Sunday, 28 June 2015

painting necrons

their all done!!  I wish  lol  the silver  has been based  washed and drybrushed and now im goin back over the areas that aren't silver so that wen they get painted in their respective colours they'll be darker n go down easier so far iv managed 2 finish the spyder, 5 scarabs and 2 canoptek harvest its slow going

iv also hit the 100+ mark now with my necrons and can field a pretty decent reclamation legion iv looked at running it with all the models I currently have which is

40 warriors
17 immortals
3 bikes
5 lychgaurd

this comes to 1150  the only gear iv bought is shield vanes and scopes for the bikes n this will go up to 1275 once I get my next set of lychguard

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Image result for chaos demons meme

back on the demon band wagon the army looks great on the table had a few compliments for it as well  which is always nice!!

on to the games that iv played so far

game 1  orks  relic  iv played against this guy a few times with his skitarii and as the force is slightly unfinished iv done ok  so far so as usual I tried going headlong for combat and while this normally works  the huge numbers of orks slowly grinded me down and I failed my charges on turn 1 and made a few mistakes not challenging in some units to take out the powerfists etc n it went down hill

game 2 elder relic so I learnt from my mistakes still goin balls 2 the wall n forgettin what has what its been a while since iv had 2 keep track of lots of powers and gifts (necrons don't have this problem) so that was slow going but I won with some kool tricks like punching stuff in combat with decent powers then using my princes 2 fly and gun down his flyer

game 3 nids  big guns we only got 3 turns in but with the hierodule having those flying princes n lord of change made it a lot better going wounding his flyrants n things vector strikes etc  n then psychic powers it was pretty gd held up a lot better than eldar

so that it so far  game wise iv had 2 pin  at least 8 models so far coz they came off bases so now I'm waiting till iv found which ones are loose then iv gotta re do correction's etc then back 2 full awesomeness

Sunday, 21 June 2015

picture's update

so this may be another short but sweet  blog  here is the demons in all their  multi coloured glory!!

and then I went metal n sprayed up my necrons  here is the base colour I think they'll need goin over another time

its hard 2 tell wat is on their but its 

40 warriors
15 death marks
5 immortals
3 bikes
6 wraiths
2 lords
1 overlord
2 crytpek's

iv taken off 13 scarab bases and the spyder as their finished

wat will take the longest is repainting all the areas that are non-metallic like the guns which are black and all the orbs n things which are guna be something else not sure yet

Saturday, 20 June 2015


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this may be the shortest  ever blog  but I finally finished buying all the models to make my necron army 100% proxy free and with demons coming to a close only 1 base and a model left 2 do and ordered the rest 2day so I can put my crushers on bases and the lord of change  then ill be on with spraying the necrons lead belcher n takin it from their

short n sweet!!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

heirodules bane off my life!!

Image result for warp spider meme
before I start  their are also other things that annoy me wraithknights n wat not in fact gargants in general annoy me as their is no real way to hurt them  poison etc dunt work n psychic powers while negate some off this are unreliable until now!!

I have played against the same nid opponent 4 times in a row first 2 games using necrons n lost

my 3 game last night was with eldar and I still lost but the list was

3 flyrants
malanthropes x2

he stole  iniative n once they were in the air it was game over I cudnt do nething at all 2 him I scratched stuff n I took my lynx n that died instantly

long story short it didn't go well but we played again  he used a nearly identical list again 2day and I used this list

spirit seer

scatter lasers
ghost walk matrix
x3 units

serpent as above

warp spiders x7
warp spiders x8
warp spiders x8

fire prism
fire prism
both with ghostwalk


so back to why I posted the warp spider pic!   I used 1 unit last nite  and they alone shone like a solar flare by killing a hierodule I had initially written these off with wounding on I, I thought hmmm I dunno if these will work  but here is why they are awesome

u only lose 1 when u roll double 1 to move
an exarch lets u ignore all tests and its only 10pts  

they wound on I which means their specific killers for gargants  and low I units and 6's are ap1

the biggest change is when they are elected as a target u can roll 2d6 and move out this can be done multiple times the only downside is u cant use the 2d6+6 move next turn but u can jump around and move into cover or anything else still testing it jumping foreward 2 get in range and behind LOS blocking terrain are my fave tricks so far

so the current list above will be my main list for the for see able future

Sunday, 7 June 2015

the hour of the demon

Image result for chaos demons meme

well  this is a quick update on demons im painting the deamon princes who until I can order my next set of 60mm bases will be the last official models for the army and iv done the skin so far just armour swords n other bits plus corrections which ill try n do on Tuesday/wed also need 2 wash them as well

Thursday, 4 June 2015

rage quit!!!!!!!!!!!

