Friday, 2 August 2013

sad times and new stuff

well I need money for a new army so im getting rid of the existing armies iv decided that its time for a change so im trading all my armies in and starting a new collection staring with tau as my new shooting force this is mainly bcoz tau tick all the boxes for an army 

anti infantry
anti tank
anti air

im also going to be doing something different with this army as well ill be buying an trying out different lists that I write to see wat works the best

iv ideas for an infiltration devastation list :D with 18 stealth suits 540pts  3x6 units all with burst canons 72 shots deployed on the flank of an enemy army to soak up their fire with a 2+ cover save they'll not be shifted in a hurry :P

ill also be running duel riptides :D

crisis suits x3 with twin linked plasma and plasma rifles :D

9 broad sides  with different load outs
3 hammerheads

etc etc  

varying lists will be up soon

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