Sunday, 9 March 2014

alpha strike dark eldar v1

iv been watching loads of battle reports lately with an elder dark elder alpha strike list, which cud b quite useful vs tau eldar taudar. Eldau guard and neurons as these armies can still bring the hurt as well.

Dark eldar have always been the first in alpha striking armies venoms with lots of splinter canons and dark lances means they'll tear thru most armies pretty quickly but they won't win the war of attrition. The best way to get the alpha strike is baron and vect but that's 345 before any thing else is added but what u do get is +1 to table sides then a +4 to steal the initiative so u have better odds of  gettin the best deployment zone then take first turn is a 50/50 gamble so set up slightly defensively

U can take just baron or vect for either and they'll work fine to save points.  But what I like is the addition of eldar.  As their battle brothers I can beef up the output of the ravagers while having the elders durable tanks to hide behind and add their fire power to take down  flyers or light vehicles

For a list I'd be looking at something like this

Wracks x3
Splinter canon
Night shields

X2 units

Birds x6
Dogs x10

Night shield
Flicker field

X3 units

Mantle of the laughing god

Fire dragons x5
Holo fields
Scatter laser
Shuriken canon

Avengers x5
Holo fields
Scatter laser
Shurikan canon
X2 units

Crimson hunter

Wraith knight

I haven't finished this list yet  or worked out the points but I'll skim it down to 1500 if possible.  The wave serpents will be out front and partially hidden to improve their cover save the dark eldar will be behind hiding to make them harder to hit.  The wraith knight will start behind cover then move up and be used as a fire magnet to keep the vehicles alive the beasts will do the same with
2 fast units moving up I should be able to keep my vehicle alive.  Then each part of the army will have it own roles

beasts wraithknight are fire magnets
serpents take out light vehicles av10-12
ravagers and wriathknight go for high av and lords of war
venoms  take out wraithknights nids etc
 the fire dragons will also go for high av and lords of war

possible alterations
at this point im not really sure what id change  id like to add some bikes but well see how the beasts play first.  ill do a v2 when i have both codex's with me.

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