Saturday, 31 March 2012

deamons update

as you can see  plague bearer well 10 of them  are now done!!!  took  5 hours or their abouts  so next lot will get done 2moz :D

Friday, 30 March 2012

done bugger all with my deamons

so for the last week(few weeks) as the title suggest iv done bugger all with my deamons except maon about losing and list changing but now in the space off 3 days  my 3rd chariot has arrived and i picked up all my plague bearers which means the army is now 75% here  i have allso based all the plague bearers and 10 of their bases

and heres a teaser of the heralds to wet ur whistles!!!

my aim as i only have a few weeks left is get these all done for friday the 13th as that day is reserved to paint my fiends of slaanesh which i havent got yet and im not gunna jinx it lol day before a tournament but thats how its going.  so  next 40k update will be in a week with pics of what iv done.   

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

vangaurd day

since its my day 2 play vangaurd i thought the  first post should be about vangaurd but wat  iv done tactic articles deck building and the basics  as well as FINAL TURN!!  so now im struggling for ideas so i thought id give an overview of all the different decks out their so far.

currently their are  2 trial decks that u can buy and play with straight away  but iv delved into the depths of the booster packs to build 4 more decks !!!!  that means so far their are 6 decks in total to play so lets check them out (their are actually 7 but i havent built a tachikaze clan deck yet)

granblue  infinite resurection hell!!! for those who have seen the anime youll allready know wat that means for those who just play the card game itll soon become clear like the ocean :D.  gran blue deck consist of vampires and ghosts and deamons and their pirates. their main tactic is disarding cards from the deck to the drop zone then counter blasting to bring those units to the field  which means u can cycle units back to the field pretty easy.  the down side is ull need to run  at least 3 copies of hte top and key cards because when ur discarding ull lose some.

spike brothers are the football hooligans of vanguard its a very fluid deck  grade 2's call grade 2's and grade 1's can superior call their arent many cards for them tho at the moment so they lack a variety of grade 3 cards

OTT or oricle think tank is a deck ran by misaki in the anime and uses the soul and soul charging and soul blasting for effects more than other decks  i havent really played my OTT deck yet so cant really say how theyll play out

finally the great kamui rides nova grapplers these are amazingly good   starting with battle raizer  stand trigger that goes back 2 the deck after u ride it  brutal  jack grade 2 with 11k power  and lion heat who when hits can stand a unit and Mr invincible can soul blast 8 counter 5 and stand all units including himself

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

the FINAL general tactics article

and for this one i did say id talk about the elusive FINAL TURN!!!!!  now vanguard has no set turn limit but for those who also watch the anime theyll know both kai and ren call final turn to announce their about to win the game now in the anime its all scripted so how can u call a successfull final turn

timing is everything  u need both a field and hand advantage and i wud suggest caling final turn when u can get sumthin like this in the picture i have  victory aleph  2 overlord and barr 2 boost  the best time to call final tun is when ur opponent has 4 cards max in his hand  and atleast 4 damage points   this is because if he pulls a heal trigger ull need 2 do extra damage

i would start by calling final turn  and i wouldnt ride i would activate alpehs first effect boosting him to 13k and 2 critical then activate his 2nd effect to unflip all my damage then re activate aleph to do 16k and 3 critical this means ur opponent will do everything he possibly can to stoo this attack going thru

next attack with dragonic overlord on the left dont boost with 4 cards in hand ur opponent will let u kill his rear gaurd then stand dragonic overlord

next attak with the second overlord do the same thing

now with this overlord attack the vanguard and boost with only 2 damage hell risk taking damage as u really cant waste cards with a 3 critical unit on the field

now back to the other over lord this will all depend on wat hes drawn  most grade 3's are 10k power so with an overlord an 19k with a boost he can block with 1 card but that would leave him with 1 card if he got a heal ur back 2 square 1 and hell jus take damage

this is the all important attack  aleph with 16k boosted up 2 24k  hell block wth all cards (this could be any where from 25 -40k sheild)   bcoz even 1 trigger and ur through  so  it all depends on what triggers you draw lets do through them all assuming he has a 30K sheild

if u draw a stand trigger youve won  then a critical you win
draw heal trigger give the 5k to aleph  then wat ever else u draw if u get a trigger give the 5k to alpeh then ur thru his defence thats 7 damage in total and u win
if you get a draw trigger this can mess it up as the next card you draw is the effect of the draw trigger so if u draw a trigger it wont activate so u need the next card 2 be any trigger to win
drawing a critical  and giving all effect 2 aleph you then need 2 draw 1 more trigger to win

