Saturday, 25 May 2013

red hot airbrushing

so its blistering hot and iv used up a full pot off carroburg crimson and the void raven is comming along nicely infact its very nearly ready for highlighting

the ravagers are also  half way 2 being completed u can still see the black

on the venoms iv re sprayed and shaded them but ran out of red so here is wat they look like

as you can see the void raven is looking great :D  the ravagers are deepening in colour soon theyll match the void raven and iv jus started the venoms so u can see the shading

Sunday, 19 May 2013

short sunny spell

so unlike the past few days  we had a nice sunny day so i spent most of it painting !!  it was very productive i havent taken any pics yet but here is what iv done:

dark elves
all crossbowmen are now painted except their feet
over half the spearmen have their hands n faces painted and washed
all cold ones have been sprayed purple and nearing finished

i still have 2 paint hydras and characters and corsairs

dark eldar
more layers were put on the void raven and its nearly ready for highlighting
i added a few more layers to the trueborn
i started spraying the ravagers
iv re-sprayed my test venom and 2 others as they were black on the bottom and same for a raider

i now need more chaos black and nuln oil so i can shade the venoms and raider

Saturday, 11 May 2013

ogre cavelry charge!!!!!!

well finally my mournfang arrived and as i type this im building them!  cant wait to get these bad boys on the table.

so why are mournfang so gd??

well their movement 8 which makes them pretty damn quick for a non flying unit
they are monsterous cavalry so the mournfang make full supporting attacks
they have a gd statline  s5 t4  w3 i2 a4
they get d3 impact hits per mournfang at str5 :D

to make them super efficient at killing give them full command with the dragonhide banner so u can re-roll hit wound and saving throws of 1 so that should improve them no end!! :D

i need to re read their fluff entry to get ideas how 2 paint them

achieving targets - dark elves

so yesterday like 2day the weather is great aka summer is here! so here is an update starting from the beggining.

this is the army after it was based in army painter white

so army breakdown
1 pegasus
1 sorceress
1 assassin
1 dreadlord on cold one
26 spearmen
30 bowmen
2 hyrdas
8 dark rider horses
9 cold one knights

not based is 40 corsairs but the will be based and finished for the final family photo lol :D

so far iv now finished the base colours on everything except characters and hydras. as most models are mainly armoured so i airbrushed them with

chainmail silver
nuln oil

iv also started doing detail work on the archers doing detail work such as skin cloth and ill finish them off by doing the shoes colours ill be using are

tallarn flesh with ogryn flesh wash
scab red with carroberg crimson wash
and chaos black for the shoes

so here is the same shot with all the models based in all the colours mentioned above as well some detail work done to the bowmen


the cold ones are  liche purple with chaos black in some recessess to create abit of depth

from here the detail work needs doing  which will take the longest to paint

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

void raven visits the spray shop

so a while back i decided to repaint my dark eldar  i didnt like the results the first time round and as most vehicles have had some colour to them i decided it was time to sort out the flyer!!

firstly i sprayed it white using army painter white  iv found that when the weather is warm/hot this goes down brilliant

then i painted  the areas that i thought would be darker  or that i wanted to be darker to give the model some depth  this was done using chaos black

i then started spraying the model in a 2/1  red/black wash mix with my air brush  its not finished but wanted to post it as im loving the colour so far !!!


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

its over 3.5k

ok so i missed  it this time round!!  like last time id like to thank everyone for reading what i post and for those who continue to read the rubbish that i post lol  :D

this  year  will be very busy on the painting front lots of armies being painted tournaments etc etc so stay tuned and watch this space