Wednesday, 28 December 2016

seasons beatings

so merry blightmas to you all and a festive post to tell you all what I ended up with from everblight

yea the last heavy (nearly) I need to fill my tray and this finishes my lilly1 list and what follows is a lil pic by pic step with some highlights as to how annoying it was to build lol

 base was easy so was the shoulder sections but they all joined at the middle near the top of the tail and in true PP fashion it didn't fit very well I needed lots of green stuff to sort it out lol

 shoulder plates were pretty easy to put on the large hands were abit fiddley but not to bad

 the moth was the hardest bit as yet again it didn't sit where it was supposed to I ended up taking loads of the top plate out with filing etc to try and make it sit more level n then greenstuffed it to cover the gaps but once its done its a right beast its huge compared to 30mm stuff lol

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

new errata

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change evokes many emotions in war gamers usually hatred when things don't get changed for the better or models they like get changed and no longer do something they used to do

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but on the bright side lets look at what happened to legion specifically and a few curve balls generally with the rules as a whole

generally i think the biggest change was melee range is now front arc again rather than 360 degrees

and throw was changed not sure how but its been tweaked  

the other big change u can no longer charge or do power attacks on ur own models

so legion

firstly  zuriel is now pns16 which is gd hes doing 1pt of dmg more which will make a difference
hell mouth tentacles are now soulless and spawn in the maintenance phase so not a major change will still do what it normally does lol
soldier got brutal charge which is nice hes more tempting to use now
aflictor went up to def13

and that's the errata!

first play test

so I tried my lylyth1 list with 1 change I used the succubus instead of the forsaken, which I found very useful for keeping her at full fury and secondly she gives me a cloud effect to proc stealth and I can hide things behind the cloud and influence is fun to mess with

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the core of the list super spraying spam worked a treat the banshees and assassin did really well at tarpitting the winterguard

carni's both did well anyssa did really well prey and poison was awesome

the only real problem was the raptors as I went first so that after his turn 1 I was in a gd position to feat and  gain the additional dice on turn2/3 I ended up being infront of his jacks so I spent a turn trying to move them but lost most of them on turn 1 as he feated and moved up 8" with a 14" ish range from behemoth the ended up dying lol

so I need a few more games to see how they do I also didn't miss the hellmouths I cud maybe do with a few more games maybe try going second and see if that makes a difference

Saturday, 19 November 2016

3rd list done!

so ive seen the power of cavalry and recently iv been thinking of a 3rd list to pair with abby and vayl or a list that could take 1 of their places in a 2 list event and here it is!

Lylyth, Herald of Everblight - WB: +30
- Carnivean - PC: 19 (Battlegroup Points Used: 19)
- Nephilim Bolt Thrower - PC: 11 (Battlegroup Points Used: 11)
- Carnivean - PC: 19

Blighted Nyss Shepherd - PC: 1
Blighted Nyss Shepherd - PC: 1
The Forsaken - PC: 4
Strider Deathstalker - PC: 4
Strider Deathstalker - PC: 4
Annyssa Ryvaal - PC: 8
Spell Martyr - PC: 1

Hellmouth - Hellmouth & 3 Tentacles: 6
Blackfrost Shard - Sevryn, Rhylyss & Vysarr: 9
Blighted Nyss Raptors - Leader & 4 Grunts: 18

so this is my answer to infantry spam 

the raptors and annysa roll 3 dice to dmg living models with poison and weaponmasters they have an 21" threat for ranged and 13" for melee so they should be harassing from turn 2 with ranged 

annyssa supports the raptors with hitting and adds 2 extra shots of her own and with prey shell hunt solos all day long lol

deathstalkers well they will can kill 4 models a turn nothing is safe and feat turn with 3 dice to hit they'll do their job well 

black frost shard drop deff before and after feat turn and turn up the dmg with kiss it means the carniveans can do lots of carrying but so can the raptors combine it with parasite effective pns15 weapon masters become brutal lol

hell mouth is to increase trades with my heavies and block lanes

the battle group

bolt thrower helps with killing heavy infantry and knocking down jacks/beasts and gives lylyth snipe lol

carnivean's are their for the assassination run with the sprays on feat turn boosting the hit n rolling 4 dice I should hit most casters and its a 15" threat range

with lylyth ill be cycling parasite mainly or dishing out free charges for things that have been pulled close I am tempted to swap the forsaken for the succubus for the free upkeep to help keep me running at full fury every turn

Saturday, 12 November 2016

pic heavy post battle report time!

