Friday, 26 April 2013


so i took the plunge  but that doesnt mean  i still wont annoy the general populace of players lol  neway  so  im gunna  break down  everything  from  wat i bought  models iniatial thoughts  n all that crap  lol

so i dont like the robots n stuff so i bought  hordes  and the only clear  choice  is legion of everblight coz they have dragons! for the battlegroupit cost me less than  30quid  with quick start  rules is amazing value for money you get  6 models 1 caster 1 heavywarbeast and 4 light warbeast.

as this is the 2nd most important part of any hobby u need decent moels.  and overall looks the everblight models are really nice the main problem is they are essentially snap fit so the poses are very static with little to no ability to change the poses etc etc their were also very little mould lines which is a bonus.

this is the most important part of the hobby they need to be tight and crreate a decent game.  the quick start rules give you a basic idea of the game so you can play. they come in a handy little leaflet that folds out it also has all the stats for all the other hordes factions on the back which is cool. its set out with  background to the game how stat cards work (covered in gameplay)  weapons then starting the game. then the fury mechanic. its set out quite well but i think using  spells  couldhave been put with fury as thats  what fury is used for but apart from that its pretty consice.

like most wargames  this is a turn based game with a simple  set up  roll a d6 highest roll choses who goes first then they both set up within 10"of the board edge and the game starts. each turn is split into 3 phases :

maintainance - remove effects and excess fury
controll -  step 1 leach fury from warbeasts step 2 spen fury to upkeep any spells step 3 make a threshhold check for warbeasts with 1 or more fury on them
activation - after this you can activate any models in any order

the difference from most games is that  each peice moves, shoots fights seperately from every other peice

each model has a stat card with abilities and health on to keep track of how much life it hasand what it does.  you also have the stats for each model.

the actual fighting and interaction is similar to every other wargame u need to beat a certain score to do something and how they do it is 2d6 + stat and you have to equal or beat to do something 

for example to shoot a target u roll 2d6 + ranged attack  if u beat the def of the model u then roll for damage which is 2d6 + POW and have to beat the armour to do damage           

their are lots of kool little combos  you can do and itsvery quick a basic 15pts game can be played in 30mins or less

so thats hordes in a nutshell ill update with what faction i chose and wat it does later

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