Thursday, 26 May 2016

pt2 leaking

so this mainly covers units that I use and solo's  etc!

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so lets get str8 into it with

annyssa ryvaal!
main card - unchanged some icons added but unsure wat they are now 8pts
skills still snap fire has gone (but may be an icon now)  prey unchanged  veteran leader changed to  +1 while in command range (same for warmonger chief) which is gd  and  5" reposition

warmonger chief
main card lost abomination (we knew that)  gained tough rest unchanged now 6pts
skills unchanged

death stalker solo
main card unchanged now 4pts
skills unchanged

main card def down by1  cost 4pts
skills unchanged

def n arm down by1  FA3 rest unchanged
skills now remove 1 fury and heal is b2b

mat down by1  gained tough  5 boxes  now 15pts
skills  berserk the same  gained powerful charge (+2 attack roll)

striders + ua
unchanged but looks like they lost CRA now 9pts
ua unchanged except officer now 5 boxes n 4pts
skills  hunter slightly changed  LOS taken out and forests

main card unchanged   now 11/18pts
skill  unchanged  (5") reposition

hex hunters + ua
down 1speed now cost 9/15
skills  gained prowl (nice!)

lost stealth and down 1 speed now cost 6
skills granted hunter changed to unit melee weapons get shadow bind  and prowl

so the burning question is a 50pt mk2 list the same as a 75pt mk3 list well lets find out!!!

my elylth list is 55pts  and its

2 ravagores
1 naga
striders x2 +ua
death stalker x2

now converted to mk3  I get 5pts left over which means I can buy something else

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