Sunday, 1 December 2013

dark eldar beasts

so half my death star has arrived  the beasts an here they are !!!

I still need some hellions to be handlers as well as 1 to convert up to be the baron then the death star is fully complete!!

for those who haven't used the beasts yet their an amazingly versatile unit very fast lots of  wounds and attacks and the baron gives them grenades and stealth!!

I mainly use them for board control run into the middle then charge nething that comes close or
use it turn 3/4 to play aggressive and tackle troop units with them that are pouring out of the blown up vehicles

their will be problems VS units that ignore cover and tau lol but on the whole a very gd unit

Monday, 18 November 2013

new case and the new force assembled!!!

so its after pay day and look what I got!!!  the vortex grenade case!! and the force as it amassing so far!!

1 heamonculus
10 wracks
10 warriors
10 wyches
4 venoms
1 raider
3 ravagers
2 flyers
12 bikes

Friday, 15 November 2013

more dark eldar

so 2day its payday and im gunna splurge and near enough finish my HS section  with 2 out of 3 flyers and another ravager making the total 3 ravagers and 3 flyers also ill be buying the vortex grenade box coz its awesome :D

to finish this army I now need

13 reaver jetbikes
1 ravager
beast pack

and its done :)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

new dark eldar colour scheme

so iv finished my test models and here they are

I really like this colour scheme the gold is a nice contrast without being to bright I also like the purple with is naggaroth night which is my new favourite for purple these models will be re painted as I used a battered brush but I am definitely am pleased with the results

Sunday, 10 November 2013

throne of skulls done!!

so finally back from throne of skulls  and it was amazing jus very tired and have already made a pledge to take my dark eldar with eldar allies full year 2 paint and practice

on to wat happened

game 1 dark eldar with eldar -won
this was dawn of war and 4 objectives he went first and it went 2 turn 7 and I won this thru smart missiling him off an objective a highlight wraithknight died in 1 turn to my shooting death star :)

game 2 orks (speed freaks) - won
emperors will hammer and anvil  this was over after turn 1 he went first turbo boosted and was on my door with big unit of nobs with warboss and lots of bikes with wazdakka and 3 deffkoptas  I shot n killed all of them and charged the deffkoptas with my riptide and that died turn 3 lol and space pope died turn 2 n it was over turn 4 coz he cudnt win

game 3 - eldar -loss
objectives vanguard strike played a guy from my team n he eat me n ruined my winning streak!! lol

game 4 - dark eldar - won

kill points hammer n anvil he kept out of 24" range thanx 2 shadow fields I cudnt kill thinigs with my warriors  he also killed riptide and the big stuff but before this I got first blood and warlord :)

game 5 - dark eldar  - won
vanguard strike relic I got first blood and warlord he went first and had 2 cum into my kill box 2 get the relic n shot he unit at a time

so that was throne of skulls 2013  im aiming for 3 wins next year with dark eldar stay tuned for new colour scheme pics of tester pieces and army lists

Sunday, 3 November 2013

back on with dark eldar 4k+ veiws

first im over 4k view yay an I wan my dark elder back so like I did for the legion ill do a few posts as the army develops

iv really missed having another army and the only army I really enjoy is dark eldar so ill be saving tau for tournaments and dark eldar will be back as my main army with a new colour scheme no aegis I have roughly 1100 pts at the moment

10 wracks
1 raider
20 warriors
10 wyches
6 bikes
4 venoms
2 ravagers

I now need
1 more ravager
2/3 flyers

the colour scheme will be bone armour with purple trim and some dull gold for ranged weapons

Friday, 18 October 2013

e for EPIC

so iv bin running ethag for quite sometime now and hes awesome at beating face but iv decided to go down the opposite route for my 2nd list so iv decided on running elylyth as a tier list so the core of the list wille be


nyss striders
nyss striders
nyss striders
death stalker
death stalker
death stalker

how the list will work
iv come to love shredders for either blocking charge lanes and forcing the opponent to walk round or take out the shredder so iv decided that the stingers will do the same job with elylyth having stealth on her battle group they should stay awhile lol

the next part are the ravagores the bread and butter of this list elylyth casts pin cushion on the enemy caster then feats then the ravagores will double shot with a power 15 aoe3 that causes corrosion that's usually enough to take out a caster

the units will provide blocks like the shredders while the combine range attack to take down larger targets or mass fire on smaller targets they also have stealth and advance deploy to get out infront early

the death stalkers are their purely for high arm 1 box models auto wound fire agen so those 3 should theoretically kill 6 of the buggers or put 6 wounds on a larger model

iv proxied n tried the doule ravagore and this part of the list works lovely jus need to try out the rest

Monday, 14 October 2013

the archangel everblights finest creation!!

my archangel arrived yesterday I spent a gd 2 hours just putting this model to gether  and a further hour near enough green stuffing the gaps. to give people and idea of how big he is  the wingspan is 11" and from base to highest point he stands 10" tall

although archie is mainly resin and plastic with some metal parts their were plenty of gaps which is still my main bug bear with privateer press models.  Im gunna use the excess were iv green stuffed as battle damage/scars

so on to the model  here he is before prime and extra green stuffing and green stuffed and primed ready for washing :D

the next set is me building up the skin  my usual technique has been to  use 1-2 washes for lesser to create a light pink  3 ish for light beasts  to create a medium and 4-5 ish for heavy beasts so im going to build up and compare then stop as soon as the colour is deeper
first pic is the first coat
this next pic is coat number 4 compared to a normal heavy warbeast
and by him self

not great pics coz its sunny but u can see how deep the purple has gone :D  next I re painted all the areas that are white and painted the mouth and tongue red
 next is the armour again I want get this to a deep black
now im painting up the claws with brown and the teeth is coming along nicely rough estimate of time bout 8 hours
the next part will be to do the base for this I have decided to do the main column grey with a wash of nuln oil  the floor will be steel legion drab and bones karak stone
 this is the base before washing

now the stone has been done with a patchy semi marbled effect the final thing to do is wash the base and tower

the pillar has now been washed and the model has been finished

finished model!!

