Saturday, 28 February 2015

the only constant is change

demons update!!!!!!

so iv finally  got a lord of change to lead my demons into battle goin full circle!!  the only difference  is belakor is out of retirement to give the deamons a hand its a great combo!!

the lord of change carries the book and is my warlord his job is 2 boost the screamers up and cast psychic scream on sumthin lol

belakor is their 2 cast invisibility on a unit and shrouding to give my DP/LOC a 2+ re-roll cover save

so the deamons are now technically all bought I need a new belakor model and maybe 2 on foot heralds of tzeentch for more dice and summoning power and fateweaver but well see on that 1 !

sit rep with painting these bad boys most of the drones are done now  and all the bases are done so ill be starting horrors soon

1 squad will be purple
1 squad will be blue

the demon princes will be purple blue and a mix of blue and purple

lord of change will be a full mixture of blue and purple

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