Friday, 26 April 2013

play testing ogres!!

so a while back i went thru the army books to decide on a new army and well  i bought ogres!!!

the main decision was  money  as their cheaper than  most other armies that i like.  so what did i buy

1 battalion box
1 box of lead belchers
1 box of iron guts
1 stonehorn
1 slaughter master

this makes a rough 1750 list a bit of an odd number  but i played a 1500point game without the stonehorn n for my 3rd game i threw that in

overall feel of the army iv taked about this from a theoretical point of veiw but now im goin to post my list and go thru the games to give some feedback on unit performance etc

dispell scroll

great weapon

ironguts x7
dragonhide banner

ironguts x6

lead belcher x4
lead belcher x4


general tactic
the first thing is ogres dont have many units  so ull be getting the +1 to who goes first most of the time. the main hitting unit is the big block of iron guts with characters the small unit is their 2 engage weaker units or fank charge and take away the rank bonus from the unit engaged with the main unit the lead belchers sit either side on the edges ull still be in range of the bsb and their job is to shoot units that ull be charging and reduce the shooting efficiency of other units which they do very well.  the stonehorn goes on the far flank where the enemy is weakest and run it forewards untill it can smash into a unit.

slaughter master -  even a lv4  needs lots of luck to cast troll guts which is the regen bubble on a 20+ u really need 2 throw 5 or 6 dice at it  so far magic has kinda failed me with ogres :(  the hellheart however is a great item to use on turn 3 when every1 is closer to gether and what it does is cuased instant miscast on all enemy wizard in d6x5".  dont try this against lizardmen as most will hae cupped hands and that may end up badly for u i lost 2 spells! dispell scroll is obv  use it preferably mid game or on a spell that u kno u cant dispell  with dice

 bsb - he is the main hammer in this army 4 attacks at str7 if they charge then u get 2 re-roll 1s with the dragonhidebanner he has done lots for this army so far ! i may add another bruiser with a magcweapon for etheral units

iron guts with dragon hide - these are devastatingly gd steadfast with 2 ranks and 2+ str on ogre charge also re-rolling 1's for dragonhide banner u could make this unit even better by adding a tyrant or 2 if u wanted all CC army

small unit - these did well VS smaller units such as spearmen and skinks  as they  can survive their attacks before doing damage back  you can also support the main unit with a dual charge!

lead belchers -  these guys pour out some amazing fire power and hit on 4's after at turn 2 if the opponent deploys on the line :D  4d6 is an average of 12-16 hits with a -2 on armour saves so theyll dent tougher units with 2/3+ saves as theyll be 50% chance to pass then u can combine with the other unit or try it on a different unit. in combat charge weaker units like archers  use them 2 disrupt the enemies shooting is they run they cant fire next turn dont charge combat units as they have no armour theyll die pretty quick even with 3 wounds

stone horn-  is awesome is a movement 7 with a 3d6 charge if u put him wide on the flanks  move then wheel to get a flank charge on the outer unit doesnt matter wat the unit is jus keep charging untill ur in coz eventually theyll have 2 stand as the army could start fleeing in combat the stonehorn has 2 things goin for it  str6 t6 w6 with a 4+ save it also halves  multiple wounds so its very durable.  on the chrage u do 3d3 impact hits  if u get 10+ u get the earth shattering charge which is 3d3 + 3 that an average of 6-9 depending what u get and their str6 but thats all ur stonehorn does on the charge u then get attacks with the rider then thunder stomp so its better to be gettin flank charges for extra combat res after the first round should the unit survive u have 6 attacks and frenzy + thunder stomp only ws3 tho so most units its 4's to hit but 2's to wound with a -3 so that should kill most light 2 medium troops lookin at u chaos warriors hahaha :D

so thats the initial list and how its playing so far

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