Image result for rage quit meme

go damn lost again!!  this time it was 60 gaunts  3 tervigons hierodule malanthrope n venomthrope

I jus don't think the necrons have enough fire power to deal with that volume of models and the hierodule is so difficult 2 kill without any decent high str shooting even  destroyers need 6's

so im gunna come back at it with eldar high volume of shooting and d weapons to take on the hierodule means iv got a good shot at them

I also got 5 more death marks and I need some warriors 2 make 5 more from spare bits that iv got

so ill have 20 jus need 2 change up my list

also the spyder keeps dying and so do the wraiths so its making it even harder

necrons VS nids the results

well  I went up against 2 heirodules 2 flyrants 2 fex's n gaunts  and it all went wrong kinda turn 2

Image result for bad dice meme

I didn't do much turn 1 and he did some slight damage turn 1 main point was I lost my tomb spyder

turn 2 I went re-roll 1's on warlord and move up to do some damage I put a few wounds on a hierodule and a flyrant fell out the sky due 2 some psychic shenanigans that went wrong so he got pumped full of guass and charged  but this was  bad move as that left 40 odd shots off the table and I then cudnt touch nething else

death marks  3 wounds 2 a fex that was gd

but then he put the obsolute hurt on me n I lost my big bad blob star to a heiro dule as well as my scarabs and he killed off near enough al my wraiths and 2 add insult 2 injury he killed the last 1 in combat with gnats AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

so at turn 3 its looking bad  the highlight really was 5 death marks n combat from turn 2 with a fex that lasted pretty much till turn 6 lol

turn 4 I claw back some dignity I killed off a hierodule that was slightly wounded from previous rounds and finished off the flyrant that I charged as well I think (its not in proper order jus how I remember bits lol)

but it wasn't enough  he then spent the next 3 turns mopping up units that jus cud not put out enough fire power

this has made me think that if this was a wraithknight spam list I need ap3 guns!!  so im tempted to drop the canoptek harvest and instead get a destroyer cult

2 day I wil be facing the other list which is a swarm style list with guants n tervigons and a singe hierodule still 2k

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

painting necrons colour scheme!!

the game hasn't happened yet jus getting psyched up but on another note I have decided on the scheme for my necrons n they will be tomb world leviathan !!

namely bcoz I got the leviathan paint bundle for 2.55 thanks 2 a massive cock up from GW :D

Image result for games workshop meme

lol so yea im soon 2 be the proud owner of 16 shiny new paints for 2.55  if u missed the top section lol

for those who don't know what is in the bundle and cant check bcoz GW still haven't put it back up for sale on the website yet its this

im wondering if  kislev up to pallid wych flesh  is a gd base for the necron bodies them selves but not sure, this may change  and jus be the glyph colour to keep me from going insane lol

the shoulder pads will be purple

the guns will be black

the orbs n things will be red

Monday, 1 June 2015

nids VS necrons rematch!!! pre game list analysis

so a while back I took on a barbed hierodule monster mash up list with my necrons and it was a crushing defeat

yea it was like this lol  while  necron guns wound stuff on 6's  I had 2 take  down 2 flyrants hierodule fex mawloc so yea lots of big gribblies and for those who don't know wat the hierodule is its this

|WS:4|BS:3|S:10|T:8|W:6|I:3|A:5|Ld:10|Save:3+  with feel no pain

so any wounds I did were getting juicy saves plus loads of harassment from the flyrants which I cudnt kill but they did loads of damage 2 my poor warriors

so with that in mind the stakes have been upped and its 2 heirodules which is gd/bad as that's 1130 points in 2 models n I get 50 models for around a 1k lol :D

so without further ado here is the possible list that ill be facing!!!

+ HQ (480pts) +

Hive Tyrant (240pts) [Electroshock Grubs Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms (15pts), Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms (15pts), Wings (35pts)]

Hive Tyrant (240pts) [Electroshock Grubs Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms (15pts), Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms (15pts), Wings (35pts)]

+ Troops (85pts) +

Mucolid Spore Cluster (15pts)

Mucolid Spore (15pts)]

Mucolid Spore Cluster (15pts)

 [Mucolid Spore (15pts)]

Termagant Brood (40pts)

+ Heavy Support

Carnifex Brood (150pts)

····Carnifex (150pts) [Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms (15pts), Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms (15pts)]

Carnifex Brood (150pts)

····Carnifex (150pts) [Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms (15pts), Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms (15pts)]

+ Lord of War (1130pts) +

Barbed Hierodule (565pts) [2x Bio-cannon, Scything Talons]

Barbed Hierodule (565pts) [2x Bio-cannon, Scything Talons]

so this first list is 2 FMC 2 MC and 2 GC  the troops are pretty squishy but can be a pain

the 2nd list is more of a
Image result for tyranid meme

flyrants as above 

4 units of gaunts
2 tervigons



so tis a swarm of om nom nom nom lol backed up with malanthropes 2 keep em safer and then the hierodule for punching power but itll also get some decent cover if it needs it lol

so wat do I have to face this menace??

well lets start with the core of the army the reclamation legion which hasn't changed for a long time

40 warriors
5 immortals
3 bikes

with a lots of shooting they can wound the gribblies from the swarm and with some luck nibble at the MC but that is a lot harder needing 6's

next I have the royal court as some support for the legion
overlord scythe res orb
lord scythe res orb
cryptek chronometron x2

in the last game I didn't have the 5++ VS shooting which means ill allways have that before my 4++ so less things shud die hopefully

next thing is some CC punch

canoptek scarabs
canoptek wraith
canoptek spyder

these  should do well VS the gribblies as they'll struggle with the T5 and then against the MC they have rending and scarabs auto wound on 6's  so the main theme is the more dice u chuck at it the more chance u get off rolling 6's

then my secret weapon

death marks x5
death marks x5

that's 20 shots if im in 12"  wounding those bad boy MC on 2+ with rending so I can snipe 2 units  and create some easier/closer targets for the heirodule's taking them out the game