essentially to get final turn  3 cards max in opponents hand and 4 points of damage and go for a very aggressive field 
kill grade 2's first (or the turn before if u dont play kagero) 
then go for it and attack

the most important is u must call final turn before you draw for it 2 count

look upon the king of knights alfred

so i did a tactics article on vangaurd and used my royal paladin deck so im goin to go through it and do a deck building/stratagy article and why i chose each card so lets jump str8 in ill say it now the deck is only semi finished but still very competitive as i go thru ill put down also wat intend to do to complete the deck

overview  generally royal paladins  boost other paladins to give them greater attacking power such as alfred who with a full field gets 20k power plus twin drive thats 30k power if ur lucky   soul saver dragon can soul blast and boost 3 rear guards  with 5k power for a turn gancelot who gets 5k power and 1critical for blaster blade being in the soul

on to the deck
grade 0 and triggers
barcgal is my starting card as he is important for the supior ride combo to get blaster blade he cansearch for both flogal and llew then llew counter blast 1 and add these 3 to the soul and get blaster blade from the deck
stand trigger x4
heal trigger x4
drawx4  margal  - soulcharge  give 1 unit 3k power gd for soul charging for soul saver dragon
critcal trigger x4  which is llew x1 epona x3 

changes  ill be getting 3 more llew to finish this part of the deck  barcgal  is going to be banned soon so for a starting vanguard   these are hte options

star dust trumpeteer
giro - when put from gaurdian circle 2 drop zone move 2 soul gd card but not a gd starting card
dorangal - is a gd if u use the galahad combo
bluegal- gain 1k for each bluegal on the field
wingal brave (this is the next beast choice after barcgal) - has the same first effect when u ride it move  2 rear gaurd when u boost a unit named "blaster" put it into the soul if hte attack hits call a unit with "blaster" in its name

grade 1
isuelt x1 perfect defence
marron x4
pongal x2  this searches for soul saver dragon
wingal x4  boost blaster blade  making total attack power 19k
starlight x1 unicorn gives 2k power to a unit untill the end of the turn
morgana x1 drop 1 card for a 10k boost

ill be dropping both morgana and unicorn for 2 more isuelt

grade 2
blaster blade x2  counter blast 2 and retire a unit
gordon x4  intercept +5k to sheild
gallatin x3
akane x1  counter blast 2 search for a high beast i search for pongal then pongal gets soul saver :D
randolfx1 if u have more cards randolf gets +3k power

ill be dropping randolf and 1 gallatin  for 2 more blaster blade

grade 3
alfred king of knights x2
gigantech charger x2
gancelot x2
soul saver dragon x1
deamon slayer lohengrin

at the moment grade 3's are fine

tactics  their plenty to do with royal paladins  the first is done within the first few turns

barcgal call llew and flogal (if 1 isnt in hand)  supior ride blaster blade
akane  searches for pongal that  get soul saver
gigantech charger  when called reveals top card and that is called as well
gancelot can ride blaster blade to boost himself OR be placed on top of the deck  to search for blaster blade
alfred can call grade 2 or lower paladins  so u can get blaster blade 2 retire a unit
lohengrin counter blast 5 soul blast 8 and retire all rearguards soul charge 1 boost for 2k
soul saver get 3k for attacking and soul blasts 5 to boost 3 rear guards

defencesive techniques
isuelt is the perfect defence
gordon intercepts for +5k  shield

this means i can play 1 grade 3 and maintain a solid hand/field control or play 3 grade 3 and be agressive  as i have 12  10k shields  so at best i can block 3 turns of twin drive successfully

thats it for royal paladins their easy to use adn highly effective so go give them a try !!

in game tactics VANGAURD

it makes mre sense to carry on and go to actual gaming with vanguard then do more deck building however i will do some reports on each clan as i play them. 

so by now if u have followed the posts you have a an idea how the game is played and a super special awesome deck of destruction!!!!

now its time to change  lucky wins into consistant wins!!!  and i have a few simple rules that shoud help

firstly is proper deck shuffling before the deck is shuffled make sure u have an even spread of triggers through out the deck as well as all the other grades i do this by goin  1/2/1/2/1/2  and make them into a pile  then go 12/3/12/3 into a pile  then  go 2 cards followed by a trigger into a final pile after this make 5 random piles of ten during games to keep it even.

