Friday, 24 August 2012

wyches armour done!!

first n foremost since grandad nev has has been reading the blogs  ill point out that he very graciously let me borrow his airbrush and compressor to use. their u go nev sum recognition

so iv bin busy and fully highlighted 10 wyches  4 left to do!!!

i also have a few extra wyches that im painting up as well. 

 here they are bit blurry but u get the idea 

whats next for the wyches


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

even more spraying

so  iv started the days  spraying  by getting a new can of spray paint and spraying the last few bits and peices  white. the  only thing left to spray white  are the  vehicles.

so whats left to do 

2 ravagers
1 raider

need to be sprayed white

3 venoms pre shading with black
2 ravagers pre shading with black
1 raider pre shading with black
8 gaurdian arms needs pre shading with black
1 warwalker needs pre shading with black
1 gun platform needs pre shading with black

3 venoms spraying in first colour
2 ravagers basing in first colour
1 raider basing in first colour
8 gaurdian arms needs spraying blood red
1 warwalker needs spraying blood red
1 gun platform needs spraying blood red

after all that the entire army will be based at the very least in their first  colour  then i have to paint all the detail on them later 2day the pre shading will be done  and the blood red will be sprayed on the arms

Monday, 20 August 2012

more spraying

so iv done abit more keep plugging at  it  :P so what have i done  iv  shaded all the gaurdians that i had sprayed white  then iv sprayed them blood red as well as half a warwalker.

so whats left to do with the eldar contingent:

the farseer needs spraying red
2 gaurdians need spraying white shading and spraying red
1 warwalker needs spraying a little more with white then shading then doing red
1 platform needs abase making then spraying white then shading then spraying red

the arms ofthe gaurdians need spraying white shading and spraying red

after all that they need highlighting with blazing orange and the gems are green!!  then their done

Sunday, 19 August 2012

the begining of a new army!!

so iv been mega busy with my airbrush  and done  plenty of hardcore spraying  i kno have  this many models left to base

1 wych with an agoniser
3 true born

ill have a go at the vehicles this after heres  how  their looking so far starting with the wyches

a lovely  group shot awwww lol   next a close up of a wych so u can see the armour
here is the same wych from the back so  u can see the shading

next is a comparison  shot of the old armour compared to the new armour

now its tme for the trueborn!

and their we have it

Friday, 17 August 2012

GW reply wat a surprise

well  gw  have  replied and thoroughly surprised, they are sending me a free  exalted seeker kit!!  so the little guy won :D 

so now with the original  kit ill be building the exalted seeker chariot so without further a do lets go!!!
this kit will be done in parts for ease of transporting it

firstly front chasis assembly

done  here is the  pic it was easy  enough!! lol

next  the combine  harvesters of doom!!!

that was  easy again  and  it attaches to the chasis in the middle u may not need 2 glue it but heres how it will look.

now its time to put 2 gether the steeds that will pull the mights combine harvester of doom!!

here how its looking so far  its a huge model transporting  3 of these will be hard

now its time to buil the to chasis  at this point check the depth of where it will be carried  i reckon this kit will be 3.5 inch tall mayber taller which means ull struggle 2 fit it in standard GW cases

now more harvesters of doom!!!

and here is how it looks so far

now  from here on it gets fiddly  as im keeping it a all seperate untill i fgure out how much space i need and for painting

next the riders were glued and the seats  and  here they are

it wont be fully built untill iv painted it so stay tuned

apoligies  for  uploading it and forgetting to add the pics lol

Thursday, 16 August 2012

GW reply

so i complained about the exalted chariot kit being  basically shit!  and that  i cant actually build  what i was told i could  on the site.

here is their  reply:

Thanks for the email, the set can either build a Exalted Seeker Chariot or a Seeker Chariot and a Hellflayer.

Please find the excerpt from the website below:

"This multi-part plastic boxed set contains 192 components, a 100 x 150mm monster base and a large oval base, with which to make an Exalted Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh. With this kit there are enough pieces to also build both a Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh and a Hellflayer of Slaanesh."

