Sunday, 20 September 2015

40k winners/losers

well  im officially jumping ship  and getting rid of the tau  the main reason is I have

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the top the best the most awesome D filled codex in 40k  and everyone hates eldar lol

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I was looking for a decent demons pic and found this suitably freaky pic! demons yea another army that people hate lots of psykers and punchability fast mobile and annoying with either belakor or a screamer star

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lastly necrons  they are super slow and unkillable  5+  inv VS shooting  4++ re-rolling 1's reanimation and can reach out and touch any unit and wound/glance it on 6's

these are top codex's don't need allies 2 make u cry or bring the PAIN

on the flip side

rubbish saves cardboard vehicles  but all the poison and haywire u can shake a stick at and the corpse thief keeps me in the game or wins the game for me so much lol

so on balance I have 3 top codex's compared 2 1 low tier codex and i'd like to change that !!

so skittarrii and ad mech are generally quite weak low saves/toughness  mixed with decent saves toughness and lost of sweet combos makes this army like dark eldar a lovely swiss army nice that will still leave a hole in a top codex that isn't ready for the pain and winning with a codex that sucks is awesome lol

so tau are out  and im back on the imperium train lol

Saturday, 19 September 2015

options and tau!!

so iv looked at the war convocation and looking at all those awesome combos is something I can really dig

I also love the under dog armies and doing well with them is a real buzz

I kinda enjoyed playing the fish heads the static gunline meant regardless of mission their was only 1 real option table them lol which was fine but not all ways great. 

I did want a more jump n shoot style list with suits but the models are terrible and with new models coming out im quite excited to see wat the codex brings

Image result for tough choices meme

I have got lots of options the next one is marines as an alternative  to the war convocation 

I'm not a massive fan of marines but out of all the other armies they are the most appealing

but like the cat I am quite confused but this will end when the new tau book comes out n iv read it

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

damn u tau!!!

so from my last mammoth 2 part post I was looking at changing my tau into a adeptus mechanicus war concoction with flesh tearers strike force

but those fish heads have new suits that look like mini riptides they look amazing!! the problems is they look like they could be around the same size as a broadside which means they wont be a unit in a box.   if they end up as a single pack then we cud end up with a 30 quid price tag which is very expensive army!!

so the jury is still out on what will happen to my poor tau army ive priced up the war concoction and its 510 quid so with 20% off that's 408 quid I jus need 2 get it down as much as possible

war concoction pt2

it was getting abit boring and lengthy that first post n iv spent ages reading so ill split down each part with points in brackets to show how much u can save:

first off the skitarrii battle maniple

vanguard x10
plasma x3 (45)

taser goad (10)
digital weapons (10)
refractor field (5)
phosphopheonix (25)

rangers x10
plasma x3 (45)

refractorfield (5)
taser goad (10)
digital weapons (10)
phosphor blast pistol (5)

rust stalkers x5
mask (20)

infiltrators x5
pater radium (20)

iron strider

dune crawler
phosphor (15)

240 not a bad saving so far lets move on to the next section!

scryerskull (25)

breachers x3
breachers x3

knight crusader
storm spear (40)
melta gun (5)
battle canon (5)
mark of the omnissiah (30)

finally blood angels


marines x5
melta gun

drop pod
drop pod
drop pod
drop pod
drop pod

and that's a massive saving of 300+ points

the vanguard/ranger/breachers/marines will drop pod in starting with  breachers and marines t osoften up tanks etc n then follow up with the skittarii to take out the enemy

nothing is obsec but 17 units  scouting crusading all over the board they'll move up 2 grab most objectives turn 1/2

and their we have it 1 headache later and its done !!

Monday, 14 September 2015

war convocation pt1

I've had the blues recently about tau lol get it lol even with the titan having 100's of guns im still unsure im hoping the new models wont jus be a rebrand into "new" boxes as apposed to actual new sculpts and if that happens im hoping ill be able to finally run a nice suit list like enclave gave us

Image result for tau meme

i'm not so bothered that tau have gone down in power with all the new super combos but I have played them for a yr or so and they were kinda boring i was mainly using the tau gunline n want something more !!

so that's the preamble and here is my more and by god is it more!!

