Thursday, 26 May 2016

pt2 leaking

so this mainly covers units that I use and solo's  etc!

Image result for new stuff lolcat meme

so lets get str8 into it with

annyssa ryvaal!
main card - unchanged some icons added but unsure wat they are now 8pts
skills still snap fire has gone (but may be an icon now)  prey unchanged  veteran leader changed to  +1 while in command range (same for warmonger chief) which is gd  and  5" reposition

warmonger chief
main card lost abomination (we knew that)  gained tough rest unchanged now 6pts
skills unchanged

death stalker solo
main card unchanged now 4pts
skills unchanged

main card def down by1  cost 4pts
skills unchanged

def n arm down by1  FA3 rest unchanged
skills now remove 1 fury and heal is b2b

mat down by1  gained tough  5 boxes  now 15pts
skills  berserk the same  gained powerful charge (+2 attack roll)

striders + ua
unchanged but looks like they lost CRA now 9pts
ua unchanged except officer now 5 boxes n 4pts
skills  hunter slightly changed  LOS taken out and forests

main card unchanged   now 11/18pts
skill  unchanged  (5") reposition

hex hunters + ua
down 1speed now cost 9/15
skills  gained prowl (nice!)

lost stealth and down 1 speed now cost 6
skills granted hunter changed to unit melee weapons get shadow bind  and prowl

so the burning question is a 50pt mk2 list the same as a 75pt mk3 list well lets find out!!!

my elylth list is 55pts  and its

2 ravagores
1 naga
striders x2 +ua
death stalker x2

now converted to mk3  I get 5pts left over which means I can buy something else

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

leaky mc leakface!!

so some evil genius has  leaked the mk3 cards and gd job coz I was feeling a little down about legion but here are some awesome things that have happened!!

so I'm really mainly covering the casters n things I have or have on order lol

the latest caster is the first on the hit list abby2  daughter of everblight!!

from the main card the 2 main changes are wb5 increased to wb28 and lost abomination

skills card - conferred rage got a name change to alpha hunter but remains unchanged rules wise gained reposition 5inch

spells - fortify name changed to bracer lost teleport and gained hex bolt if hit cant do special attacks, power attacks or special actions

feat - slightly changed as range is now 2" for melee rather than gaining reach

so I'm happy that abby2 should still run the same really

next up lylyth1

main card only change is wb6 to wb30

skills card - lost bushwhack for prowl (stealth while in concealment)  hellsinger has been changed each time u use the weapon u chose a special ability blood lure is 1 still unchanged so is with mark gained inflict pain add/remove a fury from a warbeast

spells -  bad blood changed for pursuit

feat -  unchanged


main card gained bow blade and stealth  increase wb5 to wb28

skills - lost evasive pretty bad  rest unchanged

spells lost shadow pack and pursuit gained soothing song(remove 1 fury) and mirage(model/unit gains apparition)

feat changed lost snipe!  and now models in control range (not battle group) gain gunfighter and can make an extra range attack !!  this is very gd for troop heavy lists excited!!


gained tough!  awesome!  and went from wb3 to wb25 blightfire lost cold

skills  athanc changed after leaching u now gain fury to go back to max fury which is awesome rest unchanged

spells all same

feat unhanged

as a lil bonus I was takin about a vayl2 list but she lost refuge so may not be getting her now lol

onto my beasts same again ill do those that I have and want! before I carry on most beasts have what looks like a ninja throwing star on the card but unsure what it means hope its blood creation!! lol some also have arrows like advanced deploy/move not sure which tho

first up the shredder

main card  str went down by 1 and POW went up by 1 lol arm also up by1 now cost 4pts

skills card animus changed to scurry (pathfinder when charging)  lost rabid :(  gained flank faction warbeast +2 mat and additional dmg dice (can boost for 4 on the charge)  gained adelphophagy - frenzy target is a shredder first(friend or foe) pretty gd I suppose

main card  lost 1 str barbed stinger lost 1 pow gained an arrow lol now cost 4pts

skills card  barbed stinger lost suicidal attack  animus changed to counterblast   lost dig in  possible soulless as well (unless that's the shuriken thing)

bolt thrower
main card lost 1 mat n str  ballista now ranged 10 now 11pts

skills lost flight gained snipe not bad !!

naga nightlurker

main card  -2 str now 8pts

skills animus same  nights venom lost poison and gained shadow bind

not great overall


main card gained a bite attack nice!  lost 1 str lol I can see a pattern lol pc17 

skills - unchanged


main card lost 1 speed now 19pts

skills lost assault order (unless that's the arrow)


main card gained bite! woo! lost 1 speed now 19pts

skills animus is now swift hunter and blight blast gains arcing fire


main card lost 1 speed gained bite! another theme appeared! cost 18pts

skills scything claw lost chain attack and gained special attack thresher dunno if that's worth the trade off  animus slightly changed  remove from play was removed lol gains additional dice on melee attack rolls against warrior models


main card  speed n rat up by 1   now 37pts

skills animus same gained  deceptively mobile if it doesn't run or fail a charge it can move an additional 3"

next post units!!!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

painting necrons!

god its bin ages since ive done anything to do with necrons and whats happened?

iv finally finished the spyder!

I'm super excited with how it turned out!

I'm now working on the character segment  starting with black then doing the colour so iv started working on the lords doing the green first iv done extra areas like the vents on the bodies to make them look more animated as I like the old fluff of the standard warriors being more like drones and the lords more animated so here are my lords all the green is near enough done!