first hand i have my royal paladins on hand to better explain and im goin 2 imagine that im playing against some1 and explain all th cards and choices 

my starting vanguard is always barcgal his skill lets me search for llew and flogal then with flogal and llew on the field i can supior ride and search for blaster blade!!

i drew 
knight of silence gallatin
knight of truth gordon
heal triggers x2
1 draw trigger

i got no grade 1's  pretty bad  i allways put back triggers  from my starting hand if i drawany more then thats bad luck ill keep gordon as if he intercepts he gets +5000 so gallatin is also going back *insert shuffling noise*

new cards drawn were
high dog breeder akane  she can sert for any high beast with a counter blast 2 ( ill search for pongal who can counter blast 1 and search for soul saver dragon)
flash shield isuelt  is the royal paladins perfect defence  so that means if i had 2 use 3 cards to defend against a grade 3 wit htwin drive ill use perfect defence leaving me with cards left to block anything else
blaster blade  retires any units with a counter blast of 2 
wingal  can boost blasterblade for 19000 attack

ok so first turn lets say i get first turn i draw little sage marron first thing i do is ride barcgal and use his effect and search for llew then attack with marron  most players will take the first 2 points of damage this is because u dont need 2 defend this early secondly it give you access to counter blasts to take an advantage

during you opponents first few turns dont guard take some damage  if he play aggresive putting down 2 or even 3 grade ones jus take that damage then start defending

since iv mentioned defending  up 2 grade 2 add together the damage as normal  lets say its  18000 and ur grade 2 has  9000 power  assume that with a 33% chance hell draw a trigger  giving him 23000 power  that mean to successfully block you need to put down a 10k and 5k shield this means if he draws a trigger he wont go through  if u work on this principle ull allways be able to defend 

i personally take damage from rear gaurds bcoz once ur at grade it shouldnt take long to finish the game  but dont be reckless

the next defending stratagy is perfect defence    lets say a grade 3 with boosted 24k power attacks ur grade 3 with 10k power  now with twin drive if he draws 2 triggers  (ITS VERY IMPORTANT TO PLAN GUARDING FOR TRIGGERS ITS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WINNING AND LOSING) thats 34k power  so u need u hve 2 play  3 cards from your hand which is alot  playing a perfect defence u only lose 2 cards and u take no damage regardless of power!!

back to the game i drivecheck and drew pongal and he damage checks next turn ill take damage my damage check reveals alfred but my draw phase i get soul saver dragon i dont need high dog breeder having soul saver in my hand so ill ride her this turn( lol)  re activate barcgal for flogal play her then play Gordon for his intercept effect and I can attack with a boost from flogal doin 2 damage this turn is he chooses not 2 block  drive check reveals gigantech charger

i think at this point i should talk about the opponent and wat hell be thinking and planning as he went second hell be going to grade 2 so he may put down 2 more grade 2's as rear guards he can still intercept so he doesnt weaken himself  hell attack with rear guards first to see how u react and take that damage (were now at 3)  then block his vangaurd

intercept with gordon for 10k+8k from vanguard then put down 1 5k from your hand i lose gordon from the field and pongal from my hand as he is no longer needed

i kno have 3 grade 3's in my hand ill activate llew and ride blaster blade from my deck (ill ride soul saver dragon next turn and maybe get a fina turn ill do a seperate article for that) this gives me 5 in soul then blaster next turn makes 6 activate blaster blade and target grade 2's on the front row to give u an advantage i attack drive check a draw trigger

at this point expect him 2 defend more i draw another draw trigger this means i have 10k i can use as a sheild and 1 perfect defence

hell now be at grade 3 and with only blaster blade on our side hell be thinking he can get a win but with 7 cards in my hand and 3 damage hell go 4 the main twin drive so well perfect defence and we take 1 damage but lose 2 cards 2 defend a boosted grade 2 i draw a heal trigger (allways put face down cards back into the drop zone

i drew a stand trigger with a 10k shield but i have a great offencsive hand so lets push and go in this order
ride soul saver
call charger he reveals gallatin so well put him in the front row for more defence
now activate  soul saver  giving the 3 rear gaurds 5k 

