Monday, 14 December 2015

something different

so i'm having a change of pace from the usual articles to discuss something slightly different

so iv done lots of articles (300+)  and talked about painting  gaming list building tactics  but this is something I do n read as an actual strategy
Image result for psychological warfare meme

psychological warfare in the form of killing a favourite unit to put ur opponent off his game  now in a game of toy soldiers how do you pull off such a feat and would it work ??

well BOLS  is trying to find out some armchair general is writing up articles based purely on this from finding out and killing favourite models and telling them "fake" favourites of ur own to trying to make them do something with mis information


any moron who has no idea wat a unit can do will just ask and if u break down and cry when ur fave models dies you need to start re-evaluating ur outlook on life!!

ill be following these with some mock interest to see how he spans it out lol

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