Friday, 29 August 2014

dark eldar rumour mill

vect is a lord of war choice which makes me believe all main characters  will go the same way calgar storm lord, swarmlord etc etc  chaos deamons will be an interesting one maybe all named characters will be LOW choices hmmm

im still painting and ill be starting my ravagers to day to get them up to speed which means all vehicles will be done soon 

then its on to the eldar allies

leaving  bikes and beasts to finish

but with a new book round the corner and the baron gone  the beasts may also get dropped

Id have 2 have 2 far seers to try and get invisibility successfully which means spending close to 500points on allies which is a lot at 1500 points even 1750 its a big chunk to put 2 1 side but well see
September is a few days away  :D

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