Monday, 14 October 2013

the archangel everblights finest creation!!

my archangel arrived yesterday I spent a gd 2 hours just putting this model to gether  and a further hour near enough green stuffing the gaps. to give people and idea of how big he is  the wingspan is 11" and from base to highest point he stands 10" tall

although archie is mainly resin and plastic with some metal parts their were plenty of gaps which is still my main bug bear with privateer press models.  Im gunna use the excess were iv green stuffed as battle damage/scars

so on to the model  here he is before prime and extra green stuffing and green stuffed and primed ready for washing :D

the next set is me building up the skin  my usual technique has been to  use 1-2 washes for lesser to create a light pink  3 ish for light beasts  to create a medium and 4-5 ish for heavy beasts so im going to build up and compare then stop as soon as the colour is deeper
first pic is the first coat
this next pic is coat number 4 compared to a normal heavy warbeast
and by him self

not great pics coz its sunny but u can see how deep the purple has gone :D  next I re painted all the areas that are white and painted the mouth and tongue red
 next is the armour again I want get this to a deep black
now im painting up the claws with brown and the teeth is coming along nicely rough estimate of time bout 8 hours
the next part will be to do the base for this I have decided to do the main column grey with a wash of nuln oil  the floor will be steel legion drab and bones karak stone
 this is the base before washing

now the stone has been done with a patchy semi marbled effect the final thing to do is wash the base and tower

the pillar has now been washed and the model has been finished

finished model!!

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