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dark eldar new codex??

well we all know that dark eldar as a solo codex is terrible  were weak lightly armoured low toughness all rolled into poor armour saves.

their are so many things wrong and so few things right with this codex  it really does need a decent overhaul and I found this list of things on BOLS.

now b4 I go thru the list BOLS is a terrible site that mainly copy more reputable sites lol but its still an interesting list that give us some hope of getting something that may be decent

  The next Dark Eldar codex is due out in the second half of 2016 with several changes.  so this might be at earliest july and worse  autumn time or winter. 

Raiders are *free* for anything that can take dedicated transports.  one of the strongest list's is spamming warriors in raiders with splinter wracks they really hammer anything with a decent T value

and warriors are currently 80pts for 10 models with raiders being 65 pts with wracks = 145pts
 venom with double canon and 5 warriors is 105pts

under the new codex its cheaper for 10 re-rolling shots than it is for 12 long range shots  (assuming ur out of rapid fire range)  ud save  25pts per boat  meaning 2 troops like this is a massive 50pt saving!!

Venoms are not free but can disembark passengers after moving 12″.  before the latest codex  5th ed was filled with wyches in venoms that would be the main anti tank but then haywire was dropped and made into a special grenade and wyches are so bad that they were relegated to a permanent off the table position 

Image result for dark eldar meme

Wyches sound *good* and fluffy – and they’re getting new models. They all get shred and hydra gauntlets cause blindness. They also have the innate ability to choose to wound off their choice of attributes rather than toughness. So they can pick initiative and wound Necrons on a 3+. That’s what Wyches do to slow people. Their Hecatrix rerolls *everything* in a challenge.

so this is probably the most interesting rumour so far  combining wyches with a vehicle that they can move 12" and disembark means 1st turn charge is really easy BUT no1 will do that unless they get a huge boost (see above)  wounding against a different value  will need some clarification if its S,T,W,I then well the vast majority of models have 1 wound so ull always wound them on 2's which doesn't sound right even  multi wounded models when combo'd with lets say +1 str from combat drugs  str4 is amazing bcoz multi wound character's have 3 wounds at the best so that's still wounding them on 3's !!! 

this is something well have to wait and see about!!

Combat drugs are on a 2D6 chart and are optional.  if its optional maybe it will affect all units rather than a select few that will make things more interesting and warriors will get better

Darklight weapons (dark lances, blasters, blast pistols) all gain the blind special rule.  I really like this it gives DE an even better time playing the attrition game  as blind will help mitigate some return fire :D

During night fighting all enemy units are treated as affected by the blind special rule and there are powers to make it dark on various rounds.  sounds like the necron stormlord  again  blind is really gd it makes going 2nd with night fighting in affect  an amazing combo and even the weak transports now become really durable

Whenever a Dark Eldar unit with the Power From Pain rule attacks an enemy unit that’s blinded, those attacks gain rending and instant death.  this makes wyches pretty gd depending what the combos are for making it night fighting  and then incubi become insanely powerful

 Power from Pain is no longer a turn chart. Instead there are different types of pain the army focuses on, during a given turn and the army fights differently based on what’s chosen. No more details other than that.   this next one sounds like tau and ethereals  but army wide it will be interesting to see how they work n word this

 The Court of the Archon gets a second copy of the warlord’s warlord power. Additionally enemies do not achieve the Slay the Warlord objective until they’ve killed both the warlord and the Court.

another interesting mechanic means the army can carry on for longer depending on wat is rolled

Succubi are like what Lilith Hesperax is right now. Not exactly sure what that means.

 Hellions can hit-and-run on their initiative step rather than at the end of the combat round. Shoot, assault, make CC attacks, and then bounce out of combat before the enemy can make their attacks. reminds me of wulfen with their crazy rules which are needed 2 make ppl choose something other than flyers from FA

Wracks are 2W and any character automatically passes LOS rolls if they have a Wrack with them.  that's a nice little boost for wracks but will they be worth taking 2 purely keep a HQ alive.

so lots of things  to ponder over and hopefully some o these will be true!

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