Friday, 21 February 2014

current eldar list

so iv finally got an elder list I can play at 1500pts

spirit seer

wave serpent
scatter laser

dire avengers x5
wave serpent
holo fields
scatter laser
shuriken canon

bikes x3

crimson hunter

fire prism
holo fields

fire prism
holo fields

so iv tried out the list n I think to improve the effectiveness of both the prisms I cud use a far seer on bike and the crimson hunter cud be an exarch.

I also have a wraithknight as well  that I can swop in instead of the prisms

I would also like a few more FA units so I can take more objectives but well see

I now have all the army built as well as my dark eldar so once I have a case ill look at making an allies list

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