Sunday, 8 March 2015

the holy trinity of gaming!!

in the name of the fluff the competition and the painting ah emperor

warning *TANGENT* I read an article about how 40k isn't competitive n I agree with most points which were its not inherently balanced with core rules  the codex's aren't balanced and its random and randomness doesn't equate to skill all fair points  if u play 40k its not for solid rules lol

the counter argument was basicly everything wrong with 40k  which was it is competitive n its mainly coz ur shitt or 2 poor to buy the best list n after that I stopped reading lol

but getting slightly  closer to the topic at hand  I was reading a post on frontline about the 3 key aspects of 40k n why hteyve been dropped from competitions not jus being the best general but also most sporting and painter.

so I give u the holy trinity  and what defines US as players  while we all  pick 1 that is generally more important for example playing I think a whole rounded player shud be made of all 3 and put in effort to all areas

a game is more memorable against a player who was fun and engaging as well having a really nice army and a challenge its a lot to do but its something that we should all aspire to and its wat the poster was talking about

im drinkin at this point n maybe rambling a bit lol coz I dunno where this is going lol jus being philosophical  so ill end with I hate finecast and my lord of change is finally built and will be put in the case

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