Tuesday, 11 April 2017

rhyas sigil of everblight!

so ive started painting up rhyas and whilst I like the uniformity of my theme I also want to expand it slightly and have some things that are different for variety that takes inspiration from their rules fluff things like that.

vayl1 was mainly white as she is wreathed in snow

so here is rhyas1

so youll notice some differences straight away the armour plates are grey rather than silver and aren't purple like every other model in my faction

the cloth is also darker this is because she is like a ninja I imagine she blends in with her troops and appears from the middle of them like a whirlwind of death

the sword I like the idea of the demon blade muramasa and my idea is that the blade absorbs the blood and I wanted different degrees of "wet" blood from fresh to almost dry so the blade is a mass of different shades all chaotic

this has also spurred me on to paint the warlord and swordsmen in a similar style to rhyas to further this idea should come together well on the table!!

hopefully ill finish rhyas when I get back from my jollies and then on to building my swordsmen

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