As such you can either make a single Exalted Chariot, or 1 Hellflayer and 1 Seeker Chariot.

so hes said you can build 1 or the other  but the above doesnt say  1 or the other it says all 3  so againg i replied agian not very happy  but GW is crap so well see what they say

white dar!!

so  the journey begins as it has to somewhere  iv  sprayed  near  enough my entireforce  white!! with the exception of:

my archon
1 ravager
the gun platform for the guardians
so here they are in all their glory

man thats alot of white  next pre shading  but first  food!!!!!

then ill post pics of the pre shading  hopefully my aim is to get the dark eldar  base coloured first including vehicles !!!!!  then ill do the bloodred of the eldar 

then its back to the red warwalker  who needs the gems finishing  and his eyes cleaning up!! another thing that i need 2 re learn lol

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

opening the exalted chariot + seeker chariot

right  iv jus bought  my exalted  chariot  what  a bloody rip off according to the gw  description you can build the exalted chariot with spare  parts to build  both the  hell flayer  and normal seeker chariot. but as per gw you only get  1 monster and 1 ovalbase so its  exalted OR the other 2 so iv complained and well see wat they say in a bit.

on to the kit!!

its a massive  box off the bat but is that bcoz thei shouldbe more in it lol :D

and as you can see for 3 kits  u only get  2 bases and 1 of each at that lol

plenty of sprues  tho  lots of combine harvester spikes!! lol

the seeker  is  pretty  much the same but in a smaller box  with less bits

Saturday, 11 August 2012

new obsidian rose scheme done!

one thing i havent done is highlight the black as i need more battle grey but apart from that  im really liking the new colour  i didnt  blend up the gems as i want 2 stick with the dark feel 

the rose in bloom

now ever since i started playing de iv loved them but after a year or so of playing their looking a little tired i also  dont like the colour scheme  its not how i envisioned it would be  so here is a picof a venom  with my old colour scheme

 this paint scheme is as follows

chaos  black base
2/1 mix of  red gore and chaos black
then  highlighted  red gore and blood red

this is the new scheme its  still dark and muted like dark eldar  should be  but the red is coming thru its not finished yet  but here is the new colour scheme
 skull white( or other white)
pre shade with chaos black
1 pipette of carroberg crimson(baal red)  half a pipetter of nuln oil(badab black) spray model untill the black and red are blended to create a sublte change in colour
highlight red gore  blood red blazing orange(on highest points and corners)
the gems either side will be green   starting with dark angels  green  the back half of the gem  knarloc green then a small line of goblin green on the knarloc then varnish 

the finished model will be up shortly


its  bin a while since i posted any targets  so heres a general update  of wats been  happening

1 i sold all my  vampire counts
2 i got sum eldar
3 those eldar  need painting
4 im re painting my dark eldar
5 iv also made sum cheapo eldar bases  that ill show off here

targets  for this month

1 build all the eldar
2 spray them all white
3 fix all the dark eldar
4 spray them all white
5 do a test peice  for my new colour scheme

ok  so i was looking at some  resin  eldar  bases  n thought  i like them but i cant spend  loads on bases  so iv made sum eldar  mosiac style bases  on the cheap using green stuff this is because the theme for my allies army will be yin and yang. the  dark eldar are dark anduse dark colours where as the eldar are bright and vibrant.

on to the bases simply take the some green stuff spread it over the base then  score it  and u  get something like this

Thursday, 9 August 2012

2 new rules for 6th

ok firstly no pics!!  this is jus a simple summary of my game  VS an inquisition force

firstly blast  templates i cant see anything in the rule that halves their  str  which  means  it doesnt matter where the  hole  is  with a large blast  u can hammer loads of vehicles in 1 go  which means ill take 3  chaos vindicators lol

secondly  flyers !!!  they are ridiculous when their zooming  its  6's to hit i put 3 ravagers and a raider into 1 flyer  and 2 were guided andstill only got 2 hits im deff putting my flyer  back in my list

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

air brush edition vol 2

hey guys

first things  first  airbrush cleaning!!  its a bugger annoying and time consuming  but  once the air brush is clean again you can start painting!!

the next thing iv learnt is mix the paint before putting it in the feed !!! 

now the lessons have been learned  on to the model  itself  youll remember  from the last post the fex was black and white.  the  white is the base and the  black is the pre shading areas (recessess)  so iv now applied the first  colour which is the carapace.

in this picture  i have started  to apply the purple  and you  can see that  where the white used2 be the colour is lighter and where its black its darker  the black is also comming jus to show the difference at this stage.

the next pictures are  off the  finished carapace the  transition from  the dark areas to the light areas is very sublte as iv used a darker purple but you can still see that their is a differece. notably  no brush marks!!! 

the  next colour that i willapply will be the skin tone this will be a challange to controll the air brush and flow so that i dont mark the carapace.

and if for some crazy reason  your  following this or using the same techniques for your own minis i used  liche  purple

any GW colour that is labelled as a"layer" will work  fine as well  i shouldalsopoint out using the GW "base"colours will give anoverall darker  result  where as the "highlight"  will give a lighter result 

