Saturday, 20 May 2017

challenge time!

so I'm trying to play all my casters 10 times and this is where I'm at so far!

Image result for lylyth herald of everblightlylyth1 and 2!

lilly1 has 2 games and lilly2 only has 1 game  so not going very well with these 2.  more games and playtesting is needed with these casters to reach my target of 10 games.

Image result for vayl vayl1

doing slightly better with vayl I've played 3 games with her so far still unsure of what she needs in a list.

Image result for absylonia   abby2

probably one of the main reasons I haven't played thags as much lol 4 games under my belt nearly half way! very comfortable with this caster now

Image result for thagrosh the messiah thags 2
for all his coolness abby2 generally does a better job so hes only had 2 outings so far but ill amend that at some point

Image result for rhyas sigil of everblightrhyas1

I'm really loving her damage output potential with crit decap! its ace and since she's my latest caster ive racked up quite a few games with her a grand total of 5!

Image result for kryssa art kyrssa
well poor kyrssa shes bottom of the pack with only 1 game

so this where I'm at total games played is 18 games out of 70 lol still a long way to go!  when I complete a caster ill do a full run down on wins lossess and lists + variations