Saturday, 22 October 2016

learning stuff

so I'm playing lots of different units and solely into khador and I've picked up a few tricks that I think can be applied to other stuff

1 bolt thrower - his main job has been to kill manowars!  now for those who haven't seen much khador they are 8 boxes speed4 and arm17/21 in shieldwall now this is why the bolt thrower is awesome  after u roll to hit u push the model d3 so even 1" will take that model out of shield wall and drop it back down to arm17 and if u boost the damage roll its dice -3 which means you can pretty much kill 1 a turn (if ur lucky lol)

2 hellmouths - now on paper they look gd but in game they are really cranked up to 11impervious flesh on arm15 is crazy it means that with 1 dice low power weapons really struggle to kill the tentacles now apply that to an arm18 mouth and pow15  still has a decent chance to do no dmg lol

not only this the drag is crazy and bringing back tentacles makes an opponent really wary. I deploy them as far foreword as I can in forests if possible for the def bonus and in the zone so from the get go they are contesting and need to be dealt with

3. black frost shard is another unit iv recently bought and find that its worth its weight in gold  from the -2 on def to the +2 dmg which really helps crack armour iv been doin this combo +2 dmg then hellmouth drag then charge with a heavy usually typhon 8 pow19 attacks will take down a khador jack easy they are also weapon masters so for any reason you need to free a beast up they hit with 4 dice on dmg only pns9 tho

I think they are best combo'd with  lylyth1 for parasite vayl1 for incite abby2  feat turn kyrssa feat turn anything that can add in more buffs

4 succubus I'm finding that it has 2 main jobs 1 giving me that free upkeep so I can always use max fury each turn and secondly iv been using the cloud to bump typhon up to def15 with healing he is a pain to shift so u need to engage him n then he bites off ur face lol

but this has been at mainly low points well see what 50pts brings!