Thursday, 9 March 2017

rhyas1 vs caine2

so I got rhyas and zuriel and made a list to try out that ended quite badly vs a caine2 gun line

this is deployment
 with my deployment what you cant see is that ive pretty much blocked my self in!  with a 10" control I needed my battle group closer
and an even caine2 gun line!!  I hate going first!

pretty simple turn 1 every1 runs up n I lose 2 tentacles so far so gd!
well this is turn3 so ive missed a pic out but it ended here and badly!

I messed up with my reak n it died
I lost proteus
I blocked in my swordsmen so they didn't do much dmg
BFS were in the wrong place they need 2 support the swordsmen
I don't think the hellmouths are needed in this list but well see

I'm going to play the list a few more times before I decide to swop it

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