I am pretty terrible at remembering what games I've played and what's happened so here goes!

game 1 vayl1 vs gaspy1 assassination win

in this game I struggled with the undead and ren grave who eventually took out a hell mouth! I simply couldn't kill enough of them in time but proteus was a beast pretty much taking out the heavies by himself with buffs and once they had gone it was a matter of time and I forced the assassination by making his caster block my domination of his zone on the  next turn

vayl and fyann2  needs to pictures to show off fyannas list
game 1 vayl 1 won by assassination
game 2 fyanna2 won by assassination

so game 1 fyanna put fury up on the warspears  which makes them hit like trains! and played pretty aggressive running straight up the centre of the board

my turn 1 was pretty defensive and playing it safe  his turn 2 hed done lots of dmg taking out 1 hell mouth with cra archers which are awesome! and near enough killed off the other and was in a pretty gd position for turn 3 so with some hard measuring my turn 2 I set up a really gd assassination run like this

1 spell martyr ran up on the left past the house triggering a still as death the other ran up on the right to get near to fyanna2
vayl2 activates next moving casting incite then using the arc node to put a hoar frost on fyanna2 boosting it for the crit which I got which made her stationary
hell mouth activates placing a tentacle near fyanna then draggin her towards the hellmouth which did some damage but he used I think his only transfer to get rid of it
proteus charges and with +2 on dice from incite and auto hitting he went to work on her lol

game 2 I missed a trick  a reak was in a bush with animus up and fyanna2 at the other side I tried baiting and it didn't work

fyanna gallowed vayl1 who stopped when he hit a base
carnivean charges a tentacle sprays n kills it n then kills another in 1"
reak moves n jumps behind vayl boosts a few hits n shes down lol

I did play a game against kreugar 2 but that ended horribly with me forgetting how fury works lol  so here is an important lesson

only EXCESS fury is discarded so if ur full on fury and rile ur beasts make sure u discard some lol

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


so yesterday I tried out a 35pt vayl1 list to see what she's all about and get some practice as this will be the 2nd caster for my pairing

so the infantry core for my list is pretty much the same across all lists

blackfrost shard
death stalkers x2
hell mouth x2

its 29pts and (I can drop 1 death stalker to go down to 25) it then gives me a lot of options for mixing and matching with beasts and then sprinkling some other units in.

I played a 35 points list with the above units and proteus and a bolt thrower, which I'm really loving at the moment

I played against gaspy1 figuring that I need some practice with her for 2 reasons

1 is for divide and conquer so I don't end up locking in with her for the last game or dropping her into a game so I don't have to game 3 etc

2 practice iv mainly played against warachine lists and iv dropped abby2 with stunning results so I need to see what vayl1 will do for me and so I know what I can cant do against warmachine factions with her

so what have I learnt?
Image result for learning new stuff meme
obligatory pic to summarise lol

1 incite is awesome it makes the heavy hitters into freight trains as well as making them effective mat8 on average so high def jacks like cryx cant escape and high arm jacks like khador also have no where to go 

typhon becomes 19
scythean 19
carnivean 20/18
proteus 16/18

add in kiss from blackfrost shard and its  +X on dice depending on the beast which improves on the trading

although this is super risky with it being within her 9" command

2 even though her speciality is taking out hordes casters with malice she still has a decent ranged assassination threat for warmachine casters with hoarfrost ao3 pow14 with kiss n incite that can be effective pow18 and its a 3 cost spell so you can use it twice and its crit stationary so its allways worth boosting the first one so then the next one will auto hit and then you can boost dmg

3 leash also greatly improves our slow beast's giving them an extra 3" on movement which can make proteus a 15" threat range lol

4 chiller is -2 on def and combined with seraph and black frost shard even the highest DEF casters aren't safe  start with the seraph as you can boost the to hit roll then follow up with black frost shard using the ice cage spell and kiss last then after that the +2 to hit on melee

so 4 things to remember when bringing vayl to the table

Saturday, 22 October 2016

learning stuff

so I'm playing lots of different units and solely into khador and I've picked up a few tricks that I think can be applied to other stuff

1 bolt thrower - his main job has been to kill manowars!  now for those who haven't seen much khador they are 8 boxes speed4 and arm17/21 in shieldwall now this is why the bolt thrower is awesome  after u roll to hit u push the model d3 so even 1" will take that model out of shield wall and drop it back down to arm17 and if u boost the damage roll its dice -3 which means you can pretty much kill 1 a turn (if ur lucky lol)

