Monday, 25 August 2014

pyschic phase on a budget

so ive signed up for a tournament at my local gaming store and its my first for 7th BUT theirs a problem the pychic phase dice are capped at 12 which means ill get 18 dice max! 

so with 24 powers and only 18 dice their is a chance I wont get to cast every power even tho I cant do that neway  ill be restricted in what I can cast tho.

so what ive done is go thru n find out the minimum amount of dice u need to successfully cast ensuring that my dice go further.

ive also decided on when ill cast spells so turn 1-3 no summon spells as their LV3  ill be casting things like forewarning, cursed earth and flickering fire 

turn 3 on wards will be summoning spells to go for objectives

so heres what ive come up with

lv1 spells use 3 dice ull roll on average roll 1 4+ per spell cast
lv2 spells use 5 dice the average is 3 4+ per spell cast
lv3 spells use 7 dice the average is still 3 per spell

these do fluctuate  per 5 dice u can get 4  and per 7 up to 5/6

to safely cast  use  4/6/8  as these will add an extra  pass onto each roll

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