Sunday, 22 November 2015


so overall the day went really well  playing  ITC modified missions were really fun and mean choices were made on a turn by turn basis rather than going a few in front.

the armies that were around were quite varied  nids deamonkin necrons tau lots of elder n even harlequins.

quite a few titans were knocking around including a bio titan lol

another note on ITC style missions meant that even if u cant really take on the army u can still wrack up some points which is awesome

another bonus was that a tabling only gave u 5+ points so it stops ppl from playin uber aggressive and forces you to focus on grabbing objectives instead

and onto the main and important stuff the armies!!

game 1
 Image result for space wolves meme

so it was marines and thankfully not that stupid gladius strike force!!  woooo!!  he took a dreadnought wolfstar termies razorback rhino and grey hunters/blood claws as troops

best bit of this game was termies took 5 turns to do nothing!!  that's right they did pretty much naff all 

I did end up losing my wraithknight turn 2 in combat to the wolfstar :( sad times

the absurd shooting/movment caused my opponent no end of problems I pretty much mowed him down

win 2 eldar !!!

game 2
Image result for eldar meme

was pretty much wat happens  also the army was amazingly painted and slightly freaky as it was the same style of blue as mine even down to his wraithblades ( I kno lol)  being the same style of purple n blue lol

I have a slightly new found appreciation for wraithblades that are fortuned they were really hard 2 kill ended up with 3 left in the unit at the end of the game!!

lost the wraithknight early again in combat

he had an aspect host with fire dragons/reapers/ scorpions but went +1 bs

avatar  falcon and 1 serpent with lances

scatter bikes with only 1 scatter laser

farseer on foot and bike n that's it

he stole the initiative and wasn't expecting it so he pretty much jus ran everything forward playing aggressive I spent pretty much 2 turns trying 2 repel a buffed up wraithblade unit but they eventually got into me n charged n killed my warlord and wraithguard

I got first blood with my wraithknight killing his wraithlord with a roll of 6 lol

it was 1 objective each and made the mistake of not taking out the reapers quicker that let him grab points quicker as I was rolling terribly so he managed to get a few points a lot quicker than me

a big mistake was turn 3 ish he needed 2 get 2 my objective 2 get 2 points  but shot with his bike unit that gave me more time to whittle down his units and then when they did turbo in I was n luck n rolled well for kill a unit n get 3 units in my deployment zone and no enemy so I clawed some back

the big turn for me was taking out the reapers and getting a serpent into his deployment and on the objective getting me 4 points for the end of the game and as it ended with me on turn 5 I cud re take my objective with a scoring unit from his avatar 


game 3
Image result for tau meme

so this normally doesn't happen but here I am table 1 against tau and the ghost cadre formation is just 1 reason y I dropped tau  

ghost keel  and 2 units of stealth teams   they auto hit rear armour crap!!!! lol 
next thing was a huge unit of crisis suits with buffmander and every and any gun u can think of and 5 drones shield/gun

2 units of normal guys
2 ramoras
2 tetras
riptide n this flyer thing

I went first n went 2 town on him lol  he only had the stealth suits riptide and ghostkeel + fire warriors on the board

I used my serpent shields 2 kill off the tetras and the spiders 2 pepper his stealth suits. he didn't do much but made mistakes of constantly trying 2 shoot my spiders so they kept flicker jumping out of the way of his units making his shooting far less effective than it should have been lol

this kinda happened until my turn 3 where his big unit of suits n things had killed a fire prism lol that was it dunno how many points it was but it was huge lol  and he managed 2 kill a 135pt tank lol

so after I crapped my self I turned the remaining fire prism 2 warp spiders 2 serpents and a unit of dire avengers at him and with some shenanigans I got rid of the drones n things first n then jus whittled down till only the commander and a suit remain!  I breathed a huge sigh of relief and after that controlled the board and game.

win for eldar!!!

so I won all 3 games and came in 2nd as scoring was done on pts n sum1 got 30points n leapt over me lol

overall most valuable unit was warp spiders the  huge movement plus awesome shooting meant they cud do most jobs I needed and when shot at were out of harms way or moved closer to contest objectives

will not leave home without them!!!

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