Monday, 23 September 2013

the prophet of ever blight leads the legion

so iv entered a warmachine tourney and need a 2nd caster so I went for epic thagrosh prophet of everblight hes awesome  P+S 18 rapture quite beefy  def 13 arm17 mat 7 20HP  range weapon has crit cold which is gd

the main reason for choosing this caster is his CC support for his army particularly shredders  manifest destiny adds 1 extra dice to hitting and wounding so a rabid shredder would roll 4 dice to hit and wound dropping the lowest dice that's awesome now add that to bigger things like the archangel POW 19 4 dice will tear even the heaviest of khador jacks a new pooping hole

the next best thing about thagrosh is his feat each warbeast in thagrosh's battlegroup not control area!  can make a full advance and attack so the combo is  manifest destiny for extra dice followed by an extra attack mwahahahahaahha

on to the paint job yea hes done with a near enough step by step guide. reading the fluff on ethag the dragon is slowly taking over his body and as all my warbeasts are purple I wanted a bit of this on the model to show the dragon taking over iv washed most of it and this is my 2nd caster that iv painted and im happy with the out come
as with all my legion I started with a white primer
the skin was washed 2/3 times with guilliman blue(gw blue wash) 

   then the next part is adding the purple on the skin I used druchii violet (gw purple wash)

next I decided to the brown as this is the 2nd largest area for colour I used devlan mud (gw brown wash) and the skulls are ushabti bone washed with ogrn flesh (both GW colours)

next is the red using a carroerg crimson (gw red wash)
next I did the black with nuln oil (gw black wash)

I then did the metal with a runefang steel (gw silver) then washed this with druchii violet I then painted the contact points scorched brown (gw brown)

ethag done total time 3hours ish

Saturday, 14 September 2013

incoming! massive amount of pictures

so its been 5 weeks and 4 days since I bought my tau and here is how much iv done on them so far !!

first up fire warriors u can see in the background that 2 still need doing

 pathfinder unit with 1 more left to do
 unit of warriors with 1 more left to do and stealth suits with 2 more left 2 do

riptide base coated
broadsides with commander and drones all need finishing 2nd unit of broadsides below need finishing as wel as the drones

final shot of the entire force

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

new tau news n pics

the tau are coming along great  I need to do a group shot soon!  so wat have I done recently

all fire warriors have custom bases
all path finders have custom bases
6 broadsides have custom bases

16 fire warriors have been airbrushed and need corrections highlights and lenses left to do
9 path finders have been airbrushed and need corrections highlights and lenses doing
3 broad sides are ready to be air brushed
3 broadsides need weapons painting then their ready to be airbrushed

next steps airbrush the broadsides, do corrections on everything  then highlights then lenses then finally all I have left to do is

spray broadside bases and paint them and paint the rest of the bases

additional  get a 2by2 board for my diorama    

here are some pics

Sunday, 18 August 2013

11 weeks till throne of skulls

I have all the models I need so far I have sprayed everything  black except
3 crisis suits
10 path finders

I have also decided that I may need to paint the models then build them then do the final airbrush after that

I have done some test models and pleased  as well as painted to full models

these are the test models which lead me to decide I need to put the arms on before the final highlight
im really pleased with how the test pieces came out 
 and from the angle u can see the 2 layers they work really well :D
 these are the first 2 finished models for my tau army iv added a little detail to show the stealth suits activating as they walk thru the rubble

Thursday, 15 August 2013

tau custome bases

its been a while since I posted any pics so here are my tau bases to fit with my nid hunter theme

Sunday, 11 August 2013

on the throne

my ticket for the throne of skulls has been purchased I now need a 1500pt list to take with me this event is in 3 months so in that time I need a list that works and I need to paint all the models that will go with it.

so far iv only played a few games with tau and the fire power is great  but the list needs more ap2 to counter  terminators at the minute I only have rail rifles  and fusion blasters

I could also do with another high av busting unit like 3 suits with fusion blasters

or 3 suits with plasma rifles

Friday, 2 August 2013

sad times and new stuff

well I need money for a new army so im getting rid of the existing armies iv decided that its time for a change so im trading all my armies in and starting a new collection staring with tau as my new shooting force this is mainly bcoz tau tick all the boxes for an army 

anti infantry
anti tank
anti air

im also going to be doing something different with this army as well ill be buying an trying out different lists that I write to see wat works the best

iv ideas for an infiltration devastation list :D with 18 stealth suits 540pts  3x6 units all with burst canons 72 shots deployed on the flank of an enemy army to soak up their fire with a 2+ cover save they'll not be shifted in a hurry :P

ill also be running duel riptides :D

crisis suits x3 with twin linked plasma and plasma rifles :D

9 broad sides  with different load outs
3 hammerheads

etc etc  

varying lists will be up soon

Sunday, 23 June 2013

the legion descend upon the iron kingdoms

bit of a lengthy title to say iv painted up  5 out of 7 models from my legion of everblight.  I went with a very simple yet effective colour scheme and I did a bit of searching online n found a blue/brown scheme but I had no blue so I went with purple n black which was my original idea.

so here they are

these were all painted with washes purple/black/brown the red on the carnivean is red gore from GW n that's it the next to be finished is lylyth then the scythean which will be done after work in the next few days ready.