 screamers using divination and a lord of change with grimoire

secondly lack of punch I have 4 units that can fight in CC 2 deamon princes 1 lord of change and screamers

thirdly is mainly down to practice with the new rules and army as its not finished yet

fourthly more practice to make less mistakes !!

the psychic phase isn't as great as people make out the more u put in the more dice u need so u still don't get that many spells off and with poor dice rolls it  can be worse

on the plus side iv filtered in more gifts and their working really well the greater gifts are really gd

to fix this I need to finish off the army n boost up the units and then get more hitting power in the form of summoned deamons  im looking at

bloodthirsters as their awesome
plague drones for anti tank with corrosive weapons
plague bearers and heralds for sturdy troops

which can easily be done with a set of summoning units  4 lv3 units add 12 dice which is more than enough
the dice I want are 1,4,5,6
1 is cursed earth  at least 2 of these makes even T3 troops very durable and it stacks so I can make other bigger units even tougher like greater deamons or my hard hitting units like drones etc.
4 summons a herald which will be nurgle to join the plague bearers and give them FNP and with boimancy powers they'll be harder to shift or buff up other units
5 summons the plague drones
6 summons greater deamons :D

nurgle is also really gd for deamons  biomancy is great and ill be looking at a deamon list as well or a undivided list at some point