Saturday, 29 September 2012

math hammer

its not an exact science but it can be used to decide how effective a unit can be before you deicide to either use it or buy it.  so iv math hammered a few new chaso units to decide there viability

firstly the  process 
i take  a unit  like  the forgefeind with  standard gear which is 2 hades autocanons  then i have 2 decide what im firing at  now i chose  AV12 (av 11 would increase its efficeincy also 12 is the middle ground)  and  against 3+ and T4 armour as most people play marines and its ap4 so no point choosing a lower AP value

so here is how it works   u roll 8 dice take away the misses  with wats left work out if u penetrate or glance the armour value u want then with the same dice check the wounded the T u wrote down if their are any fails remove them then roll for armour saves and write down failed saves so you end up with something like this
hits p/g av12    3+ save T4
5    2pen          2wounds
4    1g1p          1
4    1g1p          0
 4    1g1p         0
1     1p             0
4      1p            0
1      1p            1
6      2p1g        2
4      2p1g        1
4      2g1p        1
3      1p            0
6      4p            1
6      2g            2
4     2g2p         3
4       1p           0
2       0             1
4      1g1p        2
4      2p2g        1
6        1p          1
7      2g2p        1

 an average from this would be 4hits  1p 2 wounds

from this we can see that the forge feind should be used for light armoured vehicles and light troops you could change that to 3 ectoplasma  canons str8 ap2 then it can be used to take out infantry light or heavy

the next one  is  flakk missile from the havoc

using the same process

4  1G
4  1p
4  2p
3 1g
3 1g1p      

over  3 games an average would be 3 hits  1p

obviously this is not a sure fire thing  but helps to give an indication of how gd a unit will be

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

open war 18

its  only 2 weeks  3 days away and heres what i have done and have left to do  

whats  done 
1 war walker
10 gaurdians
14 wyches
1 brightlance platform
1 venom

whats left to do
3 ravagers
2 venoms
a raider
a base for the platform
war walker bases

so its mostly  vehicles and bases left to do  once i get my new airbrush  my other 1 broke grr  then ill be able to start and finish them in a few days  the bases  will get done in the next few days.  i need more army painter white.

so this  week
finish bases etc etc

next week
pick up new airbrush and finish basing the de  vehicles
finish off the warwalkers

week before the event  check and finish anything iv missed

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

tournaments and ages

i attended my first officiall 6th ed tournament it was a little  3 game  1 dayer and  what did i learn

flyers are every where  their was 4 necron players and atleast half the tables had atleast 1 flyer on them.  to make my DE  work harder in 6th i need to really step up and change somethings especailly to take out flyers.

the other thing with flyers is at 1750 we should see an average of 4 flyers  (necrons)  mos others  could be 2-3  so my idea for 2 flyers the quad gun and havocs with flakks so thats  3 maybe 4 if i double up on havocs so plenty of air defence. 

after looking at flyers  i only saw  1 fortification and this was the aegis defence line, which is quite interesting and most list still have the 5th ed mind set of plenty of vehicles which shows that were not yet ready to ditch vehicles jus yet.  the other reason is most tournament lists  squeeze every last point of out a list and the idea of spending 100-125pts on a fortification.

now some musings at this tournament their were 2 young lads about 13ish and they both didnt really know enough to play and they didnt really know their codex well enough either.  they lost both their games and then had it fixed so they could play each other  which  makes me think  should their be an age limit on events to save people from being to disheartened if they lose     

Monday, 24 September 2012

chaos cant wait!!!

iv decided  colour scheme n general ideas for what and following gw and WD here is the list ill start with

lord zhufor as my khorne lord
dark apostle

khorne terminators in landraider(updated with FW doors and bodies for the termies
hell brute
hell brute

zerkers in rhino(fw doors)
zerkers in rhino(fw doors)
30 cultist
10 cultist
10 cultist

hell drake
hell drake

not sure about this section fo i have 2 ideas 

option 1 
blitz x3 (or a forge feind)
havocs x5
havocs x5 (with preffered enemy i can re-roll misses)

Option 2
forge feind
forge feind

lastly fortification aegis defence line with quad gun :D

so  to start the buying 
firstly  ill sort out a proper  list with  points  etc and  the buying will start with a codex  lol  landradier 2 hell drakes an the aegis defence line from their i can actually play  as ill have evrything i need except HQ's. i  may even  end up with 2 forge feinds  jus for fun

Friday, 21 September 2012

more chaos rumours

following on from yesterday  the flood gates are really starting to open  now as usual  ill post the  main  rumours in black  and my thoughts  in red!!!