Sunday, 5 August 2012

painting - air brushing edition

so today ifixed up an airbrush  that  i borrowed  and   i was  given  a  carnefex from a friend to practice with  so here is what i found so far!!! iv been watching  tones  of videos  for techniques on airbrushing  etc on youtube so  if ur wanting anairbrush check them  out

a little bit about the air brush im using - im  using a gravity feed with paint flow control  and a compressor soican controll the amount of pressure  going thru the brush their  great for  large  models and tanks and beingable to control flow and pressure ucanbe really precise  

firstly  i think the layers go down quicker than a brush and are 100% smoother  the pic below  shows the fex  after  its coat of white

notice how clean the  colour is no  marks  from bristles!!! the  next coat is  black which sounds  odd but  its a technique called  pre shading  

now this was a a little harder gettin the  pressure and controll right  andsince its a practice i dont care lol the black is  a pre shade as i mentioned earlier  so  what iv done is sprayed the black where the recesses are the

wat will this do  when  i spray  the  talons and carapace 2 things will happen where the white is the colour will be brighter as white make scolours  lighter where their is black the colour will be darker so we get the appearance of layering using 1 colour asthe black shades the dark areas  :D

the next article  ill spray the carapace to show  the effects of preshading

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

chaos deamons in 6th ed + update

first lets talk about some changes to the overall rule  book that i may have missed

chariots -  now chariots  add +1 to armour saves now theirs only 1 real bad ass who rides a chariot of doom and thats  mr skulltaker  yep  2+ armour  with WS7 S5 T5 w4 I5 A5   hes now a pure beast of awesome power well worth taking if u play chaos marines as a contingeant and  well worth lookin at  now for deamon armies

updated  units  i  havemy copy of the WD  booklet and here are the changes ( icant find the INV saves so i assume they havent changed if u kno where they are post it in the comments)

 plastic kits the  exalted  seeker  kit  is a limited  run but i think  for the  first  time GW are  producing  in 1  kit 2  models so snatch them  up while  you can id u plan on running  a pair of hell flayers or  a cavalcade (ill talk more bout these later  and y u should!!!)

first  new unit  in the  book  flamers

stat  change  +1I   +1W   now  they  used  2 be  35pts per model  now  its  69 for 3 then 23pts per model!! this means  5 models  used 2 cost 175 points they now cost 115  thats a reduction of 60pts :P

nuthin else has really changed except new models !!!

now  i will really  consider adding  a unit  of 5 2 my army 4+ to cause a glancing hit also  they ignore armour!!! no ap!! jus ignore armour AKA BYEBYE  TERMINATORS!!!!

next unit

stat change  +1I +1W  +2A old cost  16pts  per model  soaunit of 5 would be  80 points  new cost is 75pts for 3  then  25pts per model  making 5  140pts  expensive but  look wat they get!!
new abilities

lampreys bite replaces warp jaws  this is a   str5 ap2  armourbane attack    so  against  vehicles  its  2d6 pen  with a +1 to pen rolls and its  ap2  now at i4  they can easily take out  troops and termies hehe

they also have slashing attack  if they turbo boost over a unit they do d3 sttr4 hits per screamer so 5 screamers can do 15 str4 hits

will i take them ??  yes i will  140pts for another  decent  anti vehicle unit (250 for a tzeentch prince i may have 2 drop 1)

next model is  the hellflayers  these are a new  FA unit

stats WS5 bs0 S3 T3 W1 I6 A4 LD10 SV 3+ (the old chariots ive u 4+ if its  still the same then the chariots improves it by 1) their  60pts  each 

hellflayer F11 S11 R10 HP2 

special rules
fleshshredder this is amazing  u get  d6 str4 rending  hits  per hull point remaining for the hammer of wrath attacks (wait till  u see  wats  next  and other units  comming  up)  

soulscent (flayer only)  for  each unsaved saved wound  the turn u charge you get bonus attacks which is great!!

would i use this unit tho  not sure  its a great  speed bump / counter  unit

the last  unit is a squadron its  called the seeker calvalcade which is interesting its also  a heavy support  which means  expensive deamon princes are even harder to choose

the stats  the seeker  chariot + rider are the same stats  of the  hellflyer  without soulscent (iforgot 2 mention all new slaanesh units have grenades)  the  exalted chariot has 4  hullpoints  yes 4 !!!!!

points  now  this depends  on the  combo  that  u use   lets  look at the  same typesfirst

seeker chariot x3  this gets you  36 rending  hammer of wrath  attacks  at str4  before  combat then 15 rending attacks  all for  120 points  wow  with  hammer of wrath u can get AV13 at most  ireally can see this in most  lists

exalted x3  72 rending attacks for a whopping  270 points  now i would drop a deamon prince for this its awesome lol 

what i think  well see is  a mix 1 or 2 exalted with a seeker or 1 exalted with 2 seekers

1 exalted2 seekers gets you 48 rending attacks for 170
2exalted 1 seeker  get you 60 rending attacks for  230

next ill grab a rule book and put 2gether a new list