Saturday, 28 November 2015

testing the war concotion


Image result for sad panda meme

and that pretty much sums up the first run with the war concoction!!!

so wat was I up against

it was a pretty basic  marine list with raptors chapter tactics  they get a redeploy n scout n stealth n rending bolt guns no lias issodon tho!

it was crammed full of 5 man units and transports such as drop pods and rhino/razorbacks  and they went first!!

and it was an amazing first turn  my knight titan died lol  and I lost both the infiltrators/rust stalkers lol great start lol

this was gd tho as I got to see how the list would work when its not at optimum levels

my vanguard n destroyers came in and then went to work on his units the canticles and blessings workin really well to keep me in the game at each turn

the destroyers survived at lot longer with FNP and T5   the  massed cover reduction also helped to make it easier to remove models as well I can see ths being really gd against armies that can spam lots of cover

I did forget some rules like rangers -1 to WS and things like that but more games n ill get better the next tournament I go 2 ill do a crib sheet n take them!!  jus need 2 practice with the timings

and I need 2 remember that even with all the special rules n things they are still a fragile army overall n ill not b able to stand n jus repeatedly shoot things

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