Codex Basics- Written by Phil Kelly - this has been floating around for ages and the fact that it keeps cropping up is pretty gd :)
- 104 pages  - average   abit thicker  maybe   
- Fantasy format, hardback, full colour - i dont think the fantasy format justifies the  30 quid price tag
- Cover is the artwork for Blood Gorgons by Henry Zou type it on google its a nice pic but doesnt seem right that a new codex would use existing artwork
- All for the lump sum of - £30 - this is a pre cursor of things to come!!!
- You can buy Psychic Cards, there are twelve in the set - £4.50 - more than likely theyll be in the codex but u never know with GW  robbing  gets !!

CSM RulesChaos Boon table (D66 pick 2d6, one is your tens and the other is your ones)
These all have names but I will leave you to find them out yourselves
You have to win a challenge to roll on this table
11-16 - Nothing
21-22 - Replace model with Chaos Spawn
23 - +1 Attack
24 - Eternal Warrior
25 - +1 Strength
26 - +1 BS
31 - +1 Initiative
32 - Return to full wounds, if unwounded gain +1 Wound
33 - +1 Toughness
34 - Shrouded
35 - Armour Save improves by 1
36 - Melee weapon has Fleshbane
41 - Passing a Deny the Witch roll makes enemy Psyker take a Str 6 AP 2 hit
42 - Re-roll failed armour saves
43 - Melee attacks are Poisoned
44 - Crusader
45 - Hammer of Wrath
46 - Icy Aura (enemy models in base contact take a Str 4 AP 5 hit at Initiative Step 1)
51 - Adamantium Will
52 - A ranged weapon has +1 Strength
53 - Hatred (Everything!)
54 - Shred
55 - Melee attacks have instant death
56 - +1 WS
61 - Stubborn
62 - Fleet
63 - Feel No Pain
64 - Roll another d3+1 on this table (re-rolling Spawnhood and Apotheosis)
65-66 - Replace model with Daemon Prince

since this table is only used if u win a challenge then i think its quite  fun and fluffy  as you really wont have more than 2/3 challenges a game

Warlord Traits1 - Friendly units within 12" of Warlord have Preferred Enemy (Space Marines)
2 - Melee weapons belonging to the Warlord and his unit have Soulblaze
3 - D3 infantry units may infiltrate (could this be new Creed???)
4 - Warlord and unit have hatred (everything!)
5 - Warlord causes Fear
6 - Warlord may re-roll Chaos Boons

interesting   the infiltrater  and causing fear  are pretty gd

the last thing is that all this  and more will be in the WD  so  have fun 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

new chaos rumours + de

well its not really a rumour  but the new WD is out  satdi which means the models will be on advance order satdi so the codex and everything should be out a week or so from this satdi :D

now to bumph out  what would be 2 lines  iv  bought  3 more ravagers  as well as repainting the army i want my ravagers to look nicer than they did before.

my principle is to use a new technique with each army  even tho this isnt a new army i have learnt sum new things air brushing and magnetizing is 1 so im using these on my new models to make them look better :D

ill post some pics once their finished

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

1 month till open war

now  where  1 month away from  open war  and here is what i can tick off my list as complete


now thats not to say i havent been busy  painting as i have but no model is fully complete so ill break it down and it doesnt look that bad

dark eldar

all 15 wyches are fully done - they jus need their bases painting
1 venom is done
2 venoms are ready to be painted
the raider needs pre shading then painting
i need 2 buy  (im thinkin of taking 1 flyer with me) ravagers and paint them up
trueborn are based in the army colour they need to be highlighted and painted etc

thats about it for those

farseer is based red but needs more coats and painting
the gaurdians are based but need detail work doing to them
the brightlance needs a base making  and finishing in red then detail work
1 warwalker is completely finished-base needs painting
1 warwalker is sprayed red needs detail work + base
1 warwalker needs everything doing to it

iv signed up to a 1500pts tournament this weekend and i my army doesnt need 2 be painted so im focussing on the gaurdians as theyll atleast need 2 be stuck together shouldnt take that long 2 are allready stuck 2gether

Friday, 14 September 2012

new spray gun

i finally have my new spray gun and loads of things 2 spray its awesome  :P

iv got 2 finish my dark eldar  im kno back to basing  eldar  tho

i then have a few peices to do for the club

then i have loads of scenery for my own gaming table to do

then i have loads of new chaos models 2 paint

id like to thank grandad nev for letting me use him set up  :D

Thursday, 13 September 2012

deamons got FAQ'd

the FAQ's  are out and about  so heres  whats  important  deamonic assault  has gone!!

no longer do u have 2 split ur army and hope the fickle  dice gods are with you now  the army is split evenly as possible and thats it.  that means thier is a whole new avenue of opportunities you can allways have your troops in the 2nd half and all the hard hitting stuff comming down first.