the war convocation

now when i read this i hadn't seen much of the skitarii and same with mechanicus as the formation for those that cant read or live under a rock is this

all units get canticles of the ommnisiah which is a set of 3 that can be used once per turn
1-3 units  u get stubborn
4-7 units get stubborn and re-roll tests
8+ fearless

stealth shrouded

the best i think is

re-roll 1's
re-rolls 1's n 2's
re-roll all failed hits in combat

will work well with rust stalkers/infiltrators

units falling back don't count towards this !

secondly  weapons and wargear including relics are free!!  this is pretty huge imagine all those free points left over to add in more bodies!!

and finally gets hot rule for plasma is removed they no longer get hot lol

so what do u need to make up this army of awesome well firstly

an oathsworn detachment so a knight titan any variant lol
a skitarri battle manicle this is pretty much every unit u can take
battle congregation 1 hq and 2 troops from add mech so u can take other options

the main problem is all these rules will start stacking very fast !!
and that means u have 2 remember them or do a cheat sheet

so basic skittarii end up with scout,crusader, canticles of the ommnissiah, ld10 within 12" of a dune crawler

mix the canticles with +2 WS then re-roll all failed hits  stealth n shrouded for first turn def etc etc the combos are near enough endless

so as the big events in the UK are now multi sourced i can run this style list but can i make it fit 1850 well here goes!!

Saturday, 12 September 2015

back 2 painting necrons

so i'm half way thru a lord of change and iv painted 10 fire dragons so now iv gotta get back on with necrons and the main problem was the black to cover where the colour was goin it was taking ages and also that the main colour for deathmarks is black meant it was taking ages so I thought rather than paint a few black then do details id do as much black as possible on as many as I can while its still warm/hot

so in the pic from left to right canoptek harvest fully done!  6 death marks fully done 9 need painting 7 destroyers that need painting and 10 warriors fully done and 10 that need finishing all in all its around 60 models which is half the army so im gunna work on this lot first the warriors took an hour or so to paint up fully so they'll get done faster than I expected them

as its taken a few days to upload this pic its now out of date lol  nearly all bar 2 deathmarks are painted which means I only need 2 paint the destroyers n then im 61 models into this army!!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

new list ideas

so the triple scourge list has had a great run so far but iv now swopped out 2 units for 10 fire dragons and an archon with webway portal

and I playtested it last night VS a double GK nemesis strike force n they are brutal lots of shooting DS turn 1 and hit hard in combat

I did make some mistakes with deployment I reserved everything except my bikes talos and scourges as he deployed 1 land raider n I tried being cocky goin for first blood so I scouted my talos n then I found out that everything DS turn 1 so I didn't get first blood and I had 2 run my talos into cover so they cud set them selves up 2 receive a charge from 2 librians in a paladin squad and 5 normal GK termies n they were stuck for 3 turns b4 they died infact they did so bad they didn't even get me any bonus kill points

that aside I was more than happy that id reserved most of my stuff coz turn 2 I turned up the heat my bikes went zooming off grabbing points and my 2 flyers 2 venoms and fire dragons all came in

the venoms whittled down a GK squad
the fire dragons killed a dreadknight

after that I pretty much lost all the dragons 2 massed shooting and combat which sucked

my flyers didn't use any of their shatter field missiles and I messed up n rolled snake eyes so cudnt kill his warlord lol

I did mange 2 survive enough to wrack up a lot of point in the last 2 turns to make it a 10-5 victory

in future VS strike squads I wont scout and ill jus wait n charge them instead

Sunday, 6 September 2015

necrons and other stuff!!

so I've finished more necrons and they are ready for colour!!  only the lychguard left to wash and dry brush now

and here they are !!

iv also started  doing the fire dragons  mainly dry brushing them starting with a deep red then medium red and finally an orange then ill wash them  I liked the black/red look from the bloodletters I did they looked liked they were smouldering so ill give it ago with these

and iv also done the lychguard jus washed and drybrushed that's it really so nothing interesting

but back to the fire dragons  I started with khorne red and I painted the entire model in this 2 thin coats so most of the armour was painted red

next I did a heavy drybrush off evil sunz scarlett 

then another dry brush of blazing orange this was semi heavy

then a final dry brush of jeakero orange this was light ish

then I washed them all carroburg crimson this deepend the red and pulled everything together nicely but I cudnt get a decent picture of them which is annoying

next session will be finishing off the fire dragons and back to painting black on the deathmarks