so attack for 15 hell have 2 block 1
then do it agen hell have 2 take this
then attack for 24 with soul saver dragon!!  (remember if i twin drive thats 34k!!) hell have 2 defend this will weaken his hand for next turn i get 1 trigger so hes safe

but i can know block 30k next turn
we have 3 points of damage he has 4

hell do sumthin similar but hell attak the grade 2 first let him save ur hand he cud attack the grade 3 or do use his rear guard 2 attak the vangaurd is he does take the damage so lets assume he attacks the vanguard

we discard 3 cards 2 defend if he gets a stand trigger well take another point so draw and play everything if u have  5 points of damage u can easily cause 3 this turn as is hand wud be low from blocking
first attack with a rear guard with the lowest attack value doing this means he can easily block or take damage  so take the damage
secondly attack with the other rear guard that can be boosted hell block  this
next vaguard and same agen twin drive get check  to finish the game  a stand trigger wud be gd

now ill leave it their as iv covered all the main points  and ill go thru them agen
when blocking remember grade 2 or lower make sure u add enough defence 2 block if they draw a drive trigger and with grade 3  enough 2 block if they draw 2 triggers

attack with rear guards first starting with the lowest power level this will make him either take damage or block making it easier to do damage with other units

another thing  attack grade 2 rear gaurds  especially those that get +5k power when they block

take 2 damage early on so you can access counter blasts quicker

allways put back  triggers from ur starting hand and any grade 2's or 3's if u have no grade 1's

back to deamons update!!!!

iv changed the list yet agen but this is for the final time 

Deamons 1745  

Herald of tzeentch
We are legion / master of sorcery

Skull taker

Feinds x6
Crushers x5
Fury / instrument

Plague bearers x5
Plague bearers x5
Plague bearers x5
Plague bearers x5

Deamon prince
Mark of tzeentch
Bolt of tzeentch
Demonic gaze

as you can see iv added  demonic gaze to my princes added an extra  herald adn the skull taker for more power and wound allocation

on the model front i still need 20 plague bearers and feinds and i have 2 hand my list in this week and the tournament is 3 weeks away

Monday, 26 March 2012

deck building tactics part 2

as i mentioned in the previous article i run a kagero deck!!  and here is it

conroe x1
draw - gatling dragon
crit - tarr

total 17

grade 1
barri x3 - perfect defense
barr x4
iron tail x4
amber dragon daylight x3

total 14

grade 2
amber dragon  dusk x2
blazing core dragon x2
dragon knight aleph x2
dragon knight berger x2
nehalem x3

total 11

grade 3
dragonic overlord x3
flare dragon x1
eclipse x1
aleph x2
blockade x1

total 8

barr x4 (grade 1)
tarr x4 (grade 0)
dragon knight aleph x2 (grade 2)0
embodiement of victory aleph x1 (grade 3) 

i run a high number as this increases the chance of drawing the cards i need i can also use conroe t to find and spare grade 1 or 0 cards i need

once i have bar and tar and alpeph i can put them into the soul and from dragon knight aleph supior ride to victory aleph  from here depending on my soul and damage i can either counter blast 4 and increase victory alephs critical by 1 and attack power by 3000 then i can use his 2nd effect get rid off dragon knigh aleph barr and tarr to unflip all my damage so i can use his first effect agen giving victory these stats

16000 power and a critical of 3 that means with a boost of 8000 from a grade 1 u get 24000 power then twni drive if u pull 2 triggers 34000 damage  ur opponent will need to block with atleast 3 cards
if i do the above BUT next turn ride vortex dragon with a soul blast of 8 and counter blast 5 i can retire all rear guard!!!!

my 2nd tactic is this
iron tail dragon x3 (grade 1)
gatling claw x3 (grade 0)
blazing core dragon x2 (grade 2)
blazingflare dragon x1 (grade 3)

with this tactic it has the same superior ride as aleph by filling up the soul (if i do this first it boosts my soul count for both aleph and vortex)  by having core dragon as the vangaurd and adding gatling and iron tail to the soul and counter blasting to call flare dragon
with him in the vangaurd i attack rear guards first to boost him then attack with him i can soul blast 5 to retire 1 rear guard unit
my 3 tactic is a double edged sword it locks down ur opponents front 2 rear guard units leaving u free to attack at full strength
sealed dragon blockade x1 (grade 3)
then either nehalem or berger
or sum grade 3's for a full offence