so lets look at my list that iv been playing so far

blood thirster

Flamers x5
flamers x5
flamers x5

plague bearers x10
plague bearers x5

sold grinder

exalted x1
seeker x2 


2 rhinos of chaos marines  1 with lord and icon the other has an icon

so i have 9 units and need 2 split the army  into 2 halves 

first half 
soul grinder

this will allways give me my flamers which are the harrasment unit 5 flamers can easily handle transports 3 flamers with gd placement they could put 2 HP on 3 vehicles ths is bcoz people are still in the 5th ed mindset of the parking lot or go for key units like hydras or anti flyer units

the soul grinder has phlegm so its main job is 2 harras units on objectives  same as the flamers

the cavalcade protects the rhinos holding the icons as units come closer they counter charge being armour 11  with 4 HP for the exalted it should last then the unit can do an average of 24 attacks for hammer of wrath if u have full HP on all chariots

then turn 2 the flyers come down to support the chariots in protecting the troops and objectives

give it a go see wat this change makes to playing deamons

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

general tactics VS flyers

i think 6th ed is shaking of the early days and the bugs are gettin ironed out more and more and were starting to see what is dominating and thats flyers!!

now generally all armies can take the aegis defence line and quad gun or las canon thats 1 peice of anti flyer

you can take your own flyers
u can take an aegis defence line with either gun
u can take allies such as guard for hydras
eventually flakk missiles will be available for dev squads

so at 1500 points if u see  an average of  3-4 flyers  ull need 3/4 

at 1750  if that doubles  then take 5 anti flyer 

u wont need 2 spend loads of points  on this  as dependng on set up a flyer may only be on the board for 2 turns untill it goes back into reserve so on each run u can slowly grind them down and if u have your own flyers then u wont need that many

have a look at allies for your army that can take anti flyer weapons get a defence line and your own flyers will be the best combo 

word to yo momma necron players

so after  being told that the necrons flyers of doom are awesome and they can still get in and out regardless of wat the vehicle does its sparked some massive debates

what happens when a zooming night scythe is destroyed???

before  gettin FAQ'd the rule book states that if it is destroyed then they cant disembark from the night scythe they have to come on from the board egde whch to me seems to suggest that it works like the monolith they arent actually in the vehicle.

“Invasion Beams:
A unit that begins its Movement phase
embarked upon a Night Scythe can disembark before or after
the vehicle has moved (including pivoting on the spot, etc) so
long as the vehicle has not moved more than 36". If the Night
Scythe moves more than 24" in the same turn, the disembarking
unit can only fire Snap Shots.”

right  now lets add that to the codex rules a unit can embark or disembark as long as u dont move more than 36" if the vehicle is destroyed the unit then enters resere and will arrive on the next turn as normal

now wat happens to the vehicle crash and burn will still happen as normal as all flyer follow the same rule BUT the necron codex and FAQ over rule the main rule book for the unit so the unit does not take any str10 hits  but follows the above!!!

this make necrons even better  than before 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

its over 2k

wow  its  come round really fast  and again id like to say a big thanks to every one that reads what i post whether it be a one off coz i popped up while u were googling or those who tune in for certian things like painting or dark eldar stuff or jus read everything

helps me get all the crazy out lol so stay tuned 

building a list for 6th ed

6th ed has been out for a while now (ish)  and  i thought id  update my general army building tips from 5th as a few things have now kinda changed.  firstly  lets  go back over the 4 main things for a list.

mobility - whether its deep striking or turbo boosting skimmers the army needs to be able to get around
anti tank - we all know the metal boxs of doom are on every table so a gd codex needs long mid and close  range  anti tank or a mixture
anti air - this is a new 1 most codex's can have several flyers their hard to bring down so u need a plan!!
CC unit - whether its decent troops a death star or a speed bump units it should have some CC units this will differ from codex to codex but each codex will have 1 or 2 dedicated CC units at least
allies - we can now atleast take allies  this will work really well for synergy as you can choose an army that will cover any weaknesses your list has

synergy - the list needs to be able to work together the units should perform certian jobs to help other units and in the long run help u win :D

so  like last time ill use my dark eldar 1750 list although those who  read the other 1 will see their arent many changes lol


trueborn x4 (3 units) with blaster in venoms with dual splinter canons

wyches x5
venom dual splinter canons


heavy support
ravager x3

runes of warding/witnessessing

gaurdians x10
bright lance

warwalkers x3
scatter lasers

ok so lets run the new list thru the new criteria 

mobility  everything is still fast vehicles  so my DE troops can go foreward and i have a unit sat back on my objective
anti tank  11 lance weapons with 36" range  12 blasters with 18" range and 2 units with haywire grenades then i have warwalkers with 36" range and they can go for light vehicles up2 av12
anti air - now i use warwalkers in conjuction with guide and they do really well although av12 flyers are harder to taek down needing 6's followed by 6's
CC unit i have  my wyches  and 1 has vect so i can win some combats jus gotta choose squishy things lol
 allies  the eldar  give me  anti  tank anti infantry  pyschic defence and  an extra scoring unit