2 hellmouths - now on paper they look gd but in game they are really cranked up to 11impervious flesh on arm15 is crazy it means that with 1 dice low power weapons really struggle to kill the tentacles now apply that to an arm18 mouth and pow15  still has a decent chance to do no dmg lol

not only this the drag is crazy and bringing back tentacles makes an opponent really wary. I deploy them as far foreword as I can in forests if possible for the def bonus and in the zone so from the get go they are contesting and need to be dealt with

3. black frost shard is another unit iv recently bought and find that its worth its weight in gold  from the -2 on def to the +2 dmg which really helps crack armour iv been doin this combo +2 dmg then hellmouth drag then charge with a heavy usually typhon 8 pow19 attacks will take down a khador jack easy they are also weapon masters so for any reason you need to free a beast up they hit with 4 dice on dmg only pns9 tho

I think they are best combo'd with  lylyth1 for parasite vayl1 for incite abby2  feat turn kyrssa feat turn anything that can add in more buffs

4 succubus I'm finding that it has 2 main jobs 1 giving me that free upkeep so I can always use max fury each turn and secondly iv been using the cloud to bump typhon up to def15 with healing he is a pain to shift so u need to engage him n then he bites off ur face lol

but this has been at mainly low points well see what 50pts brings!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

a wins a win!

so safe to say I've had a rocky start with mk3 losing all my opening games then having a break for real life stuff and painting lots of new toys I had 2 games with them and learnt lots of things mainly read my cards and deploy better! so after another 2 losses and taking onboard everything id learnt I went into my latest game against cygnar and this is someone I normally lose 2 with all the buffs warmachine got I wasn't sure having lost 2 games with the new toys.  but the hellmouths did really well sitting them in forests for +2 deff is awesome the death stalkers pretty much wiped out a unit to hold the left flank and my 3 heavies managed to take down all his jacks bar 1 and

 Image result for stars align meme

and it ended with a scenario win for legion!

so I learnt a few things from this game mainly

1 legion still have the tools to keep up with the big boys!
2 play patiently now you only score in your turn plan for a longer game
3 hellmouths are awesome!

Monday, 12 September 2016

feeling heavy

so I had a mammoth painting session and managed to finish off my heavies adding in lots more detail than last time and I think they have turned out pretty gd!

I only need to finish the bolt thrower and 2 hellmouths then I can play my 2 new beast heavy lists whilst I finish the banshee's and assassin

so here they are!

Friday, 9 September 2016

all new war all new blog name!

so on the heels of my last post id like to take this blog in another direction!  for the foreseeable future pimp my list will now be the prophet of everblight as I focus on prepping for events list pairing's and everything to do with legion!

Image result for legion of everblight symbol

when is time to stop playing a game?

at the moment I am having a hard time trying to paint my skittarrii knowing that the draft FAQ will change allies and I wont be able to use drop pods when it becomes official.

iv started with a administratum grey and they aren't finished but look great and that is spurring me on.

but this is mainly more a philosophical post at what point do you say enough is enough?
 Image result for i've had enough meme
even robin has a breaking point!

so those of you who remember the very beginning of this blog it was first mainly for me to paint up a space wolves army as a club thing and they didn't pan out great lol and then it became a general painting/gaming blog that has covered my exploits from tournaments to that brief period where I tried playing fantasy lol

I do kno 40k has problems and the main problem is when one problem is fixed more are created to replace the initial problem which is great from a business perspective as ull all ways need to update and squeeze more money out of people 

that aside the other main issue is how terrible the system is whilst the rules aren't bad frequent FAQS and constant updates with no real thought mess the game up. this becomes more apparent when u play more than 1 system enter warmachine
Image result for warmachine play like you got a pair

which iv been playing now for quite a few years and I think I starting to get to the point with this so hang on!  you start to make comparisons between each game its impossible not to with a limited game time its hard to chose something that isn't as gd as something else so here is the comparisons iv made

firstly GW
the main plus point for GW is and all ways will be its models they are still the best in the business for plastic kits

the main downside is rules which are inconsistent from edition to edition with some general overhaul and change focussing on making money rather than rules and game quality

the main plus point is they focus on the rules first everyone plays the same rules in the same format and they work really well

the main downside is model quality its not great and not even good in some cases with gaps in models and things like that

GW and PP are polar opposites in the broadest terms what 1 does the other does the opposite another example is community engagement  GW rely solely on quality of models and hear say/rumours of things that are being released many a time iv walked into a GW and something brand new has been released that no1 knew about.  where as PP actively engage with the community to the point where I was talking to doug Hamilton about a new legion caster hes working on and he showed me this concept drawing for kallus2
Image result for my little pony centaur

this will never ever happen with GW so for now 40k has been relegated to the game I play when I need a break from warmahordes as I haven't decided to put the final nail in its coffin !