last combo i use is the amber dragon set

deck building 101

now weve got the basics out the way  its time to talk deck building!!  before we go into tactics this is the most important part of playing vangaurd being able to build a deck. their is a simple check list  to use when building a decent deck 

starting with the basics we need to use  50 cards with  16 triggers  plus a starting card that means we have 33 cards left for the rest of the deck and ill use my kagero deck for examples the basics are kagero are high damage and retiring rear gaurd units we can do other things but these are the main stratagies that i use

my triggers are
embodiement of spear tarr x4 (critical)
lizard soldier ganlu x4 (stand)
dragon monk genjo x4 (heal)
gatling claw dragon x4(draw)
conroe is my starting vangaurd

i use a balance of all 4 triggers as after u draw 6 cards theirs nearly a 50% chance to draw a trigger when u attack or take damage and 25% chance to draw any of the above triggers obviously you can change these if u feel ore inclined towards a certain play style

conroe is my starting vangaurd because he can counter blast and fetch a grade 1 or less kagero in 2 my hand

with the 33 remaining cards  we need 2 create a curve with the first hand that is drawn IE 0-3 then secondly the deck needs synergy so that you can ride up quickly to grade 3 this curve is so important for defending if u draw to many high grade cards u wont be able 2 defend early game

this is the set up i use for my deck
grade 0 17
grade 1 13
grade 2 11
grade 3   9

this means that my starting hand  shud contain atleast atleast 1 from each grade  giving me a gd curve

this is created through 1 or more cards boosting others and helping you on the road to victory  this can be done through cards fetching other cards or drawing them  having a high number of cards and beng able to superior ride :D

the next article will be a list of all the cards in my deck and my tactics

Sunday, 25 March 2012

vangaurd part 2

we looked at the basics  now im going to go over the cards and more indepth game play

each card indepth!!
as well as the lv of each card and its power they also have shield written on them this is the amount of damage they can help block.
as you can see from the card above their are 3 different types of abilities
cont in red these are continuous  abilities and as soon as the card is played they come into effect
act in blue are activated abilites these require you to perform a certian action
auto in green  this means that the ability will come into effect its important to pay attention to auto effects

some cards can also soul blast or soul charge

the above card can soul blast a soul blast is perform by flipping face up damage cards face down
a soul charge is done by putting the top card of the deck underneath of the top card (any card below the top card is called the soul)

damage check drive triggers and combat  !!!!!!!

as i mentioned in the first article  you win by causing 6 point of damage and that balancing taking damage with bocking

dealing damage
only front rank cards can attack  to deal damage to the player u must attack their vanguard.  you can also attack other front rank rear guards.

simply declare which will attack first
if u will boost
then the opposing player decides to block or not

the opposing player can block any cards vanguard or rear guard by calling his cards to the guardian circle. defence is worked out by adding the amount of shield to the power of the vanguard  if the total beats the attackers then they lock if not you take damage.

the twist  check the drive trigger!!!
if a vanguard unit attacks then after the opponent guards or not the drive trigger is checked this is done by revealing the top card to the opponent if a stand draw heal or critical trigger is revealed the evvects activate:

firstly all triggers give a card 5000 powe this can be added to any card including the vangaurd to boost his power to do damage

stand trigger  after a card attacks it is put on its side (called resting)  a stand trigger means the card can go back upright or stand to attack agen
draw triggers alows you to draw another card (triggers wont activate)
heal this lets you heal 1 point of damage for this to work you must have equal or more damage than your opponent
critical this is good one  this adds +1 damage to an attacking unit so if the opponent didnt guard thats 2 damage!!

now if the opponent guarded and the attack still went thru or they didnt guard then its time to damage check!!

this is done in the same way a drive check is done reveal the top card then place it on the left hand side of the play mat face up if a trigger is revealed resolve the effects first so all the effects above apply although critical wont work on the defencesive but giving +5000 to the vangaurd makes it harder to do damage

thats it all the rules are on line as well and the next articles will be about deck building tactics and the elusive FINAL TURN!!!!!!!!!!

stand up the vanguard

vanguard  cardfight is finally out so now ill be doing  some deck analysis combos etc etc coz i love to blog. for those browsing and dont know what vanguard is its a card game made by bushiroad and the guys behind duel monsters and yu gi oh!

card fight game play area basics and stuff  !!!
its very simple each player has a 50 card deck with exactly 16 triggers which are stand draw heal and critical these are very important during combat as they can add an extra 5000 damage to a card which makes the difference between doing damage and not(more on that later). after that each card has a level  and these levels have different abilities.  the picture below  is a playmat 

the green semi circle is the gaurdian circle
the blue circle is the vanguard circle
gold is rearguards
the rest are labelled

level 0 cards
these are mainly trigger cards (heal triggers re capped at 4)  and the initial card you will use as your avatar to start the game.  the main ability of lv0 cards is they boost attacking cards

lv1 cards
these are used to boost other cards when attacking

lv2 cards
these cards can intercept  if a lv2 card is on the field in the front row then it can be placed in the gaurdian circle to defend the vanguard

lv3 cards
twin drive!! these are the most powerfull cards and will also have devastating effects such as retiring all rearguard units or being able to summon your own units from the drop zone to rear guard spaces

how the game works !!!
each player has a turn which has 4 seperate stages

ride phase - this is where you place a card with equal or higher level on the current
main phase - call any other cards to rear guard and activate any abilities
battle phase - this is where you battle :D
end phase  - this is where u end your turn and the steps are repeated for your opponent

the winner is the first player t ocause 6 points of damage!!

the most important part of vangaurd is being able to weigh up when to block attacks and when to take damage this will be covered in the next article :D as well as other card abilities such as soul charging and soul blasting

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


over  5 games iv won 1 lost 4  so 10 games will be 2/8   thats a poor average when  the tournament im goin to is only 3 games  that means theirs a gd chance ill lose all 3 games which is not gd .  now i am looking to win atleast 2  which means  in the next 5 practice games i really need 2 win atleast 2 games this will put me 2 3/7  which is a better average and more hope of gettin those 2 wins that i need.

from playing iv realised i dont have enough shooting and 2 much CC   2 dedicated shooting units and 2 dual units  in wave 1 wasnt enough  so now  iv changed the list and boosted the shooting to 6 units

the new lists look like this
Herald of tzeentch
We are legion / master of sorcery

Herald of tzeentch
We are legion / master of sorcery
Bolt of tzeentch

Flamers x6
Feinds x6
Crushers x5
Fury / instrument

Plague bearers x5
Plague bearers x5
Plague bearers x5
Plague bearers x5

Deamon prince
Mark of tzeentch
Bolt of tzeentch

now going back through the list

dedicated shooting units
both heralds  as per the original list
a new herald with the same setup
flamers (herald on disc attached to these)

these have doubled from 2  to 4 lol  this means that i shoud be able 2 drop these 4 on turn 1 along with 2 deamon princes being optimistic

CC units

these havent changed but with the improved shooting phase when they drop hopefully theyll be nice little juicy targets bcoz ill have destroyed sum boxes :P

dual units
deamon princes

these will be as they allways have been shooting a tank with bolt then charging it 2 finish it off from turn 2 they shud both hopefully take out 2 a turn  all being well  4 wounds with a 3+/4++

so in total  6 shooting units and 4 CC units which is an improvement well see how it does on the table next thursday

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

5 weeks and counting

well were entering the few final weeks for open war and i have this to report

blood crushers done!!
deamon prince done!!
demon prince done!!

as for the gaming side its deffinately worth while to split the army evenly  and this is how im gunna do it

heralds x2
deamon princes of tzeentch x2

this leaves
blood thirster
deamon prince of khorne
and 4 troops

hopefully with the drop on turn1  i  have  a chance to take out 4 tanks then after their turn1 hopefully ill have enough left to finish off what ever comes out of those tanks or do mor damage with the feinds and crushers   and if the DP and thirster drop in ill be reinforcing the charge  side and dropping troops out of the way  thats the plan

next game necrons :D

Friday, 2 March 2012

deamons cotinued

i have changed my list this week adding 1 bloodthirster and dp of khorne and dropping the horrors and soul grinder  AND MY PACK GO ARRIVED ITS AWESOME!!! LOL

as for actual models

i have just ordered the chariots and magnets to stick larger models together etc etc and 2 more bases for these models

still need:
20 plague bearers
2 heralds of tzeentch
1 blood thirster
1 dp

time limit 6 weeks  lets get it on!!!

gaming wise im still struggling with deamons and gettin the hang of them  losing 2 nids with more fire power and its annoying

what iv learnt so far tho is make the drop as even as possible  and then depending on the game saturate the weak half  allways refuse flank!!