synergy  adding the eldar with all their benifits has made a difference in most games  especially at shutting down enemy psykers

another side note  is fortifications now some armies wont need them  but  i suggest if u have a shooting army or ur allies are the shooting side who will be sat back then get the aegis defence line with a quad gun theyll help  secure objectives  provide cover and give u added anti tank they can also give cover to tanks as well!!

6th ed deamons

i went to play my mate on sunday against his deamons and after the game we discussed a list for 6th ed, although hes stubborn and only plays a mono god list  iv pulled the some units from the codex  that iv used and think will fit better into 6th ed if this list is more consistent then ill use it more often after the list ill go thru  each bit by bit  :D(pay attention rich this is how u do a tactica)

blood thirster


flamers x5
x3 units

plague bearers x10
plague bearers x5

Heavy support
soul grinder

seeker cavalcade
1 exalted
2 normal

my contingent is chaos marines

chaos lord
deamon weapon

marines x9

marines x10

iv changed from  the fateweaver and heralds  as  BT can do several roles on the battlefield  firstly  take out flyers  with vector strike at str8 secondly they are  str9 on the charge so they can easily take out vehicles without smash  thirdly their  toughness 6 4wounds  theyll survive overwatch to attack squishy key units or tie up bigger units with a challenge

after seeing them at 500 and how effective they are  up the points by 2/3  and triple the units their amazing  in the game vs nids  they  took out  2 units of stealers  a trygon 3 hive guard and 3 zoanthropes and 1 unit took 1 wound (i will say i mis read flamers on overwatch so i made a mistake their and thats where the trygon died so it may have killed a unit)  but the fact remains on the battle field theyll drop vehicles  with glancing death  or harras squishy units longfangs or other troops

standard troops really they do what they allways do sit on objectives  and try not 2 die before the game ends lol

Heavy support
soul grinder  can slow down  tougher units with combat and shoot at vehicles or troops with his blast attack as well as protect the plague bearers

the seeker cavalcade didnt really do much in hind sight  if u choose to use this unit play them aggressively  as a speed bump either charging into vehicles to create a blockade or go for the the big nasty stuff jus make sure u can get all 3  from cavalcade into base 2 base  to get the hammer of wrath as this is where all the damage will come from


a cheap lord  2 protect A) the unit hes with and B) the plague bearers thats all u really need

this section i may change  normal marines  u get more but not being fearless is a big hassle so ill look 2 change these to either  a specialist troop unit OR culist when the new dex comes out i may even jus take 1 troop unit and squeeze the hellbrute in !!

thats all for now  folks  soak up the knowlegde!!!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

forming the chaos warband

my dark eldar  have been the glass hammer that have so far served me well.  but as tzeentch says the only constant is change and with so 2 new codexs comming out (chaos marines +deamons) where getting closer to the change. 

iv struggled with the concept for my chaos  for ages  keep them as loyalists using the chaos book was my first  idea  then i coulds still keep original world eaters as i wanted to do fill them out and make a full armoured company  that is in most heresy books  usually somthing like this

IG units

my second idea go full chaos  as i want some of the new models they look amazing.  especially the hellbrute  and dragon flyer but then the old world eaters wouldnt fit 

so my final idea  is this  to have the legion style lay out as above  with  my original world eatersadn everything else slowly falling into chaos  ill keep the original blue/white colour to keep the army cohesive on to the chaos armour and then add more blood red to show them turning to khorne.

now all thats  out the way  here are the juicy pics of the dark vengeance stuff !!


unboxing dark vengeance!!!

ok guys  dark vengeance is here  so lets  get to it 

firstly  the box  is  lovely and glossy lots better than the  black reach 1 

as you can see lovely  :D  hehe  although  6 dice  isnt enough  lol here is the lay out of the box. their is lots of space  that could have been shrunk a little.
here is the chaplian not snap fit. its lovely with plenty of detail at this point ill mention every model is full of detail since their  mostly snap fit ill post pics in a seperate article!!

next is the roster for each army it doesnt  give points  values for anything  jus the equipment  if u flp it over their is a quick reference sheet for the armies and special rules that youll use


next is the  seal  pack  this contains  the rule book more of the same sheets  and a how to pay intro  giude with rules and missions as well as a book or building all the models.

so thats dark vengeance!!!  a great box  models  up next