Thursday, 28 May 2015

deamons nearly done!!

while I don't have any slaanesh models painted yet, I have 2 units of slaanesh cavalry BUT I do have a deamon army that's nearly painted!!!

the main problem is I now need 1 more 60mm base for my lord of change 10 bases for some blood letters and 10 for deamonettes 3 bases for crushers and 10 bases for the cavalry  but I have 2 check wat will now fit as I didn't add the cav 2 my case order

but painting wise I'm currently painting the heralds which ill try n finish 2day 

that leaves 3 deamon princes and lord of change so im quite excited

Monday, 25 May 2015

more painted stuff

so iv finished another unit of screamers  with flames!!!

and that's 28 horrors and 15 screamers ready 2 infest the imperium of man :D

iv got 3 60mm bases for the deamon princes they need doin so hopefully ill get them done this week as well

Saturday, 23 May 2015

painting stuff

so i got bored of reading the new/old eldar dex  in short  not much has changed!!!  so moving on iv bin mega busy  painting  iv now only got left 2 paint

3 deamon princes
lord of change
3 heralds on discs
6 screamers

over the last week or so iv finished off all the horrors and their on bases as well as 9 screamers need eyes n fins finishing

Friday, 15 May 2015


well that  6k  crept up fast  !!!

and funnily enough the picture semi links into  the next thing I wana go over the unbeatable imperial knights  they got a new codex  with shiny new formations and models

we all know a knight is a headache so making them better well something stronger to deal with the headache but is this down 2 them being amazing or player list and mentality

theirs a lot of articles on 40k gaming theory  tactics being  defensive or offensive, active and reactive playing

for example I know a player (or a few)  that are stuck in a rut  n complain that their army it isn't as gd as it could be or change bcoz they think another army is better 

you may know a player like this or be that kind of player  constantly chasing that "better" army

so wats all this have 2 do with imperial knights ??  well this kind of player sed they were unbeatable bcoz well  inexperienced players who are learning the game or jus not that gd maybe daunted by a wall of av13  with lots of high str low ap weapons its scary

but I took up that challenge 2 prove they aren't scary and necrons  can deliver IF the list is right which as usual brings us full circle 

the most important parts of 40k  list building and deployment

in both games I played 1850  with necrons against 3 knights and the assassins formation and both games I won  with a land slide  9/2  15/4   and this was using the new baronial  court  so they had 3+  inv saves higher BS it was brutal  but this is testament to how great necrons are for resiliency and how much they follow the fluff as well (which is semi important as the same person thought that necrons were boring and no where near the fluff)  I had 72 models all infantry  reclamation legion royal court and canoptek harvest and both games they did really well 

so knights can be beaten  and will be beaten by necrons  wether the other races can hold back the tide well see the next likely candidate is deamons lots of MC  beatin them in CC  is